Robin Hood launches fixed investment service for cryptocurrency

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robin hood launches fixed investment

Robinhood Launch fixed investment service for cryptocurrency

AOL Robinhood announce , It will introduce regular... On its trading platform Cryptocurrency investment .

Every day with 1 Dollars to buy cryptocurrency

This feature allows retail investors to 、 Buy cryptocurrency weekly or monthly , The amount is as low as 1 dollar . The company uses market volatility as a reason to use this function , Suggest that regular investment can help investors “ Reduce pressure on market timing ”, And achieve long-term growth .

Robinhood Hint that , The user will not pay any fee , This may allow this strategy to charge up to 4% Websites with transaction costs are more profitable . However ,Robinhood Also pointed out elsewhere , Investors may receive less than the amount of their recurring investment , With “ Help prevent sharp price fluctuations ”.

Robinhood It also provides circular investment for stocks and other traditional investments , This is what it comes from 2020 year 5 Functions provided since January .

Robinhood Not the only choice

although Robinhood The new features have attracted a lot of publicity , But it is not the only cryptocurrency trading platform that provides this function .coinbaseGEMINI and BINANCE.US This function is also provided .

It is worth mentioning that ,Binance Our global exchanges are Robinhood Circular investment was launched a few days before the announcement . More blockchain messages , Please pay attention to download the fun coin website APP, Global blockchain regulatory query APP.

actually ,Robinhood It has always been criticized for such a fact , Although it allows the purchase of cryptocurrency , But it does not allow investors to withdraw these assets in the form of cryptocurrency . however , There are also reports , Related functions are already on the way to development .

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