The new blockchain infrastructure opens up two-way channels for all projects, including Ethereum

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new blockchain infrastructure opens two-way

 The new blockchain infrastructure opens up two-way channels for all projects Including Ethereum

A platform tries to solve the scalability problem Blockchain Commercialization of Technology . since The currency At the beginning of the birth of , Blockchain has experienced exponential growth . therefore , Many enterprises are rapidly abandoning the traditional network architecture , In favor of blockchain based network architecture .

Unfortunately , The current blockchain lacks the ability and efficiency as a multi-functional operating system , Unable to support multiple applications required in a business environment . From the current situation , The groundbreaking design of bitcoin has many similarities with Applications . by comparison , The etheric fang Continue to show many features of the operating system , For example, the ability to write smart contracts and the provisions of programming languages . But the system interface is insufficient , Some modules lack customization , There are still limitations in the commercial application of blockchain Technology .

at present , There are two widely accepted trends to improve Ethereum's capabilities . One trend is the need for a team to embed EVM engine . Unfortunately ,EVM Not strong enough , Cannot support parallel transactions . Another group is 8 In June, the of Ethereum was completed EIP 1559 upgrade , Trying to reduce the cost of natural gas .

To solve these problems ,aELF The team behind has developed a cloud driven open source blockchain network , And designed into a multi-level side chain structure , Unlimited scalability on the future path of decentralization . Through this platform , Users can access a single solution , To break the industry bottleneck , Including performance and cross chain functions . When considering performance , The platform sets each node in the network as its own cloud computing center . Combined with multistage side chain structure , Each node will be infinitely scalable . at present ,aelf Enterprise Each side chain is close to 35k TPS.

According to the company ,aelf Looking for “ Connect all existing ecosystems , Including but not limited to bitcoin 、 The etheric fang 、DeFis etc. ”. Its purpose is to “ sooner or later , Everyone in the field of encryption can take advantage of aelf The ultimate performance and cross chain functionality , Surf at the highest freedom .”

The future of blockchain

At present, the challenges faced by blockchain include the inability to expand 、 Lack of pre-defined consensus agreements to adopt updates or adjustments to adapt to new technologies . In order to solve these major problems and lead the world to a decentralized future , The platform presents a second layer solution different from any other project in the world .

aelf Using the structure of one main chain and multiple side chains , Allow developers to create and run independently dApps( Decentralized applications ), To isolate resources more effectively . Besides , Using parallel processing and AEDPoS The capability of consensus mechanism helps the platform achieve higher throughput .

Planning for the future

at present ,aelf Enterprise It's the only way through CESI Blockchain infrastructure for all blockchain certifications —— function 、 Performance and reliability .

have a look aelf Road map , Their upcoming main network token exchange

since 2020 year 12 month 10 Since the launch ,9 month 9 Day is a milestone . During the upcoming exchange , Token assets will begin to migrate from Ethereum to the main network . therefore , Users will be able to use it in the platform ecosystem ELF As currency to pay transaction costs 、 Side chain index fees and block rewards .

Once exchanged , Users can bet on their home network ELF Token to vote . By doing so , They will be able to learn from aelf Get... From the bonus pool “ Citizen welfare ”. They will also get tickets to participate in the development and governance of the main network . More blockchain messages , Please pay attention to download the fun coin website APP, Global blockchain regulatory query APP .

The team also shared “ future , We will invite retail stores to establish their chain business ,” And added their motto ,“ Tomorrow is in aelf Up operation .”

More blockchain messages , Please pay attention to download the fun coin website APP, Global blockchain regulatory query APP .

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