The data exchange bridge between the real world of adameral and the blockchain system

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data exchange bridge real world

ADAMoracle Co founder and CEO Ahmed Ebrahim Pointed out that :ADAMoracle The Oracle is in the preparatory stage of going online , There will be many moves in the near future .2021 year 9 month 13 Japan ,ADAMoracle The wide area node network will be officially opened for public test .
ADAMoracle Feed price and... Through the connection chain API, Can access any type of API Interface , Achieve more fair and equitable data access and service ecology , by DApp Provide reliable data , Built a more reliable 、 More convenient and lower cost Oracle service platform .
ADAMoracle The operation steps of the system are as follows :
1. Users send information to... Through smart contracts ADAMoracle Initiate a data request , And the corresponding data demand parameters are attached ( On the chain );
2.ADAMoracle A network of nodes through subscriptions ADAMoracle Get relevant information from the contract log ;
3.ADAMoracle Core Disassemble user requirements ( Under the chain ); The disassembled task consists of different nodes through external nodes API Data source complete , Get data and return ;
4.ADAMoracle Core Return the data to the... On the chain again ADAMoracle On smart contracts ;ADAMoracle Contract integration data on the chain , At the same time, the reputation of each node providing data is recorded according to the final result , The smart contract that finally sends the result to the user , Complete the process .
ADAM yes ADAMoracle Contribution to participants reward pass , It is the core value of the ecosystem , Its value comes from the value contribution of ecological members ,ADAM The total amount of circulation is 1 Million pieces . Specifically ADAM Share allocation can be referred to as follows :
【 Node mining 】 Mining produces 60%,6000 over ADAM All are used for node mining reward expenditure .
【 Liquidity mining 】9%,900 over , Used for liquidity mining and single currency pledge mining .
【 Early exchange 】16%,1600 ten thousand . In three rounds : Seed wheel 、 Private placement round 、 Public offering round .
【 Community contributor rewards 】5%,500 ten thousand .
【 The team reserves 】5%,500 ten thousand .
【 community / Market operation 】5%,500 ten thousand