Payment giant visa announced plans to introduce cryptocurrency services to traditional banks in Brazil

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payment giant visa announced plans

【TechWeb】9 month 8 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Multinational payment giants Visa Announced plans to introduce cryptocurrency services into Brazil's traditional banking platform , Both for payment , Also used for value storage , Including the main cryptocurrency bitcoin .

Credit card giant Visa Announced plans to integrate cryptocurrency solutions into traditional banking platforms .Visa Vice president of new business in Brazil Eduardo Abreu Express , The company plans to develop applications (API), Combine traditional banking with encryption products . In this way , Cryptocurrencies and currencies can be encrypted within the banking platform without intermediaries ETF Investing .

Visa Has been provided on its platform 180 Kind of currency , And expect to use its 1.7 Billion global customer base , And with the National Bank Alterbank、 Ripio and Zro Establish a financial and technical cooperation relationship , Maximize adoption in the region . It is expected to launch... In the coming months .

Visa According to , They are still developing for B2B Blockchain , Payment settlement will be allowed between companies using smart contracts .

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