What other public chains deserve our attention and participation after the outbreak of the public chain plate?

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public chains deserve attention participation

This article will explore with you , stay Public chain Plate heat is rising today , What other potential public chain projects .

2021 It is determined to leave a strong mark in the history of the blockchain industry , from The currency breakthrough 60000 dollar , To NFT The vigorous development of the concept , To the meta universe 、GameFi And so on, new concepts are discovered and adopted , The blockchain industry has entered an era of rapid expansion , More capital also began to pay attention to the blockchain industry , And actively participate in industry construction .

But we can't ignore the contribution of infrastructure , The etheric fang 、BSC、Polygon、Solana as well as Avalanche And so on, the public chain is doing a strong support for the development of the industry . Take advantage of the east wind ,ETH、BNB、Matic、SOL as well as AVAX The original token of the waiting public chain has also been found to be of great value , Complete a sharp rise .

Thanks to the hot public chain Market , Investors want to find more public chains with potential value and participate in them , In order to obtain full economic benefits . Next , This article will explore with you , In today's high heat of the public chain plate , What other potential public chain projects .


As a challenger of the public chain pattern ,Fantom This is an adoption DAG High performance public chain based on technology , The benchmark is EOS、Steem、ADA Wait for the public chain .Fantom It's using Lachesis aBFT Consensus mechanism , Can help Fantom High speed 、 Scalable and safer chain activities . meanwhile ,Lachesis Support Fantom Used to create any type of private and public distributed ledger , Namely support EVM and Cosmos SDK.

Next, we can understand DAG technology .Lachesis aBFT The consensus mechanism is based on this technology .

 After the outbreak of the public chain plate What other public chains deserve our attention and participation ?

DAG In structure ,a、b、c、d、e It's partial order , These elements have no order defined , We know a stay d Before , But I don't know b and c The relationship between .DAG Pay more attention to the relationship between father and son , Each element may have multiple parent elements , But parent-child relationship does not mean application level dependency .

DAG Through partial order decision , It improves the constraints between each node , All information can only flow in one direction in the node , Can't cycle self certification . At the same time, it also disrupts the correlation between nodes , There is a problem with one node , It will not affect the whole chain , Reduces the possibility of a single point of failure . Reduce constraints on linear relationships , It will greatly improve the efficiency of information processing .

Every Lachesis The node stores a local node consisting of event blocks DAG, Each event block consists of things .DAG Capture the pre occurrence relationship between events , To calculate the exact final sequence of events independently of each node , To calculate things . Compare the previous Nakamoto consensus and the classic consensus ,Lachesis aBFT In scalable 、 Low latency 、 De centralization 、 It has considerable advantages in safety and environmental protection . It is worth mentioning that ,Avalanche The architecture also uses DAG In the form of .

at present , According to the DeFi Llama data display ,Fantom Total lock up (TVL) Rank eighth —— This public chain is still in its infancy , Just surpassed Heco, achieve 12.4 Billion dollars .

 After the outbreak of the public chain plate What other public chains deserve our attention and participation ?

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Fantom The price of Chinese currency has also risen sharply ,14 Days. FTM The price from 0.44 dollar , Up to the highest point 1.33 dollar .Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje Even tweet to imitate SBF, Say if FTM Can rise to 3 dollar , Began to acquire FTM.

 After the outbreak of the public chain plate What other public chains deserve our attention and participation ?

therefore , In addition to high performance , The widespread attention of the market is also related to Fantom Native token FTM The sharp rise in .

FTM Total number of issues 31.75 Billion , sales 40%,30% For market development ,15% Give back to the consultant / contributor , The rest 15% Held by the team .FTM Can be used for node authentication 、 Decentralized governance 、Gas Expenses, etc .

meanwhile ,Fantom Also started to layout across chains . The first is the exchange for Fantom Support for , Because we all know , A lot of cross chain behavior , We all do it through centralized exchanges . at present ,Coinbase Wallet already supports Fantom Main network , The user can go through Coinbase Where's the wallet Fantom Main network access DApp. And as mentioned earlier Andre Cronje Also for used Anyswap、Polygon、Avalanche、xDai、Ren Protocol、Connext Network User airdrop across the chain bridge FTM Tokens, .

in addition , There is another direction worthy of our attention , That is cooperation with centralized institutions .Fantom It has been launched CBDC Solution “Fantom CBDC” , Using a policy that has been validated by the Bank of England Hybrid technology , A hybrid distribution model combining retail and wholesale . Among them, at the wholesale level ,Fantom CBDC Cooperate with national central banks to establish direct accounts ; At the retail level ,Fantom CBDC Through commercial banks as the middle tier , At the same time, communicate with users and convey information to other commercial banks and central banks .

 After the outbreak of the public chain plate What other public chains deserve our attention and participation ?


Cardano It is a public chain with high hopes from many supporters , from Charles Hoskinson found .Charles Hoskinson With the BM、Vitalik Buterin After differences in cooperation , On 2015 Founded in Cardano.

stay Charles Hoskinson Under the assumption of ,Cardano It is a blockchain platform for the third generation of equity proof , Guided by philosophy of science and Research , Provide sustainable services 、 Scalable and transparent blockchain services . On the line 6 In the year ,Cardano Developed a light wallet 、 Light client , There are five stages of development :

  • Byron( Foundation establishment ) :Cardano The settlement layer of , Allow users to send and receive... On the blockchain network with proof of interest ADA.

  • Shelley ( De centralization ):Shelley Introduced a decentralized ledger , by Cardano Created a new economic system . As a proof of interest network ,Cardano Shelley The incentive test network (ITN), It proves that the blockchain can achieve long-term sustainable development by completely relying on community managed mining pools .

  • Goguen ( Intelligent contract ):Cardano Computing layer , Focus on decentralized applications (DApp) structure 、 Smart contract support and custom token issuance create a global 、 Financial 、 Multifunctional system . Including the supply chain 、 Track and trace 、 Finance 、 Medical records 、 Vote as 、 Property registration 、P2P Build solutions in payment and other application fields .

  • Basho ( Extensibility ):Basho Will focus on Cardano Optimization in improving network scalability and interoperability . Other development phases focus on decentralization and new features , and Basho Is committed to improving Cardano The underlying performance of the network , To better support the growth and adoption of high volume applications .

  • Voltaire ( government ): Decentralized governance and decision-making are Voltaire At the heart of , give Cardano The community updates the network development 、 The ability to vote for technological improvements and project funds .

at present ,Cardano be personally Goguen On the eve of the stage .

Cardano Its technicality is what its supporters like , The artistry of its name is even more commendable .

Project name Cardano, It's the Italian scholar Girolamo · Caldano's name , His contribution lies in the first kardano formula that published the general solution of cubic algebraic equations . Token name ADA Is the poet Byron's only married child, ADA · Lovelace , She was the first programmer in the world . Its five stages Cardano It also adopts the names of famous historical figures :

  • Byron: British poet Byron

  • Shelley: British Romantic poet Shelley

  • Goguen: American computer scientist Gao Gen

  • Basho: Japanese haiku master Matsuo Bajiao

  • Voltaire: French writer Voltaire

however Cardano The problem is obvious —— The speed of technology development and promotion is too slow . and Cardano One of the fundraisers Emurg The team has been having negative news . Until now, ,ADA It can only be used as node pledge income .

But the market for Cardano But very tolerant , These two years ADA Has been rising , At present, it has become the third token in market value . And the direct reason for it to become the third , It is the smart contract launched through hard bifurcation upgrade .

 After the outbreak of the public chain plate What other public chains deserve our attention and participation ?

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The long overdue smart contract has aroused the market's concern about Cardano A new round of expectations .

It is worth mentioning that ,Cardano Support seamless upgrade of hard bifurcation , So this smart contract upgrade will not give Cardano Inconvenience to users .

Cardano This most important puzzle , Will be completed . Then we can also think about ,Cardano The advantages of the future , as well as Cardano Will be in DeFi The role played in the ecological landscape .

First , because ADA Many holders ,Cardano DeFi There is no need to say more about the future volume of , Holders can easily participate in Cardano Of DeFi In the ecological .

secondly ,Cardano Another advantage is its excellent development ability , Its team is a highly organized team of engineers and scholars , Have in-depth research on encrypted assets and blockchain , Once published super 100 An academic paper on the underlying technology of encryption .

Last , yes Cardano For the promotion of cross chain technology . In this year 4 month ,Cardano The team established a private environment to run ERC-20 converter (ERC-20 Converter) End to end testing of , Allow users to migrate supported tokens from Ethereum to Cardano. at present ,Cardano Of ERC20 The converter will be on the line already under test .

With the promotion of cross chain technology ,DeFi The flow of ecological value will be in Cardano The chain is completely open .


The common chain can be divided into three types , The first is a large public chain like Ethereum , Now many public chains begin to capture more locking value by improving performance , such as Solana, And as mentioned above Fantom. The second is the exchange public chain , The exchange public chain is launched by some large exchanges , A public chain deeply bound to itself , Its advantage lies in the initial large user scale . The third is some special chains , By providing differentiated services to users, we can obtain user information .Terra Is one of them .

Terra It is a blockchain that supports stable programmable payment and open financial infrastructure development , It's using PoS Consensus mechanism , from Tendermint Support consensus , Average 6 One block per second . It consists of a basket of stable currency linked to legal currency (UST) Provide support , These stable coins are made of Luna Casting .

Luna The main function of is to lock through pledge Terra Value within the ecosystem , To protect Terra The purpose of mechanism integrity . Through it in ensuring Terra The role of stabilizing currency price stability and adjusting verifier incentive mechanism ,Luna Has become the whole Terra The basic assets of networks and ecosystems .

Essentially ,Terra It is replacing the complex payment value chain with a single blockchain layer , Including credit card network 、 Banks and payment gateways . Other public chain ecology is based on the construction of multiple protocols , and Terra The foundation of ecology is UST Stabilize the circulation of currency , also Terra All application protocols on are around UST In the . therefore ,Terra The differentiation of is reflected in this , It is more attractive to users outside the encryption industry .

Terra The advantages of ecology lie in two points :

  • Chai Bring it a huge user base .Chai yes Terra The earliest payment application in ,9 month 5 The daily user payment amount reaches 19 Billion won (166 Thousands of dollars ), The number of transactions is 95758 Time , Daily active users are 54276 people , The total number of users reached 248 ten thousand people ;

  • Asset management agreement Anchor Protocol、 Synthetic asset agreement Mirror Protocol stay Terra Construction on the chain .

 After the outbreak of the public chain plate What other public chains deserve our attention and participation ?

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Next, we will also take you to know Terra These two star applications on .

  • Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol It's based on Terra The decentralized money market and savings agreement of blockchain , by Terra Users' stable currency deposits on the Internet provide low volatility returns . However, the protocol only supports users to obtain stable currency UST Revenue , Other types of stable currencies are not supported .

Anchor Protocol By using diversified mortgage yields 、 Money markets and ANC Token incentives and governance , It constitutes a completely decentralized fixed income tool .

meanwhile ,Anchor Earn The design of takes into account cross chain access .Anchor Earn In the future, it will support the integration of deposits between public chains , by Terra Applications outside the blockchain provide stable currency savings services . With ETH Anchor、BSC Anchor、Solana Anchor Be adopted ,Anchor Earn Will be further expanded , Capture more value , More stable currency types will be supported in the future .

  • Mirror Protocol

Mirror Protocol It's a decentralized synthetic asset agreement , from Terra incubation , And Terra Stable currency as the main collateral , With 150% The mortgage rate is free to cast and trade all kinds of synthetic assets , Synthetic assets in Mirror Also known as mirror assets in the platform (mAssets).

Mirror Will ensure that there is always enough collateral in the agreement to support mAssets, And pass TerraSwap Upper UST To manage mAssets market .Mirror It is a project developed and directed by its community : Its market is passed by its own users MIR Motivate to maintain , The agreement follows the development of decentralization through democratic governance .

mAssets The casting is decentralized , The goal is to simulate and track the price of any asset from stocks to cryptocurrencies , For more Terra Users can provide rich investment targets and choices .

except Anchor Protocol and Mirror Protocol Outside , There are still many protocols under construction with more ways to play , such as Terra The money market for assets Mars Protocol 、 Decentralized exchange Levana Protocol 、 Collection and payment agreement Suberra Protocol 、 Sustainable charitable donation service agreement Angel Protocol wait .

Although I say Terra The game is closer to traditional finance , But as the DeFi The development of , from CeFi And DeFi More and more protocols have been launched due to concept integration , It is believed that more agreements will be deployed in Terra On .

meanwhile ,Terra The value flow with other public chains has also been opened up . In addition to the decentralized proof engine Wormhole Has supported Solana、Terra And Ethereum network ,Terra It is also expanding its pledgable assets and adding other public chains, such as ETH And so on . in addition , image Orion Protocol Such cross chain protocols are also Terra There are .

Orion Protocol It aims to build a cross chain stable currency bank , The first product launched Orion Saver Alpha Can help Terra User access outside the ecosystem Anchor Protocol Stable income savings services .

so to speak ,Terra Is based on a stable currency DeFi Ecological model , To provide users with highly differentiated financial services , however Terra At present, there are also some constraints on Development , For example, too centralized 、 Regulators are concerned about Terra Attitude towards financial products 、Anchor and Mirror etc. Terra It is the growth bottleneck of star products 、 Lack of transparency of project information .

It is worth noting that ,UST Although such a stable currency product is different from other algorithm stable currencies , Also dealt with extreme markets , But we can't be 100% sure UST The product is perfect , Can cope with every extreme market . Today, when the development of decentralized stable currency is blocked ,UST Product sustainability is also a risk factor we need to consider .

For investors , These problems are uncertain risks , It is also the first thing they need to consider when participating in ecology .


Waves Is a Web3.0 Open blockchain protocols and development toolsets for applications and decentralized solutions , Adopt the consensus mechanism of proof of interest . The opportunity for each participant to generate the next block is directly proportional to its economic interests in the network , Therefore, it is of no interest to the miners themselves to launch an attack —— This ensures the security of the network to a certain extent .

Waves There are two advantages :

  • A developer friendly environment ;

  • Waves Product advantages under the system .

  • A developer friendly environment

Waves It provides a unique decentralized application development method for developers , This method can avoid its use Gas Fee and non Turing complete language , To ensure the safety and predictability of the system . Developers need to use Ride Language in Waves Develop and program on ,Ride Its simplicity and ease of use can help developers better build decentralized applications on the blockchain . also ,Ride Language is built on the technology stack , Designed to avoid programming errors that can lead to serious errors . It is worth mentioning that , Waves Relevant free courses have been launched .

besides ,Waves The support for developers is also reflected in another aspect ——Waves Ecosystem provides various tools for developers 、 Products and components , To help developers simplify the process of building and running decentralized applications . Developers can also develop and launch simplified tools through the community , To help more developers more easily enjoy the dividends of public chain ecological development .

  • Product advantage

Neutrino Protocol

Neutrino Protocol Is an algorithmic stable currency protocol , Issue a product called USDN The algorithm is stable . Users can lock the data Waves Token To issue USDN.USDN Is issued through the price prediction machine, the price algorithm , Automatically publish on smart contracts . In extreme situations or attacks ,Neutrino Protocol The collateral and equity pledge will be locked , To protect the assets of all users .

at present USDN Good market feedback has been obtained , At present, the market value has stabilized at 5 About US $100 million .

Gravity Protocol

Gravity Protocol Is based on Waves Decentralized cross chain and Oracle network , Used for communication between blockchains and with the outside world , Serve the native token economy . The operator becomes by locking a certain number of local tokens of the chain to provide data to the user Gravity The nodes of the protocol .

When the user selects the data of a specific chain and pays , be-all Gravity Nodes will share benefits . meanwhile ,Gravity Protocol When distributing proceeds , It refers to the data quality provided by each node and its total input data , To distribute profits correctly . It can be said that ,Gravity Protocol The larger the cross chain Ecology ,Gravity The more high-quality data nodes .

Waves The team has been committed to promoting the development of cross chain technology , Create a seamless decentralized ecology for more users .

Waves Enterprise

Waves Enterprise It is an enterprise application level hybrid chain . In order to solve the problem of hybrid chain development ,Waves Enterprise Take a faster way , To meet the needs of enterprises and Government agency Demand for blockchain Technology . The degree of decentralization is not considered ,Waves Enterprise It can help enterprise users deploy quickly , Each component is ready to use and ready to take , And meet the personalized needs of different enterprise users .


For recent NFT boom ,Waves Launched blockchain game Duck Hunters, It aims to encourage the community to promote Waves Ecosystem and in NFT Form a unique collection of digital ducks . Game users can use EGG Token To create their own digital image of ducks NFT, And breed them .


In the fierce competition , Each public chain is passing through the user 、 Performance and differentiated services to compete for mobile value and expand the boundary of ecological value , But few public chains can really challenge the leading position of Ethereum . The big reason lies in Ethereum's first mover advantage, its decentralized ideology and mature decentralization DeFi The moat formed by the agreement . How will the public chain challengers challenge Ethereum , Or build an ecological chain with Ethereum , Let's wait and see !

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