OEC players uncover the secret: chain games are rough. Why are so many people playing?

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oec players uncover secret chain

GameFi It continues to be hot , The influx of new and old players is accelerating . According to the DappRadar Statistics , Chain Tour The number of players is 9 month 6 More than a day 66 ten thousand , In the past half year, the growth rate exceeded 1120%.


Statistics on the number of chain game players in recent half a year ( source :DappRader)

meanwhile , More and more money is flowing into this track . According to the Blockchaingamer.biz Statistics , By 7 month 30 Japan , The total investment in blockchain games is 10 Billion dollars , yes 2020 In all of the 13.88 times .

For the above data , A lot of tradition Internet The players of the game are puzzled . In their impression , Blockchain games are often poorly made 、 The play is monotonous , And there is a running Caton 、 High handling fees and other issues , It's not worth the time to participate in .

in fact , Chain tour track has made remarkable progress in the past two years . First , Thanks to the development of high-performance public chain and layer-2 network Development , Chain game interaction Experience To improve , The handling fee is also low enough ; secondly , Traditional Internet game giants including Ubisoft have set foot in , Make the chain swim in the picture quality 、 Play and other aspects “ New look ”.

In summary , Chain tour has completed self iteration with the development of the industry . Especially this year ,GameFi The popularity of the concept makes the chain tour usher in a big explosion , More and more players are playing and making money in the game , The development speed of the whole track is far faster than that of the traditional game industry .

As a player across traditional games and blockchain games , The author is mainly playing OEC Upper GameFi game , Now combined with several popular chain games , From the wealth creating effect 、 Picture quality and playing method 、 Experience, etc , Let's talk about it : Why are so many people playing chain games .

1. Wealth creating effect

Objective to , Many players flock to chain tour because of the huge wealth creating effect , Especially in Axie Infinity After the explosion , More and more players realize that this track has great potential ,“Play-to-Earn” Mode can make them live a more comfortable life .


A game that the author is playing recently is FarmHero, This game is very simple to play , Players draw heroes by opening the blind box , When the hero attacks the monster and wins , You can get tokens (GLORY) Reward .

FarmHero On 9 month 3 Day of launch OEC, Still in the early bonus period . The author found that , The period for this game to double its revenue is about 10 God , The specific test results are as follows :



The test was conducted in total 66 round , Cumulative winning rate 75.76%, Get... Together 463.1 individual GLORY(23.155U), The actual cost 0.01278OKT(1.1502U), The final benefit is 22.0048U. A rough calculation , at present 10 You can earn back the money of the hero in about days .

In addition to the regular game mode , You can also pledge in the game GLORY Token or liquidity mining to get CHE, The profit is very considerable , And in a virtuous circle .

2. How to play the game

How to play , The recent chain tour has also made many improvements , Not in the eyes of traditional gamers “ crudely made ”、“ The play is monotonous ”.

With OEC The first ecological GameFi game Crypto Gladiator( Gladiatus ) For example , This is a nurturing class RPC game , Not only can it bring players similar “ Yin Yang teacher ” Your card drawing experience , It also allows players to build their own team 、 Occupation of land 、 Duel with others , High playability , The server was jammed due to the huge number of user visits .


Gladiators currently open three modes of play , namely “ Explore levels ”、“ Endless checkpoints ”、“ Territory capture ”.

· Explore levels : Players can gain experience and equipment by exploring levels , Complete Gladiator upgrade , You can play... For free every day 50 Time ,50 The number of times you need to spend diamonds to buy after using up ;

· Endless checkpoints : Players don't challenge the upper limit , adopt 20 After the wave , Yes 8% The probability of dropping purple equipment , adopt 50 After the wave , Yes 5% The probability of dropping orange equipment ;

· Territory capture : Users can gain silver coin income by occupying territory , At present, the territory with the lowest income can produce... In an hour 5 A silver coin ( Is equivalent to 1.7U), The most profitable territory can produce... In an hour 50 A silver coin ( Is equivalent to 17U), Each time you participate in a territory fight, you need to consume 20 A diamond .

at present , In addition to the above three playing methods, gladiators , There are also three hidden modes in the campaign plate . As a whole , The Gladiator is in the role 、 weapons 、 The design of the copy is very attentive , It has strong playability .

3. Game quality

Although picture quality is not the absolute factor to judge a game , But many players really value it .

With “ Adverse water and cold ” For example , Character modeling 、 The light and shadow effects are very realistic , The weather system is also doing well , When it rains, the splash when the rain falls to the ground 、 The ripples and other details on the lake when the breeze blows are also excellent , The quality of the game alone can attract many players to experience .

At this stage , Although the overall picture quality of chain games is difficult to compare with traditional Internet Games , But progress is already evident .

In recent days , I note that OEC The last one was called “Celestial” New chain tour , This game focuses on the concept of metauniverse , Scene setting in the metauniverse 、 Prop design is very realistic , It has a sense of time and space 、 Science and technology , There is even a movie blockbuster level effect . The following are some of the official game pictures :



From the perspective of image quality ,Celestial It's really outstanding in the recent chain tour , I believe it will attract many Yan control players to participate . It is said that the game will be launched in the near future OEC, You can look forward to .

Of course , In addition to the excellent picture ,Celestial The way you play is also commendable : In a highly free virtual world , Players can occupy their own planet , Form an Interstellar Alliance , Jointly resist strong foreign enemies ……

4. Interactive experience

Many players in the traditional game field are not optimistic about chain games , It's because Internet games need to shake off chain games in terms of fluency N Street . Besides , The higher service charge on the chain also discourages many players .

The concerns of these players do exist , Especially in Ethereum Ecology , When the network is congested , Players not only have to wait a long interaction time , And pay hundreds of dollars for each transaction Gas fee .

however , With OEC Such as the emergence of emerging high-performance public chains , These problems have been improved . First ,OEC Online TPS Keep at 300 about , This is enough to ensure that players can get a smoother interactive experience , There is almost no Caton situation ; secondly ,OEC The amount to be paid for each transaction Gas Fee only 0.02 About $ , It will hardly compress the player's profit space .

5. Chain tour Ecology

The reason why there are more and more chain game players , In addition to the above reasons , It also comes from the aggregation effect .

Simply speaking , With all kinds of chain game products 、 The emergence of play , Chain tour ecology has begun to take shape . Especially with the active support of major public chains ,GameFi Is accelerating prosperity .

Looking at the recent actions ,OEC stay GameFi The layout of the track is the most powerful , In addition to launching a ten million dollar special fund , And through “ Hacker song ”、“ Fast coin loading channel ” And so on GameFi Development .

It is reported that , at present OEC Ecology has been deployed 20 More than a GameFi The new project , cover CAG、Sandbox、 The car 、RTS、ARPG、SLG、PUZ、NFT Collection and other plates . Interested friends can pay attention to “ Ouyi OKEx Chain tour tribe ”(https://t.me/OKExGameFiCN), There are many senior players , Be able to synchronize the latest game information in time 、 Strategy, etc .


Compared with traditional Internet Games , The chain tour at this stage depends on the picture quality 、 There is still a gap in interactive experience . These gaps require practitioners in technology 、 product 、 Continue to explore and improve the model .

thankfully , Chain tour ecology has accelerated in the past two years , Regardless of the type of game , Or participate in the experience , It gives players a refreshing feeling , and “ Play and earn ” The attributes of meet the dual needs of players' entertainment and making money at the same time , It is expected to continue to erupt in the future .

As a veteran player in the traditional game field , I also despised blockchain games , But in GameFi Under the boom , More and more friends around me end up looking for gold , It can really reflect the current trend .

From personal experience , The playability of some chain games is really good , Especially in integrating DeFi、NFT After playing , Players can get more fun from it 、 gratification .

If you're a gamer , Take a few minutes to experience the current chain tour , I believe I will gain a different experience .

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