The bitcoin leverage market was sold off, but investors' buying was stronger

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bitcoin leverage market sold investors

 The bitcoin leverage market was sold off But investors are buying more strongly

The currency The classic dichotomy between holders and leveraged traders , This week The currency The fall in price 9000 US dollar and 2020 year 3 The coronavirus crash in June .

One analyst thinks , As leveraged traders and borrowers bailed out , The currency (BTC) It plunged in a few hours on Tuesday 9000 dollar .

In a series of tweets released on Wednesday ,Willy WOO Trying to figure out that bitcoin fell to... Against the dollar on Tuesday 42800 The reason for the low dollar .

WOO Said bitcoin margin borrowers and unresolved may be the culprit

With rumors about who is behind the sharp decline in bitcoin prices , Analysts have been analyzing data , In order to understand where the bitcoin slump began .

Wu Shuo , There's a lot like 2020 year 3 The collapse caused by coronavirus measures in June , But Tuesday's events showed a significant difference .

He concluded. :“ The leveraged market was sold off , But investors are buying more strongly .”

BTC The flash crash was caused by deleveraging ,COVID Collapse is similar to overreacting to derivatives , But it was backed by investors . This is a completely different mystery . cheap COINS .”

Woo Subsequently, it was suspected that the decline was due to margin borrowings and open interest . In the typical domino effect , Closing positions produces “ The waterfall ” Closed position and positive feedback loop , It has seriously affected the spot price .

 The bitcoin leverage market was sold off But investors are buying more strongly

meanwhile , To another analyst, William • Clement (William Clemente) Come on , Tuesday brought a welcome restart for the bubbly derivative market .

He concluded. ,“ Increased investor activity + Leveraged speculators are erased = Healthy cleaning ,”

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