In the era of Web 3.0 with application as the king, can Octopus network promote the falling tide of application chain?

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era web application king octopus

In the past , People are thinking about the digital society 、 With the continuous in-depth exploration of digital economy, there are waves of technological innovation . Now ,Web3.0 The time is coming , Although encryption technology is becoming more and more mature 、 There is no bottleneck in public chain technology , However, the large-scale implementation of applications still faces high costs 、 Problems such as difficult start-up .

For a long time to come , solve Web3.0 The application landing problem will bring great commercial value ……

Application is king : problem , It's opportunity

For a long time , Ecological development 、 Application scenarios and developer services become “ Trillion market ” The top priority of blockchain infrastructure construction .

About to enter Web 3.0 Time , A comprehensive circle for a large number of users in multi industry fields , Every application must have higher performance 、 Lower development threshold 、 Better basic operation services .

1、 from DApp To application chain , Infinite capacity

stay DeFi Since its rise , Decentralized applications in games 、 social contact 、 Art and other fields are also eager to try . But in fact, many DApp“ run ” It's already crowded on a public chain , So after years of exploration , Now we finally have a satisfactory expansion plan , That is, the scheme that each application monopolizes a chain :“ Application chain ”.

So what is an application chain ? for instance :

If The etheric fang It's a large farmers' market , On Ethereum DApp Application is to set up a stall in this market . Once a vendor does a promotion , For example, free eggs , Old ladies from all directions flocked to .

Due to the limited space, the whole market will be congested , The business of other vendors is difficult to do . Ethereum charges are sky high , This discourages many users . developer , Especially not DeFi Project developer , Look for other alternatives .

DApp It's a market stall , Then the application chain is an independent shop . Independent stores can receive customers independently , Not affected by the quality of other businesses .

At present, application chain is the most respected blockchain capacity expansion solution . for example , More users than 100 Wan's phenomenal tour application Axie Infinity Push out the side chain Ronin, It is an independent application chain . It not only brings a smooth experience to game users , It also makes transaction costs almost negligible .

2、 New application chain “ annoyance ”

Many successful applications have proved the superiority of application chain , However, it solves the old problem , A bunch of new problems are coming again …

If the application developer adopts the application chain scheme , In the past, there were three main options , But there are also different advantages and disadvantages :

Plan 1、 Develop a path like Axie Infinity Such an independent side chain

advantage : stand on one 's own

shortcoming : Independent chain development costs are high ; New projects are usually created without a community , So generally, no organization can be found 、 Individual to run the authentication node , The node cost of self operation and maintenance verifier is high, let alone , It will certainly be criticized “ Centralization ”

Plan 2、 Participate in slot auction , Join in Poca Become a parallel chain

advantage : stand on one 's own ; It is easier to get attention and development by joining the highly popular Poka ecology and community ; Shared security , Safety costs are lower than independent chains ; Its main push Substrate Development framework makes application chain development agile

shortcoming : Slow progress , Boca main network has no auction time yet ; Even if shared security , But the slot auction is limited , And the cost is still high , In fact, a large number of projects have no slots available

Plan 3、 Use Cosmos SDK Develop independent chain

advantage : stand on one 's own , Join the cross chain Ecology ; Development is relatively fast
shortcoming : You need to develop your own verifiers and communities , And so on Plan1 The shortcomings of

From the above schemes , We can find out , The advantages of independent application chain actually focus on Independence , That is, it can be highly customized according to the application itself . Of course, the shortcomings are also very concentrated , It's basically “ high-cost ”, and “ high-cost ” It is mainly reflected in “ Security ” above .

And need a community 、 And financial support , Why? “ Security ” So much effort 、 How much does it cost ? In fact, this is similar to The currency Consensus maintenance costs , With “ Security ” The tamperability and decentralization of blockchain , therefore “ Security ” Extremely important .

At present, we can see many powerful “ Big factory ” Is to adopt the scheme of independent chain , Of course, some big platforms 、 The big application itself has a community foundation and strong financial resources , These costs can indeed be ignored , But for small and medium-sized manufacturers 、 For new developers , It is indeed an insurmountable mountain .

In fact, most top applications include today 100 Million user level Axie Infinity, They are all applications innovated by small teams and grow slowly , therefore , It is very valuable to help small and medium-sized developers solve the problems faced by the current application chain .

Since the first three schemes have their own advantages , The pros and cons are obvious , So is there one that can enjoy their advantages , What about the application chain deployment scheme that can avoid shortcomings ? Recently, octopus network, an innovative project that has aroused heated discussion in the encryption community , This brings such a solution ……

What is the octopus network ?

as everyone knows ,Substrate yes “ Open the box 、 One touch hair chain ” Framework , Combined with cross chain protocol, it breaks through many technical bottlenecks , It has also spawned many famous projects , Itself is a tool Ecology . Solutions through the octopus network , Developers don't need to build wheels again , You can use it directly Substrate Framework to create an application chain .

Octopus network stands Substrate On my shoulder , Further help developers solve operational problems , Through access “ Secure rental market ” Protect the security of the application chain , And minimize the cost .

Octopus network mainly consists of the following 4 Part of it is made up of :

Secure rental market

The octopus network is actually a network built on Near Layer 2 network on the public chain ,“ Secure rental market ” Through a group called “ Octopus relay ” Smart contracts to achieve , Assign and manage verifiers for the accessed application chain .

It's easy to understand , The application chain can be quickly developed by using the one click chain framework , If you don't want to pay a very high cost and wait a long time to participate in the Boca slot auction , The application chain has no verifier , Without security .

At this time, by accessing the octopus network “ Secure rental market ”, Provide a reward for the verifier , The octopus community will pledge for the application chain OCT, And run the node , Bring security protection to the application chain .

Cross chain interoperability

Octopus network has the ability of cross chain interoperability with the mainstream public chain . The application chain can be connected with NEAR Platform interoperability , You can also use IBC Deal with the Cosmos Ecological connectivity , Don't forget to pass NEAR Rainbow bridge and Ethereum .

Infrastructure services

Octopus network also provides a blockchain browser for the application chain 、API Access and Archiver A complete set of basic communities such as backup .

In addition, high-performance all node clusters are deployed to provide RPC visit , Application chain developers only need to provide Runtime, Change the project front-end point to port , This chain can provide external services . Developers do not need to run their own nodes or servers .

In short , That is, the complete set of tools and services required by the application chain are brought , This is it. “ Open the box ”.

Octopus community

Every Web3.0 The ultimate goal of applications is to form communities around decentralized protocols . The octopus community can help Web3.0 Greatly accelerate the speed of community construction . so to speak , Octopus online community is the parent community of the application chain , It can provide the following help for the application chain :

  1. Help the application chain team quickly Find quality early users and investors , It is a booster for the application chain team to build the community .

  2. service Web3.0 The developer of the , The popular science Substrate, Train application chain innovators .

  3. incubation Web3.0 Entrepreneurs , Discuss the general economic system through Octopus accelerator , Design Web3.0 product , Build an encrypted community , Achieve real decentralized governance , help Web3.0 Entrepreneurs become excellent application chain teams .

So the octopus community is building a “ big family ”, Every time you join a new application chain , There will be a new group of developers and communities brought by the application chain . It will become a “ Community pool ”, What is gathered here are all people with common ideas 、 Members of common interests .

Here, it is easier for investors to find innovative project teams , Developers can communicate and learn Web3.0、Substrate Relevant development experience , Help each other .

The octopus network is... Every year 20 individual Substrate The project provides a total of 100 Million dollars in cash , forward 10 An application chain that successfully logged into Octopus network provides a total of 200 m OCT Reward .

At current prices , It is equivalent to that each application chain obtains 40 Ten thousand dollars reward !

What value can Octopus network bring ?

If you think the concept of Octopus network is a little more , It still seems a little complicated , We can understand it more simply :

The application chain is compared to the example of opening a store in the previous article , Boca is like a large commercial center , You can rent a shop to open a shop and do business , At the same time, the commercial center uniformly employs and arranges personnel to patrol and protect the safe operation of each store , The problem is that store rental costs are high .

The security lease of Octopus network is like a security company . If you're just starting , I want to open an independent shop on the street first , You can start with just one security guard , Add... As needed in the future . You don't have to bear the high security cost at the beginning , And the cost of security is entirely up to the shopkeeper , Rich and thrifty by people .

meanwhile , Every road leads to Rome. , The road in front of the shop is and the mall 、 The big farmers' markets are interconnected , There are buses 、 There is a pedestrian overpass … As long as the store is well run , Customers can also come from these places . Isn't this cross chain capability ?

as for “ Infrastructure services ”, It can be compared to that the owner of the shop has decorated the water, electricity and other facilities of the shop , Entrepreneurs who rent shops , Directly carry your bag and bring what your industry needs to settle in, you can start business .

Octopus community of Octopus network , It's like a chamber of Commerce , Owners who rent shops through Octopus network can join the chamber of Commerce to share resources 、 Learn to help each other , At the same time, it is easier to obtain investment support from the chamber of Commerce .

 Application is king Web 3.0 Time Can Octopus network promote the application chain to fall to the ground ?

So what value does Octopus network bring ?

Low cost

Flexible secure rental market . The application chain provides many block out rewards , The more collateral you get , The higher the security level of the application chain .

If the application chain does not need a high security level in the early stage , You can pay less rent . Someone has calculated an account , When the application chain pays 50 $million security rent ( Block out reward paid with application chain native pass ), The application chain will get 1000 Security at the level of $10000 .

At the same time, each application chain can create 1000 Million dollars against collateral OCT Token The needs of .

Low threshold

adopt Substrate The framework and “ Infrastructure services ” Let application developers , There is no need to build a lot of wheels repeatedly , It can be used directly with one click . Application developers only need to focus on the optimization and promotion of their own applications , It doesn't take much time to do extra things , Not only lower the threshold , It also reduces the cost .

Easier cold start 、 Let developers focus on the application itself

It is said that , Everything is difficult at the beginning . For developers ,DApp Development is not easy , The cost of the three schemes of the application chain is also relatively high , And in the context of fierce competition , need “ Have to look ” Small and medium-sized teams lack skills , It is really very difficult to promote the progress of application projects , The progress of innovation will be delayed again and again .

Octopus network not only brings low cost and low threshold in development , It also brings community resources 、 Mutual assistance in financing incubation , This will give the developer the... Of the project “ Cold start ” Bring great substantive help .


In the foreseeable future ,Web 3.0 Applications will begin to replace traditional applications , Change and optimize the entire Internet .

With opportunities, there will be innovation , In solving the problem of application landing , We also see step by step that the octopus network can effectively grasp “ a key ”, Real solutions for developers “ Pain points ” The plan , Let developers no longer worry about any infrastructure problems , Just keep focusing on your application innovation , Bring more to the world 、 More valuable Web3.0 application .

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