Qucoin Morning Post launched NFT digital moon cake lottery on tmall super brand day

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qucoin morning post launched nft


▌ Tmall super brand launched the Mid Autumn Festival NFT Digital moon cake lottery

9 month 8 Daily news , Tmall super brand launched super realistic digital people AYAYI Custom moon cake gift box and custom NFT Digital moon cake . Winning users can get one NFT Custom moon cakes . According to the official introduction ,AYAYI This time I sent NFT Digital moon cake uses polyhedron and acidic metal as two main design elements . Polyhedron represents the current real world , Acidic metal substances with fluidity symbolize the meta universe .

The market

By the end of time , According to the Huobi global data display :

BTC Recent transaction price 46041.87 dollar , Day up and down -0.06%;

ETH Recent transaction price 3501.03 dollar , Day up and down +2.45%;

BCH Recent transaction price 662.38 dollar , Day up and down -0.04%;

BSV Recent transaction price 156.34 dollar , Day up and down +0.16%;

EOS Recent transaction price 4.74 dollar , Day up and down +0.30%;

LTC Recent transaction price 179.30 dollar , Day up and down -0.98%;

DOT Recent transaction price 27.57 element , Day up and down -1.30%.


▌ beautiful SEC For unregistered RvT ICO Institute proceedings

Qucoin reported , The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced its approval of the blockchain identity project Rivetz And the founders Steven Sprague Institute proceedings , The reason is that the company 2017 Year launched ICO. according to SEC complaints , stay 2017 year 7 Month to 2017 year 9 During the month ,Rivetz It is alleged that the value of... Was sold through a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands 1800 Thousands of dollars in RvT Tokens, , Trying to get money for the project .Sprague and Rivetz Promote to investors that the sale is an investment opportunity . According to the agency's statement on Wednesday , The company has never offered SEC Has filed an application with the securities issuer . In its complaint ,SEC It is required to recover all funds from this financing and impose a fine , However, it did not specify the amount required .

▌ The Ukrainian parliament passed the virtual assets act , Virtual assets such as cryptocurrency are legalized in the country

9 month 8 Daily news , The supreme Rada of Ukraine ( The Ukrainian parliament ) Passed the virtual assets act , Cryptocurrency and other virtual assets are officially legalized in the country . The definition of virtual assets in the virtual assets act includes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin , It also includes tokenized assets . The act stipulates that virtual assets shall not be used as a means of payment in the country , But citizens can legally hold and Trade . Companies in the field of encryption need to obtain a license if they operate in Ukraine .

Blockchain application

▌ The Beijing municipal “ Two areas ” The Joint Laboratory of financial innovation was established : Research on topics such as gathering digital currency

Qucoin reported , The Beijing municipal “ Two areas ” The Joint Laboratory of financial innovation recently completed the signing and unveiling , It will closely focus on the financial industry in Beijing “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Various development goals in the new period , With “ Two areas ” Financial innovation is the guide , Focus on topics such as digital currency .

The network information office of Hainan provincial Party committee guides blockchain enterprises to file information services

Qucoin reported , According to the website information office of Hainan provincial Party Committee , In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of Internet information security in Hainan , According to the spirit of relevant documents of the State Network Information Office , Recently, the network information office of Hainan provincial Party committee asked all key Internet information industrial parks in the province to implement the main responsibility of Management , Publicize and implement relevant national regulations to blockchain enterprises in the park 、 Thoroughly understand the blockchain information service of the enterprise 、 Establish enterprise blockchain information service account 、 Urge relevant enterprises to carry out blockchain information service filing and security assessment .

Green power consumption proves that the blockchain is used to record the whole process information of green power

9 month 7 Japan , come from 17 Provinces 259 Market players , Completed online and offline 79.35 Billion kwh green power trading , This is the first transaction after the official launch of China's green power trading pilot on the same day . All market players involved in the first green power transaction , Have received a green electricity consumption Certificate . future , This green certificate issued by Beijing electric power trading center and State Grid blockchain Judicial Appraisal Center , It will become the main body of all green power trading markets “ Standard configuration ”. Wang Dong, head of State Grid blockchain technology company, said , Green power consumption proves that the use of blockchain is open and transparent 、 There is a consensus 、 Tamper proof and other technical features , Green power production is recorded 、 transmission 、 Information of the whole transaction process , And has the uniqueness and authority of the country .

▌ Australian think tank : China's digital currency is taking shape , Its internationalization still depends on the acceptance of the domestic market

9 month 9 Daily news , Roy Institute for international policy, Australia TheInterpreter Website 9 month 8 Published on 《 China's digital currency is taking shape 》 article , Article display , The digital payment network and digital RMB operated by the Central Bank of China are in 2019 Launched in 2013 ,2020 year 4 The pilot project began in January , And slowly promote in major cities . It's more likely that , The long-term potential of digital RMB is to subvert the hegemony of the US dollar , So that some countries sanctioned by the United States can do more business with China . For the United States , One of the advantages of US dollar hegemony is that any US sanctions are cruel to the target economy . Digital RMB also has the potential to enter underdeveloped areas outside China . China is very suitable for adopting digital currency , The reason is that similar products are widely used in China , For example, WeChat payment and Alipay , These digital payment systems are the most used payment systems in the world . In big cities such as Beijing , These methods of fund transfer payment are very common , Instead, the use of cash has become very rare , Even Street beggars carry QR codes to accept donations . The whole society's acceptance of this technology indicates DCEP The great potential of .


South Korean police set up a special cryptocurrency investigation team to deal with the upcoming special bill

Qucoin reported , The South Korean National Police Agency recently ordered the whole country to 18 A province 、 Provincial Police Department “ Set up a special group , In the revised 《 Specific financial transaction information act 》( Special provisions act ) After its entry into force, it investigates illegal activities . This bill will come into effect this month 25 Take effect . Virtual currency exchange must meet the requirements of information security management system (ISMS) Authentication and account real name security requirements , To implement 《 Special monetary law 》 And report to the financial authorities . It is said that the police are preparing for the possibility of a sharp increase in various illegal activities , For example, unreported sales and misappropriation of public funds , Because it is expected that a pile of market exchanges that do not meet the requirements will be closed . Previously reported , This year, 5 month , The police also set up a working group to deal with virtual currency violations headed by the deputy director of the national police department (TF).

▌ Yu Jianing :NFT Applicable industry laws and regulations are required

Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, said , With the development of digital economy , In the future, data will become one of the most important assets of enterprises .NFT Digital content can be capitalized , Make data ownership clear 、 Quantity transparency 、 Transfer marks , Become a bridge between real-world assets and digital world assets , Internet companies are aiming at this development prospect , One after another NFT. In our country NFT It's still in its infancy , pricing 、 The auction 、 transaction 、 Circulation and other mechanisms are not mature , Relevant policies and regulations are not clear . Before the industry is mature , In order to prevent NFT The exploration attempt becomes speculation , Internet companies are more cautious in opening secondary transactions , We are still gradually exploring reasonable boundaries . at present NFT The regulation of transactions in various countries is not fully clear , Therefore, it faces a certain degree of compliance challenges .NFT The underlying technology is neutral , The specific actual attributes are determined by different application scenarios , Different NFT The products are very different in nature , Applicable industry laws and regulations are required .

▌ The president of El Salvador announced that the investigation of Chivo Maintenance of wallet

Qucoin reported , Download and operate citizen reports Chivo There are various problems with the encrypted wallet application ,Chivo The bitcoin wallet was closed for five hours for maintenance , President naib of El Salvador · Bukler (Nayib Bukele) It was later announced that , And BTC All wallet related issues have been resolved .

▌ Garbage collectors in Russia are facing challenges for stealing their employer's encrypted mining equipment 10 Year imprisonment

Qucoin reported , A from the Russian city of Tyumen 46 After stealing his employer's bitcoin mining equipment, a - year-old garbage collector faces 10 Year imprisonment . A local resident recently reported the incident to the police , The estimated loss is 100 All the ruble (13,625 dollar ). It is reported that , He noticed that the victim's garage had a lot of expensive computer equipment . When the owner is not at home , The man entered the building through an unlocked window . at present , The stolen miner has been seized by the police .

▌ data : Google search “ How to buy NFT” The interest value reaches 100 Global right NFT Interest soared in August 426%

Qucoin reported , According to the analysis of Google trend data by blockchain Center ,2021 year 8 month , Global non homogenous tokens (NFT) My interest has increased 426%.2021 year 8 month 1 Japan , Google search for keywords “ How to buy NFT” Times of 19, But to 2021 year 8 month 29 Japan , The number has risen to 100. Google's search interest is measured by points ,100 The highest score ,0 The lowest score . Because Google search “ How to buy NFT” Interest value has reached 100, This shows a record 2021 The largest number of searches so far in . In addition, according to the national blockchain , Singapore has the highest interest in digital art , The Google search value is 100, Australia to 86 Second place , Nigeria followed (70 branch ).

▌ Multi asset brokerage firm LiteForex Set the encrypted transaction pair to “close only” Pattern

9 month 8 Daily news , Multi asset brokerage firm LiteForex Notify its customers on Wednesday , Due to some technical problems of liquidity providers , The platform has put all cryptocurrency pairs in “close only” Pattern . Customers can close current market transactions , But we can't open a new deal for the time being .LiteForex Didn't elaborate on any specific issues , Nor does it mention the specific name of the cryptocurrency liquidity provider . However , The broker warrants that , It is trying to activate other sources of liquidity , To enable traders to continue cryptocurrency transactions , But there is no timetable for this development . It is reported that ,LiteForex Our encryption products include 9 A popular cryptocurrency Trading Service :BTC、BCH、DASH、ETH、ETC、LTC、XMR、XRP and ZEC.

▌Woo: Bitcoin margin borrowers and open contracts may be the culprit

9 month 8 Daily news ,Willy Woo Analysis of the said , Due to the large-scale liquidation of leveraged traders and borrowers , Bitcoin plunged in a few hours on Tuesday 9,000 dollar . And caused by coronavirus 2020 year 3 The collapses since May are everywhere , But Tuesday's events showed significant differences , The leveraged market was sold off , But investors' buying has become stronger .“BTC The lightning crash is caused by deleveraging ,COVID A crash is similar to overreacting to derivatives , But it was supported by investors . This is a completely different and a mystery . Cheap chips .” Willy Woo It is suspected that the decline was caused by margin lending and open positions . In the classic domino effect , Close positions to generate “ cascade ” Liquidation and positive feedback loop , This has seriously affected the spot price .

Important economic trends

▌ US Treasury Secretary Yellen : Cash and extraordinary measures will be in 10 Months run out

In his letter to Congress, US Treasury Secretary Yellen mentioned , On the debt ceiling , Budget uncertainty , The most likely outcome is , Cash and extraordinary measures will be in 10 Months run out .

Fun coin encyclopedia

Fun coin encyclopedia | What is grid Trading And how to operate ?

Grid transaction is a kind of quantitative transaction , Is a stable 、 The insurance 、 A way of trading in which yields do not fluctuate . It has been used in traditional finance for many years , Based on a certain price , Hang a certain number of purchase and sale orders at various prices with a certain price difference , Sell high and buy low . It is also applicable in the field of cryptocurrency with large market fluctuation , That is, within the trading range , With the constant fluctuation of digital asset prices , Automatic low suction and high throw , Continue to make profits .

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