Mobile cloud mining machine dig fil! How many coins can fil miner produce per day? How long can the machine dig?

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mobile cloud mining machine dig

With FIL The explosion of blockchain and people's understanding of blockchain and digital currency , More and more people are involved in the digital currency industry , Everyone wants to do something in the digital currency industry or realize wealth and freedom , But they lack relevant professional knowledge and the ability to predict the market trend . Some people are discouraged, others are seriously in deficit , Let's share today , How to obtain with the lowest investment and the lowest risk FIL The coin !

Now in circulation FIL All through special machines “ dig ” Coming out , there “ dig ” It's not digging with a hoe shovel . But through the specified type of professional electronic equipment to calculate 、 Hash collision , In order to gain FIL Reward , This process is collectively referred to as “ dig ”, And dig .FIL People are called “ The miners ”. dig FIL Is through the machine , stay IPFS Data stored in it , then IPFS Reward the machine , The reward is FIL The coin . And other users want to use IPFS Store the data , You have to give IPFS payment FIL, And it can only be FIL. For example 96T The current price of the machine is 9.8w, and 9.8w According to the present 550 A price to calculate , Only available 178 individual , and 96T Your machine can dig... In a year 771 individual FIL. dig FIL Is the lowest risk , There is no one way to invest the least . Replace the cost of money with the cost of time . consulting FIL Mining machines hbjky327

dig FIL Our machines are big and small , Take the analogy of so and so bee , Yes 1T8T16T96T Four sizes , Can be superimposed infinitely , In other words, you can have more than one 96T Or is it 16T All machines excavate at the same time , There's no limit to the quantity . This T Is the unit of capacity of the machine ,1 Terabytes (Tb)=1024 Gigabytes (Gb) The conversion rate is about equal to 1000(1024), The order from big to small is TB、GB、MB( mega Zhao)、KB、B No matter how small it is 1TB=1024GB 1GB=1024MB 1MB=1024KB 1KB=1024B consulting FIL Mining machines hbjky327

We take 96T Machine calculations , According to official figures , At present, every T Calculating 24 The hourly output is 0.0311 individual FIL, because FIL Mining is actually a process of data storage , Therefore, a part of the capacity of the mining machine must be reserved for data backup to prevent data loss .96T Those who actually participate in mining after going out of the backup space are 68T.202109081608324

68T×0.0311 individual FIL=2.1148 individual , This is the calculation of this machine according to the current output 24 Output per hour ,2.1148 individual FIL×365 God =771.902 individual FIL. According to the cost calculated by the miners on the market, the management fee is the output 20%, This 20% Including electricity 、 Management expense 、 Operation and maintenance fee 、 Physical costs . So what you actually get is 80%,771.902×0.8=617.5216 individual FIL. This is a 96T The net output of machines in a year , The machine is permanent , The life of electronic equipment is generally 5-8 year , The life of mining machines and computers is about the same .

The machine is doing “ dig ”FIL Must be encapsulated before operation , Packaging is divided into pledge currency and GAS Consume .

So what are pledge money and GAS Consumption ?

We understand the miner as the lockers outside the supermarket , The supermarket is IPFS, Lockers are FIL mill , When we help users store items, we must number them , Otherwise, users cannot retrieve their items , And labeling is what supermarket workers need to do , Supermarket workers need wages to work , That's why we have to pay him so that he can number us , This salary is GAS fee , In order to prevent us from losing our customers' items , So we have to pay a deposit , This deposit is the pledge currency . Pledge money and GAS What is consumed is real gold and silver FIL The coin , According to the present one 96T Machine calculations , Calculated according to the current output , This machine can produce output every year 806.65 individual FIL, Need preparation 356.2384 individual FIL As pledge currency ( As long as the machine keeps on line, the pledged currency will be returned in full ), In addition, you need to prepare 22.7 individual FIL As GAS Consume ( This will not be refunded, but it is the most consumed service charge ) consulting FIL Mining machines hbjky327

What if you don't have so many coins to seal but want to dig ?

So and so bee company has advance payment machine , It only needs APP Subscribe for mining machines , Then the company will withdraw the user's money first , After the user's machine is packaged, it can be repaid , In this way, users dig FIL The threshold has been lowered a lot , Almost everyone can participate in . Below is the APP How to get .

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