Alonzo upgrade is imminent. Can Cardano go to another level?

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alonzo upgrade imminent. imminent cardano

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Lurking in doubt 6 year , Under the market opportunity, it has jumped to the third place in the list of cryptocurrency market value ,Cardano this “ Self-Improvement ” The growth path of is now really holding the user's eye .

Cardano Built on 2015 year , To be more scalable 、 Security and efficiency , It aims to compete with Ethereum and other decentralized application platforms . establish 6 Since then ,Cardano There is no obvious technological development , There is no strategic planning , Once questioned by the whole market . besides , for the past several years ,Cardano The three teams of the project compete for resources , There are also differences on the implementation of future projects , This internal power struggle seriously hinders Cardano The development of .

Cardano Current situation of the development of

2020 year 3 month 13 Japan ,Cardano Native token of ADA At one point it fell to 0.019 dollar , For such achievements , Most markets say they have “ give up ”, No longer have any hope for it . But since the 2021 After the return of the bull market in ,ADA Start to work , In just a few months, the increase was more than 1400 times .

2021 year 8 month , After going through 2 After months of market downturn ,ADA Start going up again , Once a breakthrough 3 The dollar's all-time high . besides ,ADA The number of non-zero addresses also began to grow , Up close 240%, User activity has increased significantly . At this stage ADA The number of daily active addresses has exceeded 11 m , This year's average number of daily active addresses has exceeded 7 m , Growth over last year 600%.

In terms of Ecology , At present, most Cardano The ecological project is mainly based on Ethereum , With NFT And decentralized exchanges . With this year Cardano The rise of ,DeFi、 Stable currency 、 To loan 、 The fields of Oracle and synthetic assets are also gradually beginning to Cardano Develop and grow in ecology .

In terms of technical layout ,Cardano In this year 3 In January, the native token function and multi asset support were deployed Mary Agreement upgrade , It aims to largely eliminate the complexity existing in Ethereum like blockchains 、 Pain points such as low efficiency and cost .4 month , The team set up a private environment to run ERC-20 converter (ERC-20 Converter) End to end testing of , Allow users to migrate supported tokens from Ethereum to Cardano.

8 late ,Cardano The team officially announced its plan for 9 month 13 day Alonzo upgrade , Through hard bifurcation, it is Cardano Introduce smart contract function . This is also Cardano A major upgrade of network development so far , According to the PoolTool Statistical data , at present 71.51% Of Cardano The pledge pool is Alonzo Prepare for upgrade , Has been upgraded to 1.29.0 Alonzo node .

Alonzo Upgrade points

Alonzo Hard fork upgrade is called Cardano A major upgrade of network development so far , Because this upgrade will make it Cardano The network is closer to its full function , The ecological network is more perfect . Ostrich blockchain has previously reported in detail Alonzo Hard branch , See 《 About Cardano Alonzo Hard branch , You need to understand these !

stay Alonzo After hard bifurcation , Anyone can be in Cardano Create and deploy your own smart contracts on the blockchain , by Cardano Lack of original Dapp The track opens up territory , It also marks Cardano Shelley The end of the phase and Goguen The beginning of the stage .

Alonzo The hard fork upgrade is mainly divided into three stages :

1、Alonzo Blue

2、Alonzo White

3、Alonzo Purple

Alonzo Blue As Alonzo The first stage of , In the early stage, about 50 Smart contracts for technology participants , Most of them are equity pool operators (SPO). these SPO Is responsible for finding and adjusting invalid errors and other simple fixes through testing at this stage , And these standard errors are expected in Alonzo The problem was fixed during the test .

Alonzo White yes Alonzo Stage two , Mainly for Alonzo Blue Add more functions and a wider range of participants . In this phase, hundreds of new users will first test the capability of the network through the test network .

The third stage Alonzo Purple Will become a fully open testing network , It can carry thousands of participants into the network . This stage consists of “light purple” and “dark purple” Two stages constitute , The former allows simple smart contracts , The latter will allow more complex smart contracts .

in addition , stay Alonzo Purple Then there are two smaller stages , Known as “Alonzo Red” and “Alonzo Black”. In essence, these two phases will add more users to the test network , And determine what may need to be repaired bug. These two segments also add quality assurance , And freeze the code , by Cardano The hard fork is ready for exchange , And decide Alonzo Final version , Therefore, the importance of these two segments can be known from .

Cardano Future outlook

As the hard bifurcation date approaches ,Alonzo Upgrading has recently become Cardano Community members and the focus of the coin circle ,Cardano Whether it can catch up with and surpass Ethereum has also become the focus of public debate .

actually , Current stage Cardano It is already the largest equity proof blockchain in the world .Cardano Of 3000 An equity pool operator is responsible for the block 100% The output of . The more block producers on the network , The more security they provide ,51% The less likely it is to attack . But on the Ethereum network 25 Compared with 10000 verifiers ,Cardano There is still considerable room for growth , In this way ,Cardano It's really possible that Alonzo The boost of upgrading , Go further , After ecological development, the vision of catching up with and surpassing Ethereum may be one step closer .

The current public chain market pattern has completely changed , Prior to BSC、Polkadot、Polygon, Now there are Solana、Terra、Fantom Wait for a group of rookie blockchains to rise , Its performance in the market is obvious to all , This is the stock market dispute , In the face of an increasingly competitive market ,Cardano Your opponent is not only Ethereum , But throughout the market , Start effective strategic layout and get out of your own independent market .

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