Panamanian lawmakers proposed a bill to regulate cryptocurrency

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panamanian lawmakers proposed regulate cryptocurrency

Gabriel Silva Legislation was drafted , It is proposed to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment for civil and commercial operations .

Panama introduced a bill , To standardize the use of national cryptocurrency .

The bill was introduced by Congressman Gabriel Silva on Tuesday night , Designed to make Panama “ And the digital economy 、 Blockchain 、 Countries where encrypted assets are compatible with the Internet ”.

The text suggests that individuals or legal entities established in Panama can freely agree to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment for any civil or commercial activities not prohibited by the legal system .

The project also proposes to use cryptocurrency to pay taxes 、 Fees and other tax obligations .

 Panamanian lawmakers proposed a bill to regulate cryptocurrency

As Silva said to CoinDesk As confirmed , It is not illegal to use cryptocurrency in Panama . There is no mandatory currency in Panama's constitution , Despite the fact that the dollar is from 1904 Officially used since , It was called Taft-Arias The currency agreement between countries takes effect .

Local cryptocurrency entrepreneurs who worked with Silva to draft the bill Felipe Echandi say :“ Fiscal rules are uncertain , We're trying to bring them through this project .”

according to Echandi That's what I'm saying , The bill incorporates cryptocurrency into the capital gains system , Just like in America , And exclude them from VAT (VAT) outside .“ We believe this is a global trend ,” He said .

The proposed legislation also seeks to establish the principle of bank interoperability , So that the traditional financial system is compatible with the new financial system . In Silva's words , This means that bank accounts can be linked to exchanges .

“ Now , You can't even connect your bank account to PayPal relation ,” Silva said .

according to Echandi That's what I'm saying , The goal of the bill is to allow both parties to a contract to use cryptocurrency , And create conditions for expanding the use of cryptocurrencies , For example, in a local store .

According to the draft bill , In addition to the encryption of cryptocurrency regulatory Outside , The project also seeks to digitize the identity of individuals and legal entities through the use of distributed ledger technology , thus “ Expand the digitization of the country ”.

The bill says , The digitization process will enable Panama to work with smart contracts and DAO( Decentralized autonomous organization ) compatible . It adds :“ As Estonia has done through its digital residence scheme , The country has full potential to become a digital identity provider in the rest of the world .”

“ The most futuristic vision is that Panama must become DAO,”Echandi say , He added , The bill is an intermediate step towards achieving this vision .

According to the Echandi call , The bill aims to strengthen the country's crypto ecosystem , And promote the entry of encryption companies into the country .

“ Although it is not illegal to obtain or buy cryptocurrency at present , But not many exchanges or platforms can convert legal tender into cryptocurrency , vice versa ,” He added .

Besides , The proposed legislation allows issuers of securities to use distributed ledger technology 、 Blockchain or cryptocurrency to represent these issues .

Echandi say , Just as Panama has become a financial center in recent years , Pass the bill , The country could be an ideal jurisdiction for companies seeking to issue any type of asset .

Silva is a member of the independent opposition independent bank , He said , Both the ruling and opposition parties are willing to deal with the bill . He added , In the past two months , He met with different public institutions that will be involved in the operation of cryptocurrency , For example, the Ministry of Finance 、 National Bank and Banking Supervision Bureau .

Silva say , The project collects comments from different aspects , Including lawyers 、 The currency user 、 Encryption related companies and government officials .

He added , Silva is in 6 Monthly direction CoinDesk confirmed , He will be in 7 The bill was introduced in January , Although the bill was postponed due to the collection of comments from all parties .

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