Take you to understand the "NFT summer" of making history from five angles

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understand nft summer making history

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2021 year , Heterogeneous token (NFT) Suddenly become the mainstream .NFT Space in 2 Month to 3 Menstruation has a climax cycle , because Beeple Of The First 5000 Days Sell out 6900 Ten thousand dollars , A lot of attention was drawn to NFT On . But soon ,NFT The market cooled down , And many people call it “NFT Summer of the year ” 8 The month ushered in a stronger recovery . Through analysis IntoTheBlock Obtained chain and market data , We got NFT The remarkable rise of and its impact on The etheric fang Five fascinating insights behind blockchain impact .

1. NFT The market grew by more than 3,000 times

OpenSea Has quickly become NFT The biggest market for .OpenSea gathered The etheric fang and Polygon All the public ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Tokens, , It can almost be seen as entering NFT The door of the world .

As for NFT There is a sharp rise in demand for ,OpenSea Benefited greatly . Only in 2021 year , They are A Wheel and B In the round of financing 1.23 Billion dollars , Make the latest valuation of the market reach 15 Billion dollars . These two rounds of financing are made by famous venture capital companies a16z Lead investment , At the same time, there are other famous investment institutions, such as Founders Fund、Coinbase Ventures, And individual investors Mark Cuban and Kevin Durant Take part in the voting .

be based on OpenSea Huge growth in market size , Its trading volume is also rising , The monthly trading volume in its market has exceeded 30 Billion dollars .2021 year 8 The month so far is NFT The most active month . therefore ,OpenSea Recorded up to 3600 Times the same period last year , from 2020 year 8 Less than a month 100 Million dollars to last month's more than 34 Billion dollars .

 The etheric fang

2. Investors are pouring into this blue ocean , And invested more money

Although it is not clear that the demand comes from the hope to collect NFT People who , Or just from the right JPEG( Even .txt file !?) Speculation of , But it's clear , The needs of investors cannot be met .

 The etheric fang

2021 year 8 month , exceed 20 Ten thousand addresses are in OpenSea Bought at least one NFT, Year-on-year growth 100 times . In the past month , On average, each address bought 7.6 individual NFT, Hit a new high .

The consumption of each address has also doubled . Whole 8 month , The average address is OpenSea It costs more than 15,000 The dollar NFT, increased 35 times .

3. “ Blue chip “NFT The price of

 The etheric fang

Although how to evaluate a NFT Whether the series has reached “ Blue chip “ The status of has not yet given systematic criteria , But some of the best-known include CryptoPunks、Bored Apes Yacht Club、Meebits and Art Block Of squiggles. Behind each series has its practical significance .

CryptoPunks It can be said to be avatars NFT The originator of , stay 2017 year 6 In January, it was launched free of charge .CryptoPunks Creator Larva Labs Then came the Meebits, As a consideration for meta space 3D avatar .Bored Apes Yacht Club(BAYC) Has successfully built a unique large community , Attracted Stephen, including the Golden State Warriors · Many stars, including curry , And tried some innovative functions , For example, provide the holder with serum to create a mutant version of the ape head . Last ,Art Blocks Led the movement of Generative Art , Works produced by algorithms with provable random and unique characteristics . The value of the first batch of works in the series has soared .

Like the previous chart , The chart above also uses the logarithm axis , In order to capture the rapid growth of value . Although known CryptoPunks stay 2021 Substantial annual growth , But so far this year 700% The rate of return lags behind other well-known collections .

Art Blocks The number of squares exceeds 48,000% Of ETH Leading growth , and BAYC The same impressive achievements have been made since its establishment 22,000%. Of the four collections , Only Meebits Seems to be lagging behind .

4. Gas The cost is NFT Prices continued to soar during the rise

Growing NFT Price is likely to lead to interest in this field . Accompanied by , Nature is Ethereum Gas The cost soared . More and more NFT The release led to Gas The cost suddenly soared . This is due to the release NFT Projects usually charge a relatively low fee , Let users cast a fixed number of works , Then you can resell . With NFT The price of , More people want to cast these NFT, And hope to sell at a higher price , This is also for higher Gas Cost creates enough momentum .

5. NFT Is accelerating Ethereum into deflation

Facts have proved that the current NFT The boom has begun to affect the price of Ethereum , However, it is clear that its influence is still moving in the direction beneficial to Ethereum holders . This is not just because it drives the demand for Ethereum , To pay for NFT, And because of the implementation EIP-1559 after , Part of the transaction costs were burned , Effectively reduce the net circulation of Ethereum .

 The etheric fang

around NFT A lot of trading activities , The number of Ethereum burned in two days exceeded the total number of releases in these two days , The total amount of Ethereum has been growing negatively in a row .

in general ,NFT The world has left many marks in this breakthrough year , Its growth rate may be unimaginable . Although in fact, a large number of trading activities come from market speculation , But as it pushes more users and savvy investors into the encryption market , It is likely to continue to create more valuable content . It's worth thinking about recently NFT The positive and negative consequences of fanaticism , Final , Time will tell us , from NFT Will the leading Ethereum deflationary effects make up for the incredibly high... They stimulate Gas cost .

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