Why is the historical wheel of the rise of decentralized derivatives unstoppable

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historical wheel rise decentralized derivatives

writing :Fiona He,A&T Capital Investment manager

compile :Perry Wang

The original title :《 Point of view : De centralization Derivative The rising wheel of history is unstoppable 》

Abstract :

  • dYdX The issuance of tokens has accelerated the replacement process of centralized derivatives , In derivatives DEX/CEX The trading volume ratio has increased significantly . In my submission DEX The trading volume is at least 20 Double the growth potential , Because derivatives should be traded with spot DEX / CEX Same ratio .
  • Perpetual contract It is the most popular decentralized derivative at present , Just like in the field of centralization , today (9 month 1 Japan ) The cumulative trading volume of decentralized perpetual contracts is 470 Billion dollars , Is the cumulative trading volume of options 921 times , The latter is more suitable for highly skilled gamblers to hedge .
  • I simplified two liquidity models for Derivatives :「 Point to pool /Peer to Pool」(Perpetual Protocol、Synthetix etc. ) or 「 Point to point /Peer to Peer」(dYdX etc. ). The first allows derivatives to be traded freely , Low liquidity requirements ; But the latter platform is less risky , High leverage tolerance , There are many types of orders ( Fortunately, ,Uniswap V3 In fact, it makes limit orders and more order types possible .)
  • I like vAMM Design !vAMM For price generation only , At the same time, separate the liquidity pool , To reduce the collateral's impermanent loss . And AMM Design ( for example Uniswap) Different , Single token pledge (Staking) Hedge investors' positions , It alleviates the loss of profits of the pledgor . and Uniswap The pledgor has to bear all the profit losses of its position , Because they are also counterparties to pledged token pairs .
  • In my submission , Use 「 Point to pool 」 Designed perpetual contract project , for example Perpetual Protocol, yes Synthetix Improved version , Have a better UIUX And higher capital efficiency .
  • I defined a fully diluted valuation (FDV)/ Annualized estimated revenue (APR) ratio , In order to predict dYdX Of FDV about 114.51 Billion dollars . Whereas dYdX The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, Every dYdX The price of the token should be about 11.45 dollar . Interestingly , This estimate is valid , Its estimate is not far from reality : By 2021 year 9 month 1 Japan ,Perpetual Protocol Estimation FDV by 28.01 Billion dollars , The actual market value is about 30.1 Billion dollars .

Driven by macro factors : ( If you already know very well DEX Is the general trend of the future , Please skip this section !)

  • Centralized derivatives trading is facing more and more strict supervision . Coin security recently closed in Hong Kong 、 Germany 、 Derivatives trading products in Italy and the Netherlands .BitMEX It was once the world's largest derivatives exchange , Recently asked to pay 1 $100 million fine , With the commodity futures trading commission (CFTC) And the U.S. Treasury Department's financial crime enforcement network (FinCEN) A settlement . Traders in more regions are turning to decentralized derivatives .
  • CEX Too strong , Lack of innovation . Due to hosting user assets , And exclusive access to transaction data , We've seen a lot of things like suspending withdrawals 、 frozen 、 Shut down, etc 「 emergency 」. What's worse is , CEX Possible misuse of transaction data .Robinhood Previously, it was accused that its main business model was to sell customer orders to high-frequency dealers , So benefit from divulging customer information . It is difficult for a centralized platform to win the trust of users .
  • The first 2 layer (Layer 2) Empowering DEX Improve ability .8 month ,dYdX The trading volume of is 3 In the 55 times 2, And its Layer 2 The perpetual contract is in 4 Month on line . Perpetual Protocol Soon launch V2,Curie land Arbitrum layer 2 The Internet ,Futureswap Of V3 Will also log in .DEX It is expected to replace CEX.

Two internal signals show

Among all derivatives in this field , Perpetual contracts are by far the most popular 、 The most traded products . They are developed on the basis of futures delivery without maturity . therefore , It is characterized by the capital interest rate mechanism , To prevent the price from deviating from the spot price , Avoid becoming a pure gambling tool .

DEX / CEX ratio

2021 In the first quarter of, the transaction volume of centralized perpetual contracts exceeded 143 Trillions of dollars . And at the same time , Decentralized perpetual contracts have produced 704 Billion dollars of trading volume , Accounting for% of centralized trading volume 0.05%. At present, decentralized perpetual contracts account for... Of the monthly trading volume of centralized perpetual contracts 0.5%5, It's the first quarter 10 times .

In the spot market , The number is 10%6. This means that even if centralized derivatives do not grow , Decentralized derivatives trading volume will still grow at least 20 times .

 Derivative Data sources : CoinGecko, Data as 2021 year 8 month 31 Japan . remarks : CEX Include Binance Futures、Huobi Futures、OKEx Futures、FTX derivatives、Bybit Futures

Token issue effect

I personally believe , Leading projects issue platform tokens , It has a great pulling effect on the whole industry . The figure below shows the derivatives leader dYdX And spot faucets Uniswap The impact of platform tokens on centralized exchanges before and after issuance . It can be seen that ,UNI After issue , The spot DEX/CEX The ratio jumped to 20%, I never came back to 2020 year 8 The level before the month ( At that time, there were rumors of token issuance before and after the last round of financing ).

 Derivative Data sources : The Block. remarks : Due to incomplete data , I neglected 9 Month of data

Which are the best investment targets ?

In this article, I only discuss : A perpetual contract with linear profit and loss 、 With convex profit and loss (convex P&L) Options for , And synthetic assets with irregular profits and losses .

Have 470 Perpetual contracts with a cumulative turnover of $billion prove to be the most popular crypto derivatives , This figure is the of the cumulative trading volume of options 92 times , Options are suitable for professionals to hedge . however , Several projects are trying to bring crypto options into the eyes of mainstream investors .Shield Official Testing simple sustainability for general users / Permanent option products .

Synthetic assets are interesting . But unfortunately , They are not as easy to understand and trade as perpetual contracts , Some of them offer a wide range of innovative products . for example ,UMA One of the most popular products in the world is Yield Dollar, Locked up about 3600 Thousands of dollars 7 The assets of the , Similar to zero coupon bonds ( Fixed interest rates / Yield ).

 Derivative 「 Point to pool 」 or 「 Point to point 」?

  • 「 Point to pool 」 It means that the counterparty of the trader is usually an asset pool or pledgor . for example , If you are in Perpetual Protocol V1 Pledge PERP, You are actually the counterparty of these traders . You take the risk , It's because you've got something in return ( The return comes from transaction costs and token inflation ). They even created a virtual AMM To reduce the price fluctuation faced by the pledgor , To reduce the loss of impermanence . The purpose is to make the pledgor dare to pledge , To expand liquidity . This is important : Imagine that there is only one trader in this system , If he makes the right bet , Who should pay him ? Now we know why Perpetual Protocol So you can only have 10 Times the lever , And why it has an emergency shutdown function . For these derivatives platforms , Risk control is very important , To prevent a net negative position .
  • 「 Point to point 」 A trader's counterparty is usually another trader or market maker . for example ,dYdX There is an order book , This is the symbol of matching market making . in other words , And Perpetual Protocol Different , Ideally ,dYdX Not involved in anyone's transaction . So we really see dYdX Can tolerate up to 25 Times the lever .

I believe that in the near future , Both need to be .「 Point to pool 」 Shows the capacity of long tail assets with low liquidity . It can even allow users to freely put token derivatives on the shelves in the future , May be in Perpetual Of Curie The first mock exam is in this version. . meanwhile ,「 Point to point 」 Similar offers CEX Experience , For example, various types of orders , by comparison , Perpetual Protocol V1 Only market orders . But I did see Uniswap V3 Designed solutions , Among them, limit order and more order types are possible .

The evolution of derivatives

I personally think ,「 Point to pool 」 Of Perpetual yes Synthetix Improved version . Yes 3 One reason :a) When you can easily from Perpetuals When obtaining cryptocurrency exposure , Why use more complex systems ; b) at present ,Synthetix Up close 90%9 The underlying asset of synthetic assets is encrypted synthetic tokens , This means that the demand for real-world assets is not mature . Besides , Perpetual contracts also apply to real-world asset derivatives ; c) The margin mechanism is well used , It shows higher capital efficiency than mortgage , for example Synthetix The liquidation rate is 200% , and Perpetual Protocol The liquidation rate is 2.5%.

The future price is high ?

I analyzed the current stock DEX Indicators of , And a useful coefficient for further valuation prediction :「FDV / APR」( Fully diluted valuation / Annualized estimated revenue ).

Will be in stock DEX Of FDV / APR The median is multiplied by the derivative APR, My estimate is : dYdX Of FDV about 114.51 Billion dollars , and Perpetual Protocol Of FDV about 28.01 Billion dollars .

Whereas dYdX The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, The price of each token should be about 11.45 dollar .

Interestingly , The estimated figures are not far from reality : By 2021 year 9 month 1 Japan ,Perpetual Protocol Of FDV about 30.1 Billion dollars .

 Derivative Data sources : The Block,CoinGecko

 Derivative Data sources : The Block,CoinGecko

Special thanks MapleLeafCap, Jeff Ng, Jinze, 0xminion, Nicola Santoni, Charles, Leo Yeung as well as A&T Capital Wonderful suggestions from the team / Comments and support !

appendix : Comparison of the two derivatives



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(all the data captured as of August 31, 2021)

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Synthetics US$9.4B [Synthetix: US$9.4B fromstats.synthetix.io; UMA: no transaction data, TVL is US$144M fromprojects.umaproject; Mirror Finance: ~US$13.9M from the most traded assets onmirror.finance;]

Options US$507M [Hegic: US$492M fromhegic.co; Opyn: US$15M fromDune Analytics @loren / Opyn v2.]

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(6) I ignore the Sept figure for incomplete data.



(8) Fundraising Amount:

Perpetuals US$97.4M [dYdX: US$87M; Perpetual Protocol: US$1.8M; Futureswap: US$1.6M; MCDEx: US$7M; from multi-sources including Crunchbase.]

Synthetics US$55.7M [Synthetix: US$46.1M; UMA: 4.6M if estimate IDO raised $2M; Duet Protocol: US$3M;]

Options US$26.1M [Hegic: ~US$12M on ICBO; Opyn: US$9.1M; Primitive: US$3M; Shield: US$2M; from multi-sources, including Crunchbase.]




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