Avatar NFT prices hit a record high, why can a picture sell so expensive?

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avatar nft prices hit record

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In recent days, , a “ The most expensive avatar in history ” The news spread all over the circle , Draw wide attention to .

Here's the thing ,  Wave field TRON Founder sun Yuchen with 1050 The sky high price of US $10000 Tpunks Head portrait  , And said in his circle of friends that this may be the most expensive wechat avatar in mankind so far .

When everyone doesn't quite understand why a picture is so expensive , The question that should be answered most is :  Why is it so expensive to take a picture ?  Today we will discuss this problem together ……


Why can a picture be taken so expensive ?

mention NFT Encrypted avatar Market , At present, only “ insane ” Two words to describe .

With a recent new project “ Ape head ” For example ,OpenSea The data show that its sales have exceeded 4 Billion dollars , The number of transactions reached 5400 people , Lowest price 16 Thousands of dollars .  in other words ,4 Its price soared by more than... In three months 500 times .

 Wave field This year, 4 The head of an ape launched in January

2020 year ,NFT Our market size is only 3.38 Billion dollars . here we are 2021 First quarter , This number becomes 15 Billion dollars  .Coingecko data display , at present NFT The market scale of has exceeded 200 Billion dollars ( renminbi 1300 One hundred million yuan ).

 Wave field

OpenSea Latest data , In the past 1 Sales in the last month TOP10 It's about 69 ten thousand ETH The total sales of is about 27 Billion dollars , Among them, the sales volume ranks No 1、3、4、6、7、9 Of 6 All items are encrypted avatars NFT project , Sales account for TOP10 The sum of 64.5%, About us 17.4 Billion dollars .

Encrypted avatar NFT With scarcity + Punk culture + narrative + Community + Representative of new business value + Innovative ways to play and continue to be popular .

Blockchain investment institutions Mechanism capital Founding partner Andrew kang Once wrote an article , take NFT Avatars are compared to luxuries 、 Art and high-end real estate , And suggest the future NFT The market size will exceed 400 Billion dollars .

In fact, it has been , Many people are thinking about similar problems ,  Why can a simple avatar composed of hundreds of pixels be worth so much money ? What are those people who spend sky high prices on pixel avatars thinking ?  What we can see now , The obvious reasons are as follows :

a. Encrypted punk spirit

Pixel avatars actually originated from the spirit of encrypted punk . The early creators of encrypted pixel avatars once said , This is actually to express a kind of “ Punk spirit ”,  They want to Punk The appearance of reflects this special culture .20 century 70 London in the S Punk Movement feels like the right aesthetic .

Many cryptocurrencies we are familiar with, such as bitcoin , In fact, it was born under the influence of the early encryption punk spirit , Driven by a group of geeks with cryptopunk spirit .

b. The Yuan Dynasty is a symbol of cosmic identity

In the unconscious leap development of human society , Modern society has gradually entered the digital age . Meta universe , As one of the hottest concepts in today's scientific and technological circles , Triggered cross industry 、 Cross domain 、 Multidisciplinary and pluralistic discussion .

future , The first step to enter the meta universe supported by encryption technology is identity recognition ” Correspond the virtual world to the current world .

Payment giant Visa The company announced its entry at the same time of buying the encrypted pixel avatar for $million NFT field , One stone aroused thousands of waves and set off waves NFT boom ,Visa This is a direct and practical action ” The next acquisition ” The action of .

This not only represents Visa Yes NFT Recognition of punk spirit behind domain and encrypted pixel avatars , It is also its best entry declaration .  Like sun Yuchen's sky high price acquisition Tpunks Head portrait , It is also of far-reaching significance to its wave field ecology .

 Wave field

c. A symbol of community influence

In the new business value , Community influence is particularly important .  Encryption Avatar has now become the leader in encryption 、 Big V And other lovers' collections , Hanging the avatar on the social platform is a symbol of identity , It can also enhance its influence in the community and industry .

Many people also regard it as encryption “ Club ” A pass for , In the past, joining some top clubs required various thresholds to prove that you were qualified to enter .

Now you only need an encrypted avatar that can be verified , Because only the top-level people in the encryption circle who have a good understanding of it will recognize its value and buy it with a lot of money  , And people in this circle began to build groups with the same interests , The encrypted avatar is to enter this group 、 The best pass in this circle .

On the whole ,  Encrypted avatar NFT The main factors of value and popularity are : rare + Punk culture + narrative + New business value + The role of the community + Innovative play + Financial instruments, etc .


Shoot a sky high price avatar on the line Tpunks What special value ?

Let's talk about the project where sun Yuchen bought the sky high price avatar at the beginning Tpunks.

Simply speaking ,Tpunks It's a wave field TRON The first in Ecology NFT Avatar project , The target is the hottest in the field of encryption NFT Avatar project CryptoPunks.

 Wave field at present Tpunks The most expensive avatar on sale

In addition to the encrypted avatars listed above, they have the spirit of encrypted punk 、 Yuan universe identity symbol and scarcity of collection fun and use value ,  Compared with other encrypted avatar projects ,Tpunks The unique value is mainly reflected in the following points :

1、 Expansion and innovation

according to the understanding of ,Tpunks stay CryptoPunks On the basis of , The number of pixels has been expanded and innovated , For example, adding Justin Sun Tpunks, At the same time, we will actively explore and innovate , prompt Tpunks Avatars are more diverse and interesting .

2、 Obtain wave field ecology NFT Head bonus

As the first wave field NFT Avatar project ,Tpunks Added wave field NFT Ecological deficiencies , This is also one of the great reasons why we can get the favor and attention of sun Yuchen, the founder of wave field .

From the wave field browser TRONSCAN Data show that , The total number of wave field accounts has exceeded 5200 ten thousand , The number of transactions exceeded 23 Billion ,  The number of active addresses has reached 107.97 ten thousand , Wavefield has become one of the most active blockchains in the world .

As the head NFT Avatar project , Naturally, it can obtain the inclination and support of active users and funds in the wave field ecology .

3、 There's more room for growth

“ You missed it. CryptoPunks A chance to ? Do you want another chance ?( Add to CryptoPunks Pay tribute to )”,Tpunks The founder wrote in a description posted on his official website :

Though last year CryptoPunks Much cheaper than now , But I didn't have the money to buy , So as a challenge , Want them to “ Interesting enough .
therefore , We came up with Tpunks The concept of .Tpunk Contains CryptoPunks All of the , And it brings many different characteristics , such as Justin Sun Tpunks More properties .
as everyone knows , Sometimes children are much cooler than their parents .

 Wave field

Payment giant Visa Same style avatar stay Tpunks for 10000TRX

What they want to express is , current CryptoPunks Wait a few heads NFT The avatar project is already very expensive , Most people have obviously missed these bonus opportunities ,  and Tpunks Just started , There will be more room for growth  ( at present CryptoPunks What's the floor price 99ETH, and Tpunks What's the floor price 10000trx ).


APENFT to Tpunks What did it bring ?

As Tpunks Of strategic partners APENFT, Previously, vernacular was right APENFT Your report mentioned , Be called NFT In the field of ARK Of the ark star fund APENFT,  By bringing the world's top art NFT Blockchain and blockchain 、 Build a bridge between the world's top artists and the blockchain , It has brought real value support to the field of encryption .

The news we have seen recently :

  • 9 month 2 Japan ,APENFT And Tpunks Achieve strategic cooperation
  • 9 month 3 Japan , from APENFT Foundation and Tpunks Jointly launched NFT Avatar sale , stay BinanceNFT MarketPlace Officially opened . ad locum , There will be 50 gold Tpunks The Avatar was sold , among 40 Pieces will be sold directly , The lowest price is 6BNB, The remaining 10 Pieces were sold by auction , Started at 2BNB

 Wave field

Currency security NFT On the market APENFT and Tpunks Jointly launched avatar

This time on Tpunks Reaching strategic cooperation and carrying out a series of activities is APENFT stay “ For pure virtual Meme The project has inserted the wings of practical value ”? APENFT to Tpunks The value brought is reflected in the following two points :

1、Tpunks from APENFT Get the top art gene

Tpunks get APENFT After the support of , The essence and genes of top art can be integrated into the encrypted avatar with more appreciation value and collection value , At the same time, the world's top encryption artists have also obtained a new creation platform , future , We'll see many from top artists “ sky-high ” Encrypted pixel avatars are on display 、 The auction .

2、 The artwork head of the combination of the two can be added APENFT Become a new top collection

The sky high price avatar purchased by sun Yuchen was donated to APENFT The foundation , Become NFT Another new property under the governance of the owners' common District Center .

The future has top art genes , Or priceless avatars by top encryption artists , Will also enter APENFT The foundation has become the world's scarce top collection .



NFT The rapid rise of the market , It may grow into a giant with a trillion dollar market volume , It can show a highly personalized culture 、 Identity and community , but NFT There are still many neglected corners in the market .

With the global technology giant Tencent 、Facebook And the next generation Internet that competes for the first layout “ Meta universe ” The era of is getting closer and closer to us ,  As an identity symbol of the encrypted punk spirit , The value of encrypted avatars will gradually surface .

As one of the necessary conditions for entering the meta universe , In the future, more and more people will recognize its value .Tpunks Just in its infancy, it has obtained great benefits and support from the wave field ecology ,  So that it can compete with the market head NFT While the avatar project is at a high level , It has also obtained more valuable characteristics and growth space .

just as Tpunks What the team said ,Tpunks be based on CryptoPunks、 Pay tribute to CryptoPunks, I hope it can be better than blue .

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