Cryptocurrency and remittance services in Australia face "de banking"

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cryptocurrency remittance services australia face

The Australian Senate committee heard a number of cases in which financial institutions refused or terminated the supply of encrypted goods to local governments Coin and Cases of remittance business providing banking services .

On Wednesday “ Australia as a technology and Financial Center ” On the Senate Special Committee , Two cryptocurrency exchanges Aus Merchant and Bitcoin Babe Proved their repeated denial of service , Institutions that reject them usually give no explanation .

The purpose of the committee is to review the country's focus on cryptocurrency and Blockchain Federal policy framework for technology , And broader issues in the fintech industry .

Global payment company Nium Michael, regional head of · Minasian (Michael Minassian) Testified that , Australia is the other 41 The only country to refuse is Nium A country that provides banking services .

Bitcoin Babe founder Michaela Juric Tell the Committee , In her seven-year history of small business , Her banking service has been terminated 91 Time .

The committee also heard that Juric And their family members are denied personal banking services , This affects their ability to build basic utilities , For example, Internet services 、 Water and electricity and self managed pension funds and insurance .

Anti competitive behavior

Juric There is little reason to “ De banking ”, The bank is “ Anti competition ”, Because they “ I don't like the competition brought by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies .”

In its submissions to the Committee , Yurik said ,“ No chance to discuss ” She lost some of the services of Australia's largest banks , Including the Federation (CBA)、 Westpac bank and Queensland bank .

According to her comments to the Committee , Lose CBA Service pair Juric Come on “ Particularly harmful ”.Juric say , She herself also learned from all CBA The bank deposit was withdrawn from the account , These include Juric from 5 An account held since the age of .Juric Claims that she can no longer access any bank account records or in CBA Open an account .

Aus Merchant The managing director of Mitchell Travers Evidence was provided to the Committee , Prove that he lost his banking service four times .

“ as far as I am concerned , This is a way to avoid risk 、 Risk averse attitude ,” Travers said .“ The reason is that we are beyond the service scope of these banks , We have no opportunity to provide enhanced due diligence procedures .”

Senator Andrew · Prague asked Travers , Does he think the bank thinks his company is in the country's financial regulator Austrac Your registration is worthless .

“ Yes , That's right ,” Travers said .Juric Also said , The bank never raised her Austrac register .

 Cryptocurrency and remittance services in Australia face “ De banking ”

Bragg Express , The bank told him , The reason for de banking encryption business is that “ Lack of supervision or low level of Supervision ”, And asked whether strengthening the supervision of the encryption market would make banks more willing to cooperate with encryption companies .

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