OEC launched 10000 roots by yuanuniverse NFT, and the trading market has been opened (with okexnft hanging list tutorial)

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oec launched roots yuanuniverse nft

9 month 8 Japan ,OEC The first of the layout is similar Loot The meta universe project ——ROOT, Officially opened Mint Rush purchase . Not online 1 Hours ,10000 gold ROOT Has been in the form of an airdrop white list Mint loot all , And cast , The first stage of overfulfilling is OEC Sales .


Because the activity is very popular , A lot of right ROOT Interested players didn't grab . So , The project party shall add 10000 individual ROOT Casting quota , The cost of a single casting is 0.3OKT. market

according to the understanding of ,Root Is a randomly generated and stored game character on the chain . Hide the picture 、 attribute 、 equipment 、 Hidden attribute 、 Skills and other functions , For different game developers to define . Users can use... In any way ROOT.

Many people are involved in Mint Successful players , It has already begun in OKExNFT Platform sales , Profitable . How to get yourself ROOT stay OKExNFT sell , A detailed tutorial is attached below :

1、 Log in to Ouyi's official website www.okex.com, Click on the navigation bar at the top of the home page 【DeFi】——【NFT market 】——【 my NFT】——【 What I have 】, Click on the work you want to sell . market


2、 Click on 【 sell 】, Fill in the price you want to sell , Click on 【 confirm 】.



3、 Sold NFT The works should be uploaded to the trading market , You need to pay the service charge on the chain on the pop-up page ( The specific cost depends on the current network Gas price), After payment , Your work will enter the review stage , After the approval, the transaction will be put on the shelves .


For more information, please add beibei000168, Enter the official community of Ouyi .

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