Can Ethereum surpass bitcoin and become the "King" in the field of encryption?

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ethereum surpass bitcoin king field

Most of the Crypto The field belongs to bitcoin and Ethereum , They may exist forever . The debate about the worthlessness of bitcoin continues , Some people will never recognize the status quo of bitcoin . What is the truth ? We hope to answer this question .

Ethereum or bitcoin , Who is the Crypto“King”?

You may not know “ subversion ” What is it? , In fact, this is a hypothesis . Some people think that in this game , Ethereum's market value can eventually exceed bitcoin .

Now, however, , In the eyes of many people , Just look at the data , It can be concluded that such a thing is unlikely to happen .

in fact , This is true in many ways , Especially considering that the market value of Ethereum is only half that of bitcoin 50%.


Besides , If their networks are similar and operate in a competitive way , This discussion will be more credible .

Bitcoin is mainly a store of value assets , contrary , Ethereum is delegating blockchain technology and power to everyone .

Compared with bitcoin , Ethereum and Cardano The competition of other public chains is more intense .

In the past ,1CO The prosperity of does bring the value of Ethereum close to bitcoin . However , at present , Even though DeFi and NFT More prosperity , But transcendence is still far away , Because their growth is correlated .


Although Ethereum has created certain advantages in this field , And there are 6.3% The circulation supply is locked in ETH2.0 in , This will make it a more scalable and sustainable network .


So is it possible for Ethereum to surpass bitcoin in the future ?

Out of dialectical consideration , Ethereum can only surpass bitcoin if its growth trajectory beats bitcoin .

In the past historical cycle , Bitcoin's growth rate is 29.5 times , The growth rate of Ethereum has reached 120 times . For now , These are good data , Considering past data , Ethereum seems to surpass bitcoin , isn't it? ?

In addition to the historical cycle , If bitcoin actually grows 29.5 times , Then the market value of bitcoin will be twice that of apple , Half of the world's gold reserves .

And even if Ethereum reaches 120 times , It can only be the same as Apple's market value .


therefore , Ethereum wants to be a threat to bitcoin , The market value needs to grow by at least 10 times .

However , One good thing is , Because this growth is stable , Neither bitcoin nor Ethereum market will collapse . For now , This discussion is meaningless , Because Ethereum will not abandon bitcoin and grow alone .

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