Decentralized data aggregator subquery raised $9 million for Polkadot data protocol

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decentralized data aggregator subquery raised

Decentralized data aggregator SubQuery A round has been completed 900 $10000 financing , Used to build Polkadot The first data aggregation layer , This may strengthen the data indexing of this emerging interoperability network .

The company announced on Wednesday that , The funds obtained from this round of financing will be used to continue to fund all Polkadot and Kusama Application building SubQuery Data indexing infrastructure .SubQuery And announced , This investment will help to expand its technical capacity , And support the open source of its software .

This round of financing by Arrington XRP Capital、Digital Currency Group and Stratos Technologies Jointly lead the investment , And then there is Hypersphere Ventures、NGC Ventures、Wintermute and Skynet Trading Take part in the voting . before ,SubQuery In this year 3 In the round of private placement seed financing ended in June, we successfully raised 180 Thousands of dollars . Seed investors include DeFi Alliance、The LAO and P2P Capital etc. .

SubQuery The main goal is to create a new data index and supply the market , Expand pair Polkadot and Kusama Access to blockchain data on . investment Moonbeam Parallel chain Arrington XRP Capital Express ,SubQuery Has the potential to be all Polkadot Critical infrastructure for parallel chains and applications . stay Polkadot In the network , Parallel chain inserts a main blockchain , It provides a concept similar to the airport central radiation model .

9 month 1 Japan ,Kusama Opened the sixth parallel chain auction ,Polkadot Ecosystems have received considerable attention recently . In the process of parallel chain auction , The user will Polkadot Native token of DOT Lock in a specific period of time to vote for their favorite projects .

Polkadot It is one of the top ten cryptocurrency items , The total market value of about 290 Billion dollars . Earlier this week , Before the bitcoin flash crash hit the entire encryption market ,DOT Prices soared to their highest level in nearly four months .

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