Which encryption index funds deserve attention under the warming of decentralized index industry?

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encryption index funds deserve attention

In traditional finance , Index funds In search of stability 、 Investors with long-term returns provide a relatively low-risk way . Because they track multiple assets , So they are essentially diverse . Although investors may not experience the huge returns of well performing non index investments , But they can also avoid huge losses .

The index is considered to be an important part of any advanced market . They provide a direct way , Obtain the risk exposure of the whole industry by investing in a single and highly liquid asset . In view of this , One of their most powerful value propositions is efficiency .

stay DeFi in , Index funds are not only efficient , And it's cheap and doesn't need a license . By investing in only one fund ,DeFi Users can save gas fee , Otherwise they will have to buy multiple tokens . On decentralized networks , Users can buy and sell their assets at any time , This is different from the assets in the traditional financial world .

Like other index funds , Its main advantage is simplicity : Investors don't need to know the complexity of different agreements , The economy of each token , Or historical performance , You can invest wisely . For those looking for a low maintenance way to get the risk , It's a great way to , At the same time, it can minimize the risk .

Crypto index funds are not new .2017 year ,InvictusCapital Launched one of the first token encryption index funds , Use seed money to buy basic assets .Bitwise10 Cryptocurrency Investment Fund (BITW) from 10 One of the most valuable cryptocurrencies , It provides a way for U.S. investors to obtain cryptocurrency risk through traditional brokerage accounts .

However , Centralized index funds have counterparty risk , The other party may not perform its contractual obligations . Although the decentralization index can not completely eliminate this problem , But it helps to reduce this risk . The operation is automated , Executed by smart contracts, not fund managers . Besides , In the case of decentralized governance , Token holders help set key parameters and play a role in determining the future direction of the Fund .

As the decentralization index industry heats up , There are some leading projects :

 The decentralization index industry is heating up Which encryption index funds deserve attention ?

Cryptex Of TCAP

Cryptex It aims to establish open source financial solutions for the global cryptocurrency community . utilize The etheric fang Smart contract system ,Cryptex Creating decentralized financial solutions , Include TotalCryptMarketCapToken(TCAP).TCAP Is an encrypted asset , Track the value of the entire encryption market by total market capitalization —— One is more than 9000 An index of assets .TCAP As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Conduct management , And by the ERC20 Governance token CTX Governance . Users can cast 、 transaction 、 Become a liquidity provider , Or mortgage assets to obtain CTX Reward .CTX The holder of the can make governance suggestions , Vote on current and future protocol upgrades , Or delegate its voting rights to other holders .

Through this Agreement ,Cryptex The team aims to provide investors with a decentralized solution , To get real-time price risk across the cryptocurrency market . In the near future ,Quantstamp by Cryptex Audited smart contracts .

 The decentralization index industry is heating up Which encryption index funds deserve attention ?


Set It's an unmanaged agreement , Used to process a basket of tokens on the Ethereum network . adopt Set, Anyone can create their own token index .“set” It's a ERC20 Tokens, , Represents multiple tokens , Users cast their custom tokens by depositing component tokens , then “ Unbundling ” To get the token back . These customizations “ aggregate ” Can be listed on the exchange , And is fully secured and smart contract ready . They can even be bundled together to create collections . The agreement is also open 、 Without permission and without trust .

 The decentralization index industry is heating up Which encryption index funds deserve attention ?

IndexCoop Of DPI

IndexCooperative It is a company that focuses on establishing and managing various cryptocurrency index products DAO. Because the product is based on SetProtocol On the infrastructure , They are created by INDEX Token holders manage and maintain .DeFiPulse Index (DPI) It's such a product : A method designed to track DeFi Digital asset index of token performance . As a capitalization weighted index ,DPI Including popular Ethereum based services based on specific standards DeFi Tokens, . Token holders can redeem the base token of the index directly .

although DPI It can be said that it is their first and most famous product , But they have launched other indexes . for example ,Metaverse The index is from NFT、 entertainment 、 Virtual reality (VR)、 Augmented reality (AR) And tokens in the field of music .

 The decentralization index industry is heating up Which encryption index funds deserve attention ?


sDEFI It's a by Synthetix The popularity of community choice DeFi The composite index of tokens , Include COMP、MKR、SNX、BAL And many others focus on DeFi Token of . Investors need to go through any major DEX Or aggregator (Uniswap、SushiSwap、Paraswap or 1InchExchange) Buy sUSD, Then through decentralized Kwenta The exchange obtained sDEFI. because sDEFI It's managed by the community , The tokens tracked and their weights may change in the future . in fact , Earlier this year ,Synthetix The community decided to rebalance the index , To add new tokens , Include BOND and RUNE. It is reported that ,sDEFI The fifth iteration is in progress , The community is already developing V6, Not only will the weights be adjusted , And includes several new DeFi Tokens, .

What will happen in the future

With the financial advisor 、 Hedge funds 、 Institutional and other professional investors are interested in DeFi There is a growing demand for , Index funds provide an excellent opportunity to meet this demand . They provide a powerful way , Just invest in a single asset to create a diversified portfolio . In view of this , With DeFi The growth of , It is not surprising that the demand for the index has increased .

The world's largest encryption index fund management company BitwiseAssetManagement On 8 In June, the world's first Uniswap and AAVE fund , Enable qualified investors to have effective access to each agreement . By surpassing 10 Billion dollars in asset management , This indicates future demand .GalaxyDigital Recently announced the launch of GalaxyDeFi Index funds , It aims to provide institutional investors with DeFi The reward of performance .TCAP Recently also passed Gemini Introduction , This is a development project that provides risk exposure and custody for institutional investors . As the index expands its secondary market potential through futures and options , The field is also likely to experience more growth .

without doubt , These index funds are helping more mainstream audiences reach DeFi Incredible growth . meanwhile , decentralized 、 The index of community management is becoming more and more common , Considering the support DeFi The value of the field , That's not surprising . But one thing is for sure : Decentralized index funds will continue to exist . and , Because they are still a key part of traditional finance , So they are likely to be DeFi Of similar importance in , Especially with the continuous development of the industry .

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