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article quick view blockchain game

MOBOX Community renewal section 25 period , Will bring MOBOX platform The latest information .

In this update , We will mainly focus on :

  • About the general pledge ,NFT Unpacking number ,MOMO NFTs Trade and MBOX Token and other related data statistics
  • Block war internal test
  • MOBOX & MDEX Activities Attack
  • Platform update
  • MBOX burning

Summary of platform data statistics

  • Total pledge :$118,500,000
  • total NFT Unpacking number :808574
  • 7 Days. NFT Trading volume : exceed $10253000
  • MBOX Total pledge :11074274( Proportion 20.79%)
  • at present MBOX circulation :53266981
  • MOBOX Total market value at present :~$341400000

MBOX Currency holding address and application ranking rise

Since last week , MBOX The currency holding address has been increased 106485, Reached 161000 An address .


MOBOX The trading volume of the platform is currently BSC Ranking first in the chain , Ranked second among all blockchain applications .


MOMO- Block war internal test !


MOMO- The internal test of the block war is about to begin !

MOMO Internal test of block war Alpha The version will be on Thursday ,9 month 9 Promulgated by the . The internal test of block war will limit the number of people , Participants are mainly invited . stay Alpha After the test , Will be carried out in Beta Public survey . Then the official version will be launched .

MOBOX & MDEX Activities

MDEX yes BSC,HECO and ETH Cross chain decentralization of information technology DeFi platform .MOBOX Will be with MDEX Join hands in a series of fun activities . One of them is MDX apply for the purchase Activities

veMBOX The holding users will have the opportunity to participate in MDX Treasure chest subscription activity .

Main subscription rules :

1、 Every MDX The gift box can be opened 5 A result of MDX, The number of :2、3、5、10 and 20.

2、 Free subscription , It only needs veMBOX The quantity can reach the corresponding gear standard , Each issue and each address is limited to subscription 1 Time .

3、MDX Gift box subscription activity 9 month 9 Daily update rules ,9 month 15 The first day officially begins 1 Subscription period , Duration from 9 month 15 solstice 12 month 8 Japan , Weekly subscription 1 period , The subscription results are published every Wednesday .

Official website update

stay 9 month 9 Japan , The official website of the platform will be updated . The updated official website will better reflect the platform functions . Farm activities will become more and more abundant , There will be more surprises for you .


MBOX Repurchase and destruction

This time, MBOX Destroyed 417589 Tokens, , Total value $3050000 BUSD.MOBOX A total of 7595378 Tokens, .





Free play , Easy to earn , All in MOBOX.

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