After bitcoin collapsed to $43000, analysts pointed the finger at over leveraged traders

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bitcoin collapsed analysts pointed finger

9 month 7 Japan , Bitcoin prices fell sharply , Fell to 4.3 Less than US $10000 , Traders were caught off guard , This led to widespread liquidation in the derivatives market , The liquidation amount exceeds 35.4 Billion dollars .

In the past 24 The total clearing amount of the exchange within hours 3.54 Billion dollars !
in the past 24 Within hours ,330243 A trader was cleared . The largest single clearing order occurs in Huobi Global, value 4370 Thousands of dollars
Data sources :@bybt_com
——CryptoDiffer (@CryptoDiffer) 2021 year 9 month 7 Japan

Since bitcoin is officially recognized as legal tender in El Salvador , During labor day in the United States ( Last weekend, ), Bullish sentiment has been rising , But soon BTC 16% Put out by the collapse of .

Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView Data show that , Bitcoin selling began in early trading , And accelerate to midday , Bitcoin price falls to 42837 The low point of the dollar , Then bargain hunters came and pushed their prices up to 46500 More than $ .


BTC/USDT 4 Hour chart source :TradingView

Here are traders' views on this rapid sell-off , And what to pay attention to when the market tries to digest the chaos of the day .

With BTC Sell off , Bulls close large positions

Chain Analyst Willy Woo The current market situation is analyzed based on facts , He posted the following tweets , Overview 9 month 7 The events of the day .

At the opening of the day , Stock market opens risk aversion .
Some people sell BTC.
Basic capital inflows ( Sell off ) At a moderate level .
Then stop hunting / Liquidity collapse .
11 $ BTC Liquidation .
On the whole, there is no fundamental support from investors .
The exchange is now in a state of outflow ( purchase )
——Willy Woo(@woonomic) 2021 year 9 month 7 Japan

just as Woo Pointed out , Broader financial markets opened risk aversion on the same day , This puts pressure on the encryption market , as time goes on , The pressure is increasing .

The subsequent sell-off resulted in value 11 $billion bitcoin clearing , But the data on the chain show that , Investors are not in a hurry to close their positions , Recent activity shows , The exchange re entered the buying mode .

Woo A follow-up tweet shows ,9 month 7 How unexpected the market trend on the th , This is a good reminder , In the encryption market , Risk management is always something to keep in mind .

Woo say :

“ Not exactly sure what just happened , But this is the order of events . The sell-off mainly occurred in the derivatives market ( Like most crashes ).”

Possible outliers detected

Market analyst 、Cointelegraph writer Michaël van de Poppe Yes 9 month 7 The trend of bitcoin in Japan is further analyzed , He also stressed the role of over leveraged traders in the price trend of the day .

Bitcoin lost 4.9 The key support of US $million , And fell below this level .
What just happened ?
Over leveraged positions are liquidated in a chain reaction , Formed a long shadow line .
If this hatch ends at 4.7 ten thousand /4.8 Over ten thousand dollars , It will be an outlier .
Buying opportunities .
——Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) 2021 year 9 month 7 Japan

according to Poppe That's what I'm saying , If BTC It can be closed in after this callback 4.7 ten thousand -4.8 Above the $10000 range , So if the upward trend returns , This trend will be considered an outlier of the previously established trend , It's a good buying opportunity .

Not all traders were caught off guard

Not all market participants are unaware of 9 month 7 The downward trend of the day , Just like analysts 、 Anonymous Twitter users Crypto_Ed_NL As highlighted in the tweets posted .

Feel lucky , It was not liquidated earlier today ?
Wait to change into new dry pants …… It may not be over yet !
——Crypto_Ed_NL (@Crypto_Ed_NL) 2021 year 9 month 7 Japan

A subsequent tweet includes the following chart , Show the trend of bitcoin as Crypto_Ed_NL As warned .


BTC/USDT 15 Minute chart source : twitter

Crypto_Ed_NL say :

“BTC Fell into the green box . Let's see how it bounces ..... in my opinion , This should be a correction .”

The total market value of cryptocurrency is currently 2.103 Trillions of dollars , The dominant position of bitcoin is 42.1%.

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