The founder of Avanti refuted the argument that cryptocurrency is a new shadow bank

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founder avanti refuted argument cryptocurrency

Avanti The founders refuted the idea that cryptocurrency is a new shadow bank

Digital asset bank Avanti Caitlin, founder and chief executive of - Lang (CaITlin Long) Yes 《 The New York times 》 A recent article responded —— The article will Cryptocurrency Described as new “ Shadow banking ”.

This article is entitled “ The rapid entry of cryptocurrency into the banking industry triggered an alarm in Washington (Cryptos Rapid Move Into Banking Elicits Alarm in Washington)” The article claims that , Digital assets and decentralized finance (DEFI) is “ Subvert the banking industry ”, And it's moving so fast , So that regulators can't keep up . This article has been attacking the cryptocurrency industry , The risks involved in this field are highlighted on the grounds of price fluctuation and fraud .

However , Lang asserts , This report “ A thoughtful reply ”, And added that the problem is not simple .“ The anti cryptocurrency forces are trying to paint all our lives with a thick brush . Bad actors deserve to be condemned , But this article ignores the fact that there are compliance companies ,” She tweeted .

This article mainly focuses on DeFi Lending and trading platforms BlockFi. according to 《 The New York times 》 The article ,BlockFi hope “ Become a cryptocurrency morgan chase ”. The bank that deals in cryptocurrency assets provides loans 、 Credit cards and interest bearing accounts .

However , from 7 From the middle of the month , Several states in the United States require BlockFi Stop providing interest bearing accounts , Accuse the company of violating local securities laws . Although banks also provide interest bearing accounts , But official agencies claim that BlockFi Accepting cryptocurrency as a deposit is a problem .

For all that , Lang explained , This article does not admit , Even if BlockFi Not regulated —— This remains unresolved —— There are also fully regulated cryptocurrency banks . She used her encrypted bank Avanti For example . More blockchain messages , Please pay attention to download the fun coin website APP, Global blockchain regulatory query APP.

Avanti Founded on 2020 year , Is a crypto bank headquartered in Wyoming , Has obtained a special purpose bank license issued by the State . Lang said her special bank regulations do not support cryptocurrency deposits .

She added , As long as the deposit is legal tender , Regulated banks can provide custody services for digital assets .“ The article ignores a key point —— This is a firewall , Protect the Fed's payment system from the dollar [USD] The influence of anything other than ,” Lang said .

Lang is not the only one who is sad about the article's definition of cryptocurrency . The article cites long-time critics of cryptocurrency 、 Senator Elizabeth - warren (Elizabeth Warren) Saying ,“ Cryptocurrency is the new shadow bank .” This prompted dozens of cryptocurrency veterans to accuse warren of a lack of understanding of this field .

BTC The deal is actually 100% Transparent . The Fed is the real shadow bank ,” One of them said .

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