Defi decentralized system development blockchain DAPP system development

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defi decentralized development blockchain dapp

De centralization DeFi System development ( Source development )156 tiny 6011 electric 5610, De centralization DAPP,DeFi System development
So-called DeFi, namely Decentralized Finance, It's called : Decentralized gold rong Or distributed gold rong. Decentralized gold rong It refers to all kinds of gold developed in an open decentralized network rong Applications in the field , The goal is to build a multi-level gold rong System , With blockchain technology and password huo Based on money , Recreate and perfect the existing gold rong system .
Just as there are many different decentralized applications , There are also many different decentralized financial applications , Include :
1、 payment —— Decentralized financial applications of payment types generally have their own digital currency , Users can use them to communicate / easy , Will also provide money / The packet address allows the user to hold these digital currencies .
2、 borrow D—— Decentralized borrowing D It is a core application trying to decentralize the economy . It's not like this , People have to go to the bank to get a mortgage , The goal of decentralized lending is to allow people to get loans from more money lenders , Democratization is a whole process * Loan process .
3、 Stable currency —— Stable currency is an asset with price stability , Therefore, it is applicable to such trading media 、 Function of bookkeeping unit and value storage . Compared to things like bitcoin 、 Ethereum and other volatile digital assets , Stable currency has attracted more and more attention in the field of digital assets because of its stable price .
4、 Decentralized exchange —— Decentralized exchanges allow users to exchange / Digital assets such as easy bitcoin and Ethereum * production . Decentralized exchange is to solve the problem of centralized exchange , In a centralized exchange, users do not have their own private key , So you can't control your money / production .
at present ,DeFi There are thousands of projects , In addition to the above four types , And decentralized wallets 、 Insurance platform 、 Forecast market 、 Identity authentication and so on belong to DeFi The category of . We can see the early stages of a new industry , Whole DeFi Ecosystems are booming .
What is a decentralized system ?
De centralization , It is the form of social relations and content generation formed in the process of Internet development , Is relative to “ Centralization ” In terms of the new network content production process . In a system with many nodes , Each node has a high degree of autonomy . Nodes can connect freely with each other , Form a new connection unit . Any node can become the center of the phase , But it doesn't have a mandatory central control function . The influence between nodes , It will form a non-linear causality through the network . This kind of open 、 flat 、 The systematic phenomenon or structure of equality , We call it decentralization .
As an important feature among many features of blockchain , It uses distributed storage and computing power , Make the rights and obligations of the whole network node the same , The data in the system is maintained by the nodes of the whole network , Thus, the blockchain no longer depends on the central processing node , Realize distributed storage of data 、 Record and update . Each blockchain follows uniform rules , The rule is based on cryptographic algorithms rather than credit certificates , And the data update process needs user approval , Thus, the blockchain does not need the endorsement of intermediaries and trust institutions .

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