Bitcoin day in El Salvador: protests, technical failures, market collapse

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bitcoin day el salvador protests

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9 month 7 Japan , Of the Republic of El Salvador 「 Bitcoin law 」 In force ,2008 The cryptocurrency bitcoin was born in 2021 It entered the legal currency system of this coastal country in Central America .

expect 「 The world will focus on El Salvador 」 At the same time , President Ibrahim · Bukler's day also had ups and downs , The first is the cryptocurrency wallet supported by the state Chivo There is a technical failure , Caught up with the sudden arrival of bitcoin 14% Plunge , And protests outside the country's Supreme Court ……

Like a stubborn counterattack to opponents , After the market collapse , Ibrahimovic · Buchler calmly tweeted ,「 Bargain hunting , New currency addition 150  gold .」 thus , El Salvador holds BTC Increased to 550 gold .

Predictably, , The resistance of some people in China and the fluctuating encrypted asset market will bring trouble to this country , But at the same time, there are also external support and praise . Local McDonald's 、 Starbucks has accepted bitcoin payment ; Foreign crypto asset companies are connecting with this country ; To support the country's efforts to promote wallets 30 dollar BTC Move , Crypto asset enthusiasts are KOL At the call of 「9 month 7 Daily purchase 30 dollar BTC」 Our solidarity activities ……

How about ,2021 year 9 month 7 For El Salvador, Japan is the beginning of the integration of its financial system into a new blood , For the world , This historic event opened a window of experimental observation —— When every country is having a headache over the US dollar , Can El Salvador fight successfully .

Bitcoin flash crash El Salvador increased its holdings on bargain hunting to 550 BTC

Beijing time. 9 month 7 Friday night 10 Point to the 11 spot , Bitcoin from 50000 The dollar is about to flash to 43000 Around the dollar, it was noon in the Republic of El Salvador , This is the day of the country 《 Bitcoin law 》 First effective date ,BTC Was officially incorporated into the country's legal currency system .

This year, 6 month , El Salvador's Legislative Assembly passed by an absolute majority 《 Bitcoin law 》, Approve bitcoin as the legal tender of the country , The country has also become the first country in the world to officially recognize bitcoin as legal tender .

9 month 7 Japan , President Ibrahim · Buchler has been for their 「 Bitcoin day 」 All morning —— Popularize bitcoin wallets supported by the State Chivo, Reply and like support on social networks , Publicly refute the opposition's remarks …… The wee hours , He began to warm up for this important moment , He tweeted 「 Bitcoin magazine 」 And said ,「 For the first time ever , The eyes of the world will be on El Salvador .」

You bet , When the crash of the day comes , More attention is focused on this country .

9 month 6 Japan , Ibrahimovic · Booker has announced , On the same day, the government purchased 400 BTC. according to 6 Japan 18 when BTC 51690 The price in US dollars , this 400 BTC The value is about 2067 Thousands of dollars . The next day , The market fell to 43000 Dollar time , Held by the government of El Salvador BTC The value shrinks in an instant 340 More than $ .

 market The president of El Salvador says the country has increased its holdings of BTC to 550 gold

When opponents gathered around this super volatile market to Ibrahimovic · The lesson Buchler brought , the 80 The later President calmly tweeted ,「 Bargain hunting ,150 Add new coins .」 thus , Held by the government of El Salvador BTC Increased to 550 gold .

Another problem occurred long before the bitcoin crash , El Salvador's state supported cryptocurrency wallet Chivo There has been a technical failure , Chivo The wallet was launched in the early morning of that day , Provide free value for local users 30  Bitcoin for dollars , But in 5 Hours later, the connection was disconnected due to insufficient server capacity .

In El Salvador 「 Bitcoin day 」 Before the arrival ,Chivo The wallet began to be installed and used in various media channels in the country , There are relevant tutorials and instructions in El Salvador daily and its website , The wallet can be found in the Apple App Store 、 Google App store and Huawei app store download . Ibrahimovic · Bukler previously said ,Chivo Wallets are not mandatory for people , It supports Salvadorans abroad to use .

 market The president responded on Twitter to the progress of wallet troubleshooting

Despite all the preparations made by the government , But the wallet problem came . It was president Buchler who broadcast the failure . On twitter , He turned into 「 Customer service 」, Constantly refreshing the progress of fault handling , And look forward to user feedback , This move also attracted netizens .

The bitcoin law came into force and was protested at home   Welcome overseas support

Salvadorian 「 Bitcoin day 」 On the day , President Ibrahim · Bukler tweeted around 49 Tweets , More than any other day in the past , It shows his attention to this matter . Of course ,《 Bitcoin law 》 The motion was put forward by him and his party , He is responsible for his political actions , Of course, it will also lead to opposition resistance .

Previous opinion polls showed that , Two thirds of Salvadorans oppose the adoption of cryptocurrency , But the bill passed . At local time 9 month 7 On the afternoon of Sunday , exceed 1000  People took part in the protest in the capital San Salvador , They burned tires outside the Supreme Court , Set off fireworks , To oppose the country's adoption of bitcoin .

 market Salvadorans protested against the adoption of bitcoin

Protesters interviewed by Reuters said ,「 This currency is very suitable for large investors who want to speculate with their own economic resources .」 But he thought , such 「 currency 」 Not for ordinary people .

Ricardo, a local economist · Castaneda said in an interview with Reuters ,Chivo The introduction of has a high degree of improvisation and a lot of opacity ,「 The application requires access to your microphone and contacts , And the wallet doesn't need these , Bitcoin can be distracting , Even if the bitcoin law is opposed by the public and recommended by experts , But the government still decided to advance the plan , It may also become an important pillar of Buchler's political project .」 Castaneda thinks , Hundreds of millions of dollars to buy bitcoin come from the general budget , It could have been used for national health or education , Now? , Even Salvadorans who don't use bitcoin will pay for this experiment .

Opposition in El Salvador until 《 Bitcoin law 》 It still exists after its entry into force , so , Opposition forces will become a interference in the promotion and application of bitcoin in the country .

The support from the private sector and enterprises is in contrast to the domestic opposition . Locally , McDonald's 、 Starbucks and other international enterprises support Salvadorans to use bitcoin as a payment tool , Some local stores are trying to accept bitcoin payment ; Latin America's largest cryptocurrency platform Bitso It was previously announced that , It has become Chivo The main service provider of e-wallet , Salvadorans will be able to instantly 、 Security 、 Interact with bitcoin for free .

 market MicroStrategy Of CEO Support El Salvador on twitter

Declared... In El Salvador Chivo Wallet placement 30 The dollar BTC When used to encourage people to use ,9 month 6 Japan , US listed companies MicroStrategy Of CEO、 Bitcoin whale Michael · Seler launched an online campaign , Call on crypto asset enthusiasts to 7 Buy on the same day 30 The dollar BTC, In solidarity with the world's first sovereign country to adopt bitcoin . He launched a will vote for the event , It attracted 90470 Votes ,83.6% Of netizens said they would join the action .

Adopting bitcoin is for El Salvador , It must be hard . Some difficulties are already foreseeable : Domestic opposition , Market volatility , The financial endurance of a small country , There has long been a warning of opposition from the International Monetary Fund , And the exchange rate and interaction between bitcoin and the currencies of other countries when it is used as a currency .

But the experiment has begun , It provides all countries in the world with an observation window of sovereignty against the dollar system , Will it succeed ? We can only wait and see .

President Ibrahim · Buchler showed confidence and determination , He expects the outside world to give the country some time ,「 Like all innovations , El Salvador's bitcoin process also has a learning curve , Every road in the future is like this , It's not a day 、 It can be achieved in a month , But we must break the paradigm of the past , El Salvador has the right to move towards the first world .」

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