Bitso provides "core services" for chivo bitcoin wallet in El Salvador

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bitso provides core services chivo

Cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico Bitso yes Chivo Core encryption service provider ,Chivo It's a digital wallet developed by the Salvadoran government , For use throughout Central American countries The currency .

The company said in a press release on Tuesday , It will work with... Headquartered in the United States Silvergate Bank Cooperation , To promote dollar trading . It is unclear whether this includes international remittances and domestic transactions , Or just one type of transaction .

The company said ,Bitso stay 2020 Dealt with the value between the United States and Mexico 12 Billion dollars in remittances , And added that it “ It is now ready to apply this expertise to El Salvador ”.

According to its press release , When Chivo The wallet app was launched on Tuesday in Android and iOS When published in the mobile app store ,Bitso The role as a core encryption service provider begins .

Bitso for Business Vice President Santiago · Alvarado (Santiago Alvarado) Express :“ We look forward to working with El Salvador , Undertake an initiative aimed at changing the country's payment structure and improving financial inclusion .” “ As the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the region , We are happy to send us in remittance and security 、 Experience in low friction financial services brings Salvadorans .”

Early morning, Tuesday morning ,Chivo Technical error in wallet registration , The government suspended its use according to a government statement released on Tuesday , To strengthen “ Technical aspects ”.

Bitso The spokesman for did not respond to requests for comment on its role in this interruption .

Bitso Express ,“ Use Chivo The wallet is completely optional , People without citizenship can also access the application .”

5 month ,Bitso With 22 A billion dollar valuation raised C Round of funding . It is the first company in the region valued at more than 10 A billion dollar cryptocurrency company .

El Salvador also uses cryptocurrency custodians BitGo To provide wallet infrastructure and security .

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