China Fund News: guard against the concept of "tuyere" on yuancosmos station

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china fund news guard concept

The original title : again 20CM harden !“ Meta universe ” It's too hot , The company's emergency response

To borrow “ Meta universe ” god ?

As soon as it opened this morning ,“ Meta universe leader ” Zhongqingbao immediately closed the daily limit , This is also zhongqingbao's daily limit for the second consecutive day . By the end of time , Stock price report 11.81 element / stocks , Market value 31.1 One hundred million yuan .

 China fund news : On the meta universe station “ tuyere ” Guard against the concept of rubbing

Early dish “ Meta universe ” The concept stimulates the whole line of the game board , By the end of time , Shengtian network trading , Kai Ying network 、 Kunlun world wide 、 Notoginseng and entertainment 、 Perfect world and so on . game ETF(516010) Over and over 4%, Turnover over 3200 Ten thousand yuan .

Another word board

The company responded that it was still developing

As soon as it opened this morning , The dragon head zhongqingbao is closed to the daily limit , This is also zhongqingbao's daily limit for the second consecutive day .

Yesterday evening , Investors asked Dong MI on the interactive platform :“ Does the company have any planning or layout in metauniverse ?” Zhongqingbao responded that ,“ There are attempts and uncertainties in any technology and concept , As an Internet company , We are willing to try more new concepts and technologies , Constantly expand yourself 、 Self innovation . But in the face of every innovation , We all move forward bravely , But a cautious attitude . The meta universe is a huge concept and model , We are still in the initial stage of exploration , The concept of touch is also relatively shallow , The corresponding products are still under continuous research and development . At present, the online time and region of the new game are affected by many factors , There is also uncertainty . Please make a rational judgment .”

 China fund news : On the meta universe station “ tuyere ” Guard against the concept of rubbing

Yesterday, , Zhongqingbao securities department also told the media , The main highlight of this virtual reality game is “ Online Brewing , Offline wine tasting ”. When asked about the development progress of the modified game , The source said that there is no latest news to disclose .“ There is no specific timetable for the launch , Whether the game can go online is still uncertain .”

9 month 6 Japan , Zhongqing Bao WeChat official account shows , The company is about to launch a meta universe game of virtual reality and dream linkage simulation management 《 Winemaker 》. according to the understanding of ,《 Winemaker 》 It is a nurturing management game with winery management as the core , You can map virtual to reality , Users can experience reality in the game , You can also touch the game in reality , If the player himself in the game “ Hand in hand ” Brewed wine , You can pick up wine offline .

9 month 7 Day early , China Youth Daily has risen in a straight line , Instantly pull up to the daily limit . As of the close , Yes 6 More than ten thousand hands paid the bill and pressed it on the trading board .

The data shows , Zhongqingbao is the earliest online game developer in China 、 One of the game companies integrating operation and distribution , It is also China's first A A listed game company , Red online games with patriotic themes 、 Mobile games and cloud games are the pillars .7 Since mid month , Zhongqingbao has fluctuated downward for many days , Trading or with “ Meta universe ” relevant .

It is reported that , Zhongqingbao enters the yuanuniverse track by integrating its own Internet technology products , Support with communication cloud computing technology ; The game builds the main scenes of the metauniverse ;VR Visual presentation ; Build an economic system with its own blockchain Technology , Realize the transmission of value , These four closely intersect , Together built the meta universe .

“ Meta universe ” Fire comes out of the circle

Related concept stocks and ETF The response soared

“ Meta universe ” The concept continues to explode , Fire related concept stocks . By the end of time , The meta universe concept index once rose nearly 7%.

 China fund news : On the meta universe station “ tuyere ” Guard against the concept of rubbing

game ETF(516010) Over and over 4%, Turnover over 3200 Ten thousand yuan .

 China fund news : On the meta universe station “ tuyere ” Guard against the concept of rubbing

BOC Securities pointed out that , Yuan universe corresponds to domestic cloud games 、VR And so on . The underlying technologies of the metauniverse mainly include Cloud Computing 、 Graphics and image processing 、 Network transmission 、 Human computer interaction and other fields . If you focus your investment from start-ups to listed companies , With domestic cloud games and VR High industrial matching . Both contain the virtual scene construction required by the metauniverse , The former focuses on migrating the game experience from the host to the cloud , To support large-scale online users 、 Low threshold and rich interaction ; The latter focuses more on terminal equipment 、 Different virtual scene applications . BOC Securities believes that the game will take the lead in benefiting from the outbreak of the meta universe industry . One side ,Roblox It is mainly popular in North America with mobile game products (2020 Annual downloads amount to 1.6 100 million times 、 Mobile terminal revenue exceeds 11 Billion dollars ); On the other hand , Cloud games need content scenes , Yuan universe's existing products and IP Can quickly help the development and maturity of cloud games .

Guohai Securities also believes that , Although the metauniverse is still in its infancy , There are still many elements of the meta universe that have not been realized , The real realization of the meta universe needs the promotion and support of Technology , In the medium and long term , The meta universe is expected to bring innovation to the virtual world , Promote game content 、 Community 、 education 、 Commodity trading 、 Artificial intelligence 、VR/AR、 All links of the industrial chain such as the blockchain enjoy common prosperity , Then bring new increment .

On the meta universe station “ tuyere ”

Guard against the concept of rubbing

The fire comes out of the circle “ Meta universe ”, What the hell is that? ?

Soochow securities research report pointed out that , The meta universe of the cross integration of virtual and reality , It can be understood as an artificial virtual space running parallel to the real world , It replicates the underlying logic of the real world , Provide users with rich content and immersive interactive experience , Point to the next stop on the Internet .

Besides , The Research Report of Soochow Securities said AR/VR And other technologies are becoming more and more mature , Built access to the meta universe .AR/VR Technically, it solves the problem of interactive access between the virtual world and the real world , The maturity of technology is accompanied by price reduction and market popularization ,AR/VR Will become easier to obtain and use , The improvement of technology also makes the user experience continuously improve ,5G、 Cloud computing 、 The development of blockchain and other technologies also provides support for building a meta universe virtual world .

It also means that , The meta universe spans AI、 Blockchain 、 game 、 Social and other multi domain experiences and lifestyles . According to the IDC forecast ,2020 year -2024 During, the average annual growth rate of the global virtual reality industry will reach 54%. With the continuous development of new technologies , Virtual reality “ Meta universe ” Related industries may usher in an outbreak .

This year, VR Gaming platform Roblox when , Write the metauniverse into the prospectus for the first time , Less than three months , The share price almost doubled , The total market capitalization of more than 500 Billion dollars , Therefore, it brings the concept of meta universe .

however , Industry reminders , The primordial universe is still in its infancy , At present, the relevant products on the market are far from realizing this concept , Beware of concept hype . By the present definition ,“ Oasis ” This virtual space fully conforms to the standard of metauniverse , But at that time, the concept of meta universe was not popular , Virtual reality (VR) Technology is at the bottom of its application . The research report issued by Hua'an securities also pointed out that , Objective front AR and VR The equipment is still defective , In the current 5G Under technology , Once the equipment runs too long , The world is too big , There will be a visual screen effect and dizziness .

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