Ukraine is beginning to legalize cryptocurrency

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ukraine beginning legalize cryptocurrency

The Ukrainians have adopted a large number of bits Coin and other Cryptocurrency . Soon , They may get the government's approval seal .

 Ukraine is beginning to legalize cryptocurrency

overview :

1、 The Ministry of digital transformation drafted legislation to legalize cryptocurrency in Ukraine .

2、 The bill has overcome a major obstacle to becoming law .

The Ukrainian parliament voted today to make encrypted goods Coin in Legalization in the country , And allow the cryptocurrency exchange to officially operate in the country .

so far , Include The currency Cryptocurrency, including, has been in the legal gray area of Ukraine, Europe's seventh most populous country . For all that , Blockchain data company Chainalysis stay 2020 year 9 In June, Ukrainians were listed as the top adopters of cryptocurrencies in the world .

If the bill is indeed signed into law , Banks will be free to accept cryptocurrency company accounts , And the citizens who own it will get legal protection in case of theft .

Digital transformation department in 2019 Founded in , Designed to improve digital literacy and online access , The Ministry drafted legislation , And will be responsible for the implementation of the law , It is expected that after the tax law is revised and the president signs the legislation , The law will come into force this autumn .

According to the international monetary fund (IMF)2019 A report in , In the name of Ukraine GDP Not proportional to its population , stay 46 Ranked No 23 position . The ministry hopes to boost this figure by attracting cryptocurrency business . More blockchain messages , Please pay attention to download the fun coin website APP, Global blockchain regulatory query APP.

“ The adoption of special legislation will attract foreign exchanges to enter the Ukrainian market ,” Vice Minister Oleksander Bornyakov say .“ This will become a strong driving force for the further development of Ukraine's cryptocurrency field .”

This is particularly important in Eastern Europe , The adoption rate of cryptocurrency there is very high , Although strictly speaking, it is not always legal or regulated .Chainalysis Noted in its report , Ukraine has a high level of corruption and asset seizure , Trust in banks is also declining . Citizens have turned to cryptocurrency to protect their assets , Used last year 82 US $100 million cryptocurrency . Regulated exchanges and cryptocurrency businesses may drive this number up .

The digital transformation department has been active in the cryptocurrency field for several months . This year, 1 month , It is associated with star The development foundation (Stellar Development Foundation) Reach an agreement , Develop the digital currency of the central bank —— The virtual version of grifner —— The National Bank of Ukraine began studying it four years ago . As part of this Agreement —— The Ministry will use it as a way to make the country more competitive in the Eastern European market —— Star will help develop regulations and cryptocurrency infrastructure .

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