Five minutes to learn about prifi: defi needs privacy protection

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minutes learn prifi defi needs

Secret Network current TVL Yes 5200 Thousands of dollars ; However, as the market's awareness of the agreement increases , Its TVL There may be significant growth —— only 1% Of ETH DeFi Locking can make Secret Among the TVL The top 10 Among the agreements . Whereas Secret It's a model with ETH and BSC Bridged real-time work products , And have a complete multi chain roadmap , Among them, assets from various ecosystems can be bridged to their L1 Chain to achieve private DeFi, Therefore, it is not impossible to obtain the above-mentioned market penetration level .


Railgun It's a relationship with EVM Compatible on chain smart contract collection , Used to verify zero knowledge proof , Allow users to disclose no assets 、 In the case of amount or identity 、 Send or receive transactions . It also allows users to interact with EVM Smart contracts on the compatibility chain DApp Have a private interaction , Of course, it also includes Ethereum , For example, for trading 、 Income farming and loan agreement .Railgun attract DeFi The main advantage of users is that they can shield transaction strategies and protect their alpha, Store value on the chain and anonymously to others as a means of payment Railgun Hide balance when users send funds .

 Five minutes PriFi:DeFi Need privacy protection

Railgun Will be in 2021 year 9 For the first time before the end of the month DEX Interaction —— Users will be allowed to exchange tokens anonymously on Ethereum .Railgun The protocol plans to privatize users Railgun Deposit and withdrawal orders in the address 25 A base point fee . The costs of anonymous interaction with each other and with smart contracts are included in Railgun Vault , among RAIL Token holders may be entitled to receive dividends in the form of fee distribution . Use an approximate revenue model with reasonable assumptions to predict ,Railgun The vault may get 4500 $million in agreement revenue . at present RAIL The circulation supply of is 5000 ten thousand , Even if RAIL The future price of the token is 4 dollar ( For the current price 63 Cent 6 times ), Its P / E ratio is still very low 3.65.

Because it's easy to integrate , And you can use middleware privacy solutions ,Railgun It is expected to be adopted by a large number of users . whatever DeFi The agreement will eventually lead to Railgun The privacy function itself is related to Railgun The team will release an open developer toolkit for public use .Railgun It is also planned to deploy on multiple chains , Include BSC and Polygon, Each chain has its own native token .

 Five minutes PriFi:DeFi Need privacy protection

Railgun The advantage of is the security of smart contracts deployed for privacy . Smart contract risk is DeFi Inherent , In the face of newly deployed DeFi agreement , Users must be willing to accept the risks involved . influence Railgun The biggest obstacle to adoption is through Railgun Use DeFi The fee charged for each transaction at the time of the agreement , And transferring funds in and out Railgun Your private address —— Whether users are willing to pay for privacy 25 BPS , It remains to be seen ; however , If it turns out to be expensive and an obstacle to more adoption ,DAO Structure means that the agreement can modify its cost level .


OFFSHIFT yes EVM Private derivatives platform on the chain , It can be cast zkAssets, The latter is a proprietary private synthetic asset ; The protocol uses zero knowledge proof 、 Ethereum's Turing complete smart contract and Chainlink Decentralized Oracle network , Allow users to use their native tokens XFT Casting all kinds of zkAssets. Users can easily from XFT The switch to zkAssets ( Private end ), And then from zkAsset Convert back to XFT ( Public end ). From a utility point of view ,Offshift It enables users to store wealth directly and privately on Ethereum , Without the complexity of transferring liquidity to another blockchain . future ,Offshift In addition to zkAssets DEX And other financial applications to build a complete private DeFi Outside the ecology , Pledge will also be provided (Staking) Reward , So that users can earn higher returns on derivative assets cast at the private end .

 Five minutes PriFi:DeFi Need privacy protection

If the user uses Offshift Proprietary private synthesis zkAssets Transfer is equivalent to 0.1% Of ETH, The agreement will go through zkAssets Make it TVL achieve 3.85 Billion dollars —— And current market value ( At the time of writing 760 Thousands of dollars ) comparison , signify TVL increased 50 times ; And in reaching 3.85 Billion dollars TVL In the process of , The agreement will require the destruction of the same amount (3.85 Billion dollars ) Of XFT Tokens to cast zkAssets, Thus to XFT Tokens exert great purchasing pressure , And push up XFT Market value of . If Offshift get 0.25% Of ETH Mobility , It means the of the agreement TVL Will achieve 10 Billion dollars .

Random thoughts

Although so far , De centralization SOV、DeFi Composability and build on EVM Perfection above PriFi The solution is not online yet , But we believe , Existing and upcoming solutions may occupy a considerable market share , It may even expand the privacy market .

 Five minutes PriFi:DeFi Need privacy protection Offshift stay ETHCC4 ( In Paris, ) Preach at the meeting . source : Offshift

Privacy is a forgotten element in the core of password innovation in the past . With DeFi and NFT Appearance , This core principle has been downgraded to an exciting and profitable encryption experience . however , The openness of the popular blockchain can be used by the authorities to monitor and censor users .

Hartmann Capital Think , As regulators try to crack down and enforce stricter regulation of public chain activities , Or users themselves become proficient in tracking wallets to spy on personal wealth holdings ,PriFi Will soon become the preferred choice for encryption users . meanwhile , With the growth and experience of cryptocurrency market participants in using blockchain applications , send DeFi And privacy PriFi Technological innovation will be adopted more and more .

Hartmann Capital Fully advocate that encryption projects comply with the regulations of local and state authorities , Therefore, protocols that use default privacy protection by default but are transparent on demand for compliance and reporting purposes are supported ( The protocol allows users to cast and view keys , This key allows only the stakeholders selected by the user to view the transaction history , for example , For tax purposes ). We believe in individual freedom and ownership of their own data , Therefore, it should not be exploited and used by centralized profit-making entities , But at the same time , Relevant privacy protection activities shall comply with the regulations of local and state authorities .

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