Economic Daily: Why are non homogenous tokens heating up

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economic daily non homogenous tokens

NFT(Non-Fungible Token, Heterogeneous token ) Boom again , In recent days, ,NBA Star player Steven · Curry costs about 116 Ten thousand yuan to buy one NFT Ape head , It has aroused heated discussion among netizens at home and abroad . The heat is not only abroad , since this year on , With NFT The market is heating up , More and more enterprises in China also embrace this new thing one after another , The music 、 painting 、 The game skin is made into NFT sell , Be sought after by consumers ,NFT It also comes into the public view .

NFT What is it ? Why do enterprises enter the market one after another ? What is the development prospect in China ?

A number of enterprises have joined the board

According to the widely accepted definition ,NFT It refers to the non-homogeneous token based on blockchain technology , differ The currency Equivalent qualitative token , It is indivisible 、 Irreplaceable characteristics . in other words , When a product performs digital asset authentication, it is converted into NFT after , It has become a unique digital asset on the blockchain , The source of the product 、 The price is 、 Resale and other information can be recorded .

In the past two years ,NFT It has developed rapidly in the international market , It covers more and more fields , Including digital art 、 Virtual assets 、 game 、 domain name 、 Tickets, etc . Especially a series of “ Sky high price transaction ” Event driven NFT Be known to more people , One of the most sensational is the artist Beeple Create it 5000 Zhang's daily paintings are stitched together , Made into NFT Put on an auction , With a final 6934 Ten thousand dollars to sell .

In our country , since this year on NFT Take the art field as the starting point , Relevant applications and development are gradually promoted , More and more individuals and enterprises have entered , Many musicians and painters have released their own NFT Digital works .

The action is more eye-catching 、 What has a greater impact is the entry of Internet enterprises . such as , This year, 5 month , Ali auction launch NFT Digital art special ;6 month , Alipay launched NFT Payment code skin ; tencent It's in 8 Monthly online NFT Application software “ Psychedelic nucleus ”, First limited sale “ Sound 《 13 invited 》 Digital art collection NFT”…… Driven by Internet enterprises , The user to NFT Our cognition is also improving , Enthusiasm for participation , Almost every product sold out as soon as it was launched .

Why Internet companies are testing the water NFT? Ouyi, a well-known digital trading platform OKEx Senior researcher of the Institute of literature believes that , This is mainly because NFT Have uniqueness 、 Scarcity 、 Indivisibility and other attributes , Storage for digital assets 、 Circulation opens up imagination . He gave examples. , Music works are vulnerable to infringement 、 The difficulty of proof has been perplexing the Creator , and NFT The cannot be tampered with 、 Traceability can well solve this pain point , It provides a better scheme for the improvement of copyright protection mechanism , This is also NFT First of all, the important reason why it is popular in the art circle .

“ With the development of digital economy , In the future, data will become one of the most important assets of enterprises .” Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, said ,NFT Digital content can be capitalized , Make data ownership clear 、 Quantity transparency 、 Transfer marks , Become a bridge between real-world assets and digital world assets , Internet companies are aiming at this development prospect , One after another NFT.

The market carefully tests the water

The international market “ Sky high price transaction ” Frequent occurrence , Speculation and speculation NFT Go with you , Criticized by all parties . In our country ,NFT The pace of development is more cautious , Many enterprises have repeatedly stressed their layout NFT The scope and boundaries of , Show the importance of compliance .

Although some early hype has risen , But under the controversy, it soon died down . For example, the original price previously launched by a company 9.9 yuan NFT Payment code skin , After being sold, it was hung on a second-hand trading platform at a high price , Once fried for millions of yuan . however , After some debate , The product was immediately removed from the shelf .

what's more , Most companies sell NFT No products can be traded twice , Without any liquidity . such as , User purchase “ Sound 《 13 invited 》 Digital art collection NFT” after , It can only be viewed and collected , The platform does not provide opportunities for secondary trading . alike , Users can only watch and collect when purchasing payment code skin , Cannot resell or give it to . also , Most trading platforms do not allow users to go online NFT works .

Regarding this , Yu Jianing said , This is mainly due to compliance considerations ,“ In our country NFT It's still in its infancy , pricing 、 The auction 、 transaction 、 Circulation and other mechanisms are not mature , Relevant policies and regulations are not clear . Before the industry is mature , In order to prevent NFT The exploration attempt becomes speculation , Internet companies are more cautious in opening secondary transactions , We are still gradually exploring reasonable boundaries ”.

Experts say , overall , At present NFT In China, there are more electronic vouchers to record the content of digital asset rights and transaction flow information , Can not be equivalent exchange and free circulation , The financial attribute is weak , There are no opportunities and places for speculation .

Many problems remain to be solved

about NFT The future of , Many people in the industry have good imagination , Shout out “ All things can be NFT” The slogan of the .

“ future ,NFT It is expected to combine with more items in the real world , Act as a bridge between the physical world and the blockchain world , Like houses 、 Assets of the physical world such as cars , It is possible to realize large-scale uplink , With NFT Formal existence and circulation , This will profoundly change our daily life .” Literary theory .

But these ideas should really be reflected in reality , There is still a long way to go , Many problems, including supervision, need to be solved .“ at present NFT The regulation of transactions in various countries is not fully clear , Therefore, it faces a certain degree of compliance challenges .NFT The underlying technology is neutral , The specific actual attributes are determined by different application scenarios , Different NFT The products are very different in nature , Applicable industry laws and regulations are required .” Yu Jianing said .

Besides , The establishment of sound industry norms is also the development of NFT What is necessary .“ We should clarify what kind of domestic development NFT、 How to develop NFT、 Which are NFT The red line of development , meanwhile , How to achieve wider popularization is also a long-term topic , It requires the continuous efforts of all participants . When these questions are clear , Various companies and institutions will be more widely involved in NFT, And will NFT Integration into the real economy .” Literary theory , To make a long story short , Explore a path with Chinese characteristics NFT Development path , Yes open NFT The premise of a larger application scenario .

Before relevant regulations are established and improved , And experts remind , Be careful now NFT Become the next illegal fund-raising 、 The hardest hit area of fraud , In particular, we should guard against criminals flaunting and cheating under the banner of new technology , For example, pass a work of low artistic value through NFT packing , Make up moving stories , Push up the price to issue , Deceive investors who don't know the truth , To grab huge amounts of money .

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