Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange delta exchange launches Solana and Cardano option trading

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cryptocurrency derivatives exchange delta exchange

Cryptocurrency derivatives platform Delta Exchange Announced on Wednesday , It has been launched Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) Options trading , It provides investors with a new channel to obtain leading Shanzhai coins .

Originally launched SOL and ADA Call and put options will be daily expiring options , Options expiring weekly and monthly will be available later .

Options give the holder the right to buy or sell specific securities at a specific price within a predetermined time frame , Not an obligation . Call options and put options are widely used in traditional markets , But it has become more common in the encryption market .

Delta Exchange Already provided BTC、ETH、XRP 、Bitcashpay (BCP) and BNB Options trading . According to the Cointelegraph reports , The derivatives exchange is in 2020 Several options products were launched in the middle of the year .

This year, , The crypto derivatives market is growing exponentially , Traders ignore the regulatory blow of global financial authorities . Under local regulatory pressure , Cryptocurrency exchange Qian'an recently announced that it would restrict derivatives trading by users in Hong Kong . In the U.S. , Officials from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said , They support broader enforcement of cryptocurrency based derivatives .

After a calm in the middle of the summer , With the sharp rebound in the encryption market , Option trading in 8 It rebounded significantly in January . By 8 Mid month , The open positions of bitcoin options are 6 The annual low set at the end of the month has more than doubled .

CoinMarketCap Research conducted shows that , To 2020 year 12 month , Derivatives account for the cryptocurrency market 55% Share .FTX、Bybit and Delta The growth of other platforms shows that , Derivatives may account for a larger proportion of the entire encryption market .

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