China currency (ZB) continues to make efforts, and the chain tour track is officially launched. The popular chain tour TLM (alien worlds)

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china currency zb continues make

In recent days, ,ZB The chain travel plate follows AXS、YGG and SLM after , Another popular game has been launched Alien Worlds Token of TLM.Alien Worlds Is and Axie Infinity Almost at the same time, the hot chain tour , And the rising speed is also very fast . According to the DappRadar Statistics ,Alien Worlds stay 30 New users within days 100 ten thousand , Far more popular than recently Axie Number of users increased , Rank Blockchain Top of the game list .

 Chinese currency (ZB) Continue to force the chain tour track Officially launched popular chain tour TLM(Alien Worlds)

stay 2021 year , Blockchain games are rising rapidly . For some people , Although cryptocat is the greatest blockchain game , Because it creates a new way to play blockchain , But most users still calculate their encryption portfolio every day , Hoping to find the next tipping point .Axie Infinity It proves that the present “Play to Earn” The success of the model , Game rewards enable players to play blockchain games for a long time . except Axie Infinity,Alien Worlds It has also opened up a world in the market .Alien Worlds yes NFT DeFi The metauniverse of the universe , It can simulate the economic competition and cooperation between players . Get... By motivating players Trilium(TLM), Users can control autonomous organizations (Planet DAO) And get more ways to play .

In the same spirit of adventure ,《 The alien world 》(Alien Worlds) Created a storyline of the space expedition , The final destination is far beyond the solar system .Alien Worlds There are seven planets for players to explore , And players can get digital assets by mining 、 Fight other players and earn income from rent commissions on the land they own . Since the introduction of this blockchain game , Widely loved by users , The number of users increases rapidly in a short time , from 10 Million soared to today's 250 ten thousand , It has become one of the blockchain games with the highest daily life of players , And showing a sustained growth momentum .

《 The alien world 》 Deep integration NFT Blockchain simulation economy game . It uses Ethereum and WAX Blockchain provides players with the opportunity to buy , New ways to sell and earn digital collections , It is also a cross domain project NFT Meta universe Multi Chain Game .

WAX It is a public chain focusing on game props and digital collections , Its official website home page “ Without modesty ” Write King of NFT(“NFT King ”) A few big words .WAX The main network is 2019 year 6 Officially launched in , be based on EOS reform , Following the entrusted interest certificate (DPoS) Consensus mechanism , To support the high throughput required by the game ,WAX The theory of TPS reach 3000 above , Its Gas Lower cost ETH It's also much cheaper , Very friendly for players and developers .

Trilium(TLM) yes Alien Worlds Primary functional tokens in the universe , Can be used for planetary governance 、 Mortgage mining 、 Game currency 、 Incentives and purchases in the game NFT etc. . Game players can earn game tokens by mining Trilium(TLM), There is still a certain chance to dig NFT,TLM It's like 《Axie Infinity》 Game tokens in the game AXS, The game also supports that players will get NFT and TLM Convert into legal tender . meanwhile ,Alien Worlds Of DAO Achieve the goal of ruling the planet through mortgage and easily accessible rich functions .

Alien Worlds yes DeFi and NFT New fusion of playing methods , take DeFi、NFT And the meta universe into the game .Alien Worlds Created for players set at 2055 The virtual world in , Players can play in 6 Explore a planet 、 Mining and dueling .6 The styles of the two planets are very different , The geomorphic types are different , Players need to find the most suitable planet to mine and participate in governance .DeFi In the game, it is mainly reflected in mining and DAO. And DeFi The mobility of the project is different from that of mining , Participate in Alien Worlds Mining does not require pledge tokens , As long as you register your account, you can participate in mining .

Chinese currency (ZB) It has been at... Hong Kong time 2021 year 8 month 27 Day online TLM(Alien Worlds), Further deepen the layout in the field of chain games , Future Chinese currency (ZB) Will continue to make efforts in the field of chain travel , Continuously provide users with valuable new projects .

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