A quick look at the lot imitation disk: mloot, rarity, Bloot

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quick look lot imitation disk

Loot It blew for a while TXT Casting wind .

According to the statistics , At present, there are many imitations in the market Loot Class items have exceeded 10 individual . and Loot equally , These projects didn't start with NFT finished product , It requires users to spend Gas Fees are cast through smart contracts . Cast NFT Visually, it is extremely simple and rough text TXT And a blank background .

however , Don't underestimate these TXT. In terms of data , These imitation disks NFT Continuing the Loot Yes The etheric fang Network transaction volume and Gas Contribution of consumption .

Loot、Bloot Of 24 Hourly trading volume in all NFT Top of the project 10.More Loot、pLoot When the project was first launched, it once attracted the attention of the community FOMO. And in the Gas In terms of cost consumption ,sLoot、pLoot Have appeared ETH Burn more than OpenSea The situation of .

These imitation disk projects stand in Loot More play on your shoulders . Some are Loot( Game prop concept ) It complements the game story and Design , Some have launched gradually released over time NFT, yes , we have Loot The imitation plate community has obtained the governance token airdrop .

In this article Loot Summary of imitation projects , from NFT Vision 、 Smart contract address 、 Creator and team 、NFT Price 、 Explain from the perspective of project characteristics .


Bag #6462 The sale price 13 ETH, source :OpenSea

Project name :Loot(for Adventurers)

Smart contract address :0xFF9C1b15B16263C61d017ee9F65C50e4AE0113D7

founder :Dom Hofmann, Video applications Vine The founder of , Later acquired by twitter

Price :OpenSea The price of the upper floor is 10 ETH

Project situation :Loot(for Adventurers) yes Loot It is the ancestor of the project .Dom Hofmann On 8 month 28 Announced on twitter on the th LOOT The birth of . This is a 8000 individual “ Object package ”, Visually, it's white on a black background TXT file , It defines the character of the game 8 Kinds of equipment : weapons 、 Breastplate 、 Helmet 、 Waist armor 、 Foot nail 、 Hand armour 、 The necklace 、 ring .

As for concrete Statistics 、 Images and other contents are left to the community to play freely . therefore , We see the community in 8 individual “ Instructions ” It unleashed a wealth of imagination . Based on this, users create a variety of hand-painted works , There are also user generated AI Pixel works . That's why Loot The reason for being regarded as the norm : Transform art creation from top-down to bottom-up social experiment with high user participation .


Bag #9802 The price is 2.22 ETH, source :OpenSea

Project name :More Loot

Smart contract address :0x1dfe7Ca09e99d10835Bf73044a23B73Fc20623DF

founder :Dom Hofmann, Video applications Vine The founder of , Later acquired by twitter

Price :OpenSea The upper floor price is lower than 0.01 ETH

Project situation :More Loot(MLOOT) yes Loot The founder of Dom Hofmann stay 9 month 4 Japan , stay Loot New projects based on .More Loot Of Bag Number from 8001 Start ( notes :Loot The number is 1-8000), At Ethereum block rate 1/10 Produce NFT, The annual output is about 25 m , The first phase is about 130 m .

In the past 7 God , All in all 2047 Pieces of More Loot Sold in the secondary market , The total transaction volume is close to 37 Thousands of dollars . by comparison ,More Loot Trading volume of 、 The price data are inferior to Loot, however More Loot Represents another kind of innovation . So far , Most of the NFT The project belongs to one-time casting / sale , Once popular projects are launched, they will be snapped up by users .More Loot Similar to PoW/PoS The output of token mining mechanism over time NFT The casting method . This is in NFT Probably the first in history .


@txxnano The interface made according to the game logic , source : twitter

Project name :Rarity

Smart contract address :0xce761D788DF608BD21bdd59d6f4B54b2e27F25Bb

founder :Andre Cronje,Yearn.finance、Keep3r And other project founders

Project situation :Rarity yes Andre Cronje stay Fantom Imitation launched on the public chain Loot game . The existing game mechanism believes that Loot It should be rare , but Loot It should also be available . therefore AC take Loot Defined as requiring users to play games , Game assets acquired after continuous upgrading , This asset can be traded in the secondary market .

stay Rarity in , Users can start casting for free ( Need to pay Gas fee ) One is called Summoner Your game characters ,Summoner Yes 11 Two kinds of role settings , The user can choose one of them when casting .Summoner adopt “ Explore ” You can earn... Every day 250 Empirical value , After reaching a certain experience value, you can upgrade , With the upgrade, you can get stunts and spells , You can then spend experience and gold(Summoner A kind of ERC-20 Game assets ) Casting objects and magic , They can be traded on the secondary market .

Rarity It's been a while Fantom The most traded item on the . But at the same time , We can see ,Loot Abstract the essence of the game , and Rarity Back to the traditional game with complex mechanism , A bit of a cliche .


Bloot #2040 The transaction price is about 3147 dollar , source :OpenSea

Project name :Bloot

Smart contract address :0x4F8730E0b32B04beaa5757e5aea3aeF970E5B613

Create a team : from @Beaniemaxi,@tropoFarmer,@hunterorrell,@dylanorrelI Four people created

Price :OpenSea The price of the upper floor is 0.95ETH

Project situation :Bloot yes Loot The imitation disk of , All in all 8008 individual NFT. This project is the best performance of all imitation disk data .CryptoSlam Information display ,Bloot Of 24 The hourly turnover exceeds 400 Thousands of dollars , In all NFT Ranked number one in the project 7.

Bloot Our community is very active . Except for and Loot The community is as creative as the output of content , The authorities are also continuing to do things .Bloot Our community has established BGLD, This token is similar to Loot Medium AGLD. The official announcement is for every Bloot Address airdrop 10000 gold BGLD, At present, the token price has reached 0.64 dollar / individual .

The official will also be based on BGLD establish Bloot fund , Innovative projects in service Ecology .Bloot One of the founders of @Beaniemaxi A tweet means , Will be committed to BGLD Integrated into the cryptocurrency use case , As a payment option 、 Loan collateral 、NFT Pledge mining tokens, etc . at present ,Bloot Already in OpenSea It sells Cock Ring Hat and Bloot Hat.


source :OpenSea


N #8384 At the time of writing 1.1135 ETH, source :OpenSea

Project name :The n project

Smart contract address :0x05a46f1E545526FB803FF974C790aCeA34D1f2D6

Price :OpenSea The price of the upper floor is 2.79 ETH

Project situation :The n project Is a stored on the chain 8 A randomly generated number NFT. In the past 24 Hours ,The n project The price of the floor has gone up 1 More than double . at present The n project Our community is also more active , There are many images or projects based on the project . Some are based on the above white characters on a black background NFT Generating artistic images , Some fractal patterns are generated on the chain , also N Digital reports, etc , It explains the community's understanding of N Understanding the meaning of .


Bag #2094 Bidding price 0.65 ETH, source :OpenSea

Project name :sLoot

Official website :https://www.sloot-project.com/

Price :OpenSea The price of the upper floor is 0.27 ETH

Project situation :sLoot yes 9 month 5 Projects launched on the th , This is what the official website says sLoot Of “sLoot It's a randomly generated fraud tool , And stored in business casual wear . If you want to deceive others , You may have some Loot. statistics 、 Images and other functions are deliberately omitted , So that others can explain .” so sLoot The way I play is completely copied Loot, But the scene is different .

Currently on sLoot There is still very little information . The official only mentioned on twitter SGLD, This token is similar to Loot Medium AGLD, It is currently in release status , The release will continue 48 Hours .


Bag #20713 Bidding price 0.04 WETH, source :OpenSea

Project name :pLoot

Official website :https://ploot.punk173.com/

Price :OpenSea The price of the upper floor is 0.05 ETH

Project situation :pLoot yes People’s Punk Community created Loot Imitation disc . Issued at 4 Within hours... Was cast 8000 individual pLoot NFT, Because too many people ask for , At one time it led to OpenSea Website crash .


Extension Bag #9152 The sale price 0.15 ETH, source :OpenSea

Project name :Extension Loot(for Adventurers)

Intelligent contract :0x8bf2f876E2dCD2CAe9C3d272f325776c82DA366d

Price :OpenSea The price of the upper floor is 0.15 ETH

Project situation :Extension Loot(for Adventurers), That is to say xLoot yes Loot The first imitation disk . The total amount is 7777 individual , Visually, it shows black characters on a white background NFT. these NFT Of Bag The number is 8001-15777.

In addition to the above items ,Loot The imitation disk also includes uLoot、svBloot、FPSLoot、FTMLoot、CLoot wait . Some users put forward suggestions for Loot New ways to play . for example ,Paradigm Of 2 Members proposed that Loot In bag 8 Split an object into EIP-1155 The standard NFT, It is convenient for users to buy and sell according to their preferences , Gather together 8 An object can also be regenerated Loot package .

With Loot As a representative of the NFT It has experienced many rounds of phenomenal development this year , Whether from the data or from the concept 、 Consciousness and play . stay DeFi In times of prosperity , Although many people shout NFT Is the next trend , But a few people really think NFT Can there be revolutionary development and market frenzy in such a short time ?

Don't underestimate the power of trends . But at the same time , at present NFT The market is still savage , Many of the projects mentioned in this article may not even have the code audited , We must pay attention to the safety of investment .

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