NBA star curry took a stake in FTX and served as a brand ambassador, who had previously signed Brady

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nba star curry took stake


FTX and FTX.US today (8) Announce and NBA Star Stephen curry (Stephen Curry) Reach a long-term partnership . Curry will get FTX Trading Limited(FTX) Equity of , And assume FTX The brand ambassador of , Besides , Part of curry's salary will be paid in cryptocurrency .

garage (Stephen Curry) yes NBA The star point guard of the Golden State Warriors , Once led the team to win three NBA Champion , Two regular seasons MVP, He is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur .

According to the cooperation agreement , Curry will serve as FTX The brand ambassador of , Through their own appeal , Improve FTX Brand influence , And expand to new audiences .

FTX This year has been with NFL Star Tom Brady (Tom Brady)、 Trevor Lawrence (Trevor Lawrence)  Reach a cooperation agreement , And the addition of curry further improves FTX As a purchase 、 Transaction cryptocurrency 、NFT Brand trust of digital asset exchange .

Besides ,FTX Also pledged to contribute annually 50 Ten thousand dollars to curry and his wife Ayesha (Ayesha Curry) Of Eat.Learn.Play Non profit foundations , And the two sides will cooperate to carry out charity activities .

Kuri said :

「 The field of encryption investment in the past was quite mysterious ,FTX Is to keep making encryption investment easy for everyone to accept , So that everyone is no longer afraid of cryptocurrency . In giving back to the community ,FTX And I are like-minded . I can't wait to see what we can achieve with our cooperation .」

Eat.Learn.Play Designed to help school children in the community , So that children can be happy 、 A healthy childhood , And from nutritious food 、 Education and learning 、 Three aspects of sports education . The foundation is in 2019 Founded in , More than... Have been donated last year 1,700 10000 meals , The future plan provides help in education and learning .

FTX Founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried In conclusion :

「 After talking to curry face to face , We think he is very suitable for FTX The brand ambassador of . In addition to self-discipline and always maintaining a competitive professional attitude , Continued contributions in the field of philanthropy , No matter in any field , Curry is the most successful person .

So no matter in basketball 、 business 、 investment , Kuridu and FTX The core values of , I'm looking forward to working with curry , Make a positive impact on more people in the world .」.

since this year on ,FTX Keep moving in the field of sports :

1. FTX In a for 19 year 、 value 1.35 The million dollar contract won the naming right of the Miami Heat's home stadium , This is one of the most expensive naming rights contracts ever .

2. FTX With the e-sports Club TSM(Team SoloMid) Reach maturity 10 year 、 value 2.1 $billion exclusive naming rights cooperation , It is the largest transaction in the history of E-sports .

3. FTX And MLB signing , For the first time in the history of the alliance with Digital assets Trading platform cooperation .

4. FTX And 《 Hero alliance 》 The developer's fist game reached a period of 7 Years of cooperation , Won the hero League Championship Series (LCS) Your sponsorship rights .

5. FTX With Brady 、 Curry reached a cooperation .

Besides , This year, 7 month ,FTX Announce receipt 9 Us $100 million financing , Investors include Sequoia Capital 、 SoftBank 、 Hedge funds Third Point、 Private equity groups Thoma Bravo etc. . After obtaining this round of financing ,FTX Valuation has reached 180 Billion dollars .

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