Juan and V: on the future of decentralized social media

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juan future decentralized social media

This article is based on 7 month HackFS Group discussion on decentralized social media on , Participants include Juan Benet、Vitalik Buterin and Balaji Srinivasan.

 Juan and V God talks about the way : About the future of decentralized social media

The idea behind decentralized social media

In the early stages of human development , Humans have been looking for places to express their ideas . Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations established meeting places , Learned people can discuss their views on truth , And draw a conclusion and consensus .

Today's society has adopted the same name for these meeting places in the Internet age —— Forum . However , With the development of the Internet , Forums have also evolved into the current form of social media .

Today's Twitter、Facebook、Instagram and TikTok Our users are just 21 The modern iteration of forum residents at the beginning of the century , They studied the subject carefully , And add comments on the topics they want to comment on .

However , With this increase in use , The huge of enterprise supervision 、 A faint shadow followed . How does the Internet recapture the forum from the hands of large enterprise oligarchs ? The answer is to start with decentralized social media .

The need to establish a free discussion place

Ancient societies like the Greeks and Romans were able to inherit their classical knowledge , Because this knowledge is gathered through discussion . Philosophers discuss on the Forum , And this information will be filtered to other parts of society . Without this freedom of discussion , The examination of ideas can lead to considerable problems in people's perception of the reality around them .

The urgent need for decentralized social media is based on the idea : If people work together , They will live better . Current media organizations prefer to separate people ; Conflicts drive hits , And the click through rate drives revenue .

Eliminate the foundation of modern media

Most of modern media exist as a means . Social media is a perfect example . image TikTok and YouTube Such companies allow content creators to create their own works and upload them to websites .

In these “ good ” Behind the content are advertisements and algorithms for potential buyers . The result of the system is that the influencers earn only a small part of the company's advertising revenue , Although they are responsible for the content 100% The responsibility of the .

From today's Web2 Learn from the experience , establish Web3 The community of social media websites should mainly focus on the influencers themselves . There are two reasons behind this :

First , The influencer controls many eyes , By guiding them to switch platforms , It is likely that a large number of people who pay attention to the influencers will leave . This reality suggests that influencers are the second reason to promote decentralized social media adoption —— They are people . Most celebrities who use social media don't actually post on the platform , Instead, there is a hired social media manager or a company to manage their twitter or posts .

Small influencers usually don't have the money to hire people to manage their accounts , Do it yourself , So they may be involved in discussions about what they can get from these social media platforms . However , Although influential people themselves may be interested in the Forum , But the companies and media organizations that manage them are not interested .

Changes in reward standards

that , In such a social media system , How people will be rewarded ? To make social media have any positive impact , These actions need to be rewarded . One way this can happen is through retroactive public funds . In this funding model , The impact on the creation of certificates is retrospective .

The impact certificate indicates that , Specific individuals are responsible for specific additions or changes to the network . For example , One person created a particularly popular template format . Based on the wide use of this template , The creator may be rewarded . Their contribution to the network will be recognized by creating an award .

These awards were not created in advance , As a goal , Because they shape the network , Instead of rewarding those who shape the network with their own ability . This reward system is inconsistent with the reward system currently used on social media , There's a reason .

at present , Social media seeks to split and exploit polarization . This new and improved model looks forward to rewarding individuals for their help to the platform and users . This is an accurate value based distribution of wealth , Based on one person's contribution to the development and dissemination of the whole network .

Change the value of truth

Blockchain is unique . They connect a physical problem with an abstract concept . therefore , A mathematical equation that needs to be solved is transformed into a consumable token. such “ The value of truth ” The system is based on consensus .

In the blockchain network , Unless the people on the chain agree with it , Otherwise you can't have what is considered to be truth . Yes “ The truth ” To tamper with , It doesn't work to distort it in some way , Because the truth is related to the consensus on the blockchain . Step back , In the past two years , Social media shows how multiple versions of the truth coexist , But none of them may reflect reality .

A decentralized social media platform will aim to connect truth with consensus . The best way to implement this system is to connect social media with the undeniable truth . This concept is difficult to implement , As things change , When we know more about something , Truth must develop with it . However , With a practical connection with the truth , Can help define its value in social media society .

The value of truth in the social media chain , It depends on the community's evaluation of it . However , This introduces another problem —— The problem of homogeneous groups .

Groups and fragmentation

Social media usually supports groups , Because they are a useful feature for maintaining a directory of friends and contacts . Sometimes , Groups form the basis of the entire social media website , Such as Reddit.

In an encryption first social media system , The group will be encrypted , And goal oriented . Not like today's social media , Ideas around ideology , We'll have some groups , Change people's understanding of different aspects . natural , There will be polarization , But this polarization may be based on something more specific , Not just based on someone's political ideology as it is now . The way to overcome this polarization is the recognition of expertise .

Some groups will reach a consensus on what is truth , Other groups will listen to them , Because they are experts . People don't worry too much about whether someone does or says something for money .

This setting can lead to fragmentation , But division is not always a bad thing . Fragments of a group committed to a particular goal may counter mainstream wisdom , And is considered reasonable . The world's default “ Cyber war “ Will change to something more similar to a long debate .

To make fragmentation a good thing , Fragments themselves must create value . In a group , A fragment may study other ways to achieve these goals . Fragmentation may lead to more diversity of ideas —— Contrary to what social media is trying to achieve .

Looking forward to the future

How far are we from centralized social media ? Although it may take some time to see social media similar to true decentralization in the ecosystem , But this may make the use of the new framework different , And bring more acceptance among non professionals .

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