NBA star curry seeks crypto advice on Twitter to see how celebrities respond?

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nba star curry seeks crypto

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen · Curry told his 1550 Million twitter fans are looking for ways to start using Crypto The advice of .

“ Just started playing Crypto game … Do you have any suggestions ?”

up to now , Curry's tweet has received more than 6.7 Wan tiaozan ,8000 Multiple forwards , And shocking 1.6 Ten thousand comments . To be sure , It's hard for curry to read all the comments .

For all that , Some famous Crypto Field leaders and celebrities responded , The following is a summary of the relevant points .


For curry Crypto Relevant suggestions

The most interesting answer comes from bitcoin enthusiasts Michael Saylor. His company MicroStrategy since 2020 year 8 Buy bitcoin from September ,Saylor Has become a preacher of bitcoin .

He has been praised for promoting and educating users , He also created a free education course to help users manage bitcoin .

Same as before ,Saylor Bitcoin can be used as an investment asset . then , He gave a link to his education course to curry .

Saylor say ,“ Stephen , I spent more than 1000 hours thinking about this problem , Finally chose bitcoin . up to now , I have bought more than 30 Billion dollars of bitcoin , Because I think this is the future of digital assets . I sent a lot of free courses , About bitcoin Education .”

Output global CEO Charles Hoskinson Replied Gary Gensler At MIT (MIT) professor Crypto Field related courses YouTube link . The playlist includes 20 Two hours of content , The basic Crypto Knowledge points in the field , Including consensus 、 Script code 、 as well as Crypto How the field is associated with commercial banks, etc .

There are also many answers, obscure publicity, unknown pass . Besides , Opponents tried to use XI money 、Crypto Domain crime and unfounded nonsense to guide curry .

But technology companies YouTube Of Marques Brownlee The advice given may be the best advice :“ Ignore all tweets about Crypto The advice of .”

In fact, curry is not Crypto The layman of


Curry's twitter can be understood as a hint that he is Crypto I'm a novice . But considering that he recently 55 An Ethereum , in other words 18 For ten thousand dollars Bored ApeApe#7990, People may have underestimated his understanding of digital assets .

This special Ape With blue fur 、 Zombie eyes , Wearing a Brown Tweed uniform . June was marked by 1.5 An Ethereum deal , This also means that it has increased at Ethereum valuation 3500%.

The boring ape club is a club that contains 10,000 A boring Ape NFT Set , They exist on Ethereum . Each boring ape is a unique combination , exceed 170 Including facial expressions 、 Headwear 、 Possible features including clothing .

Boring apes are on sale in May , And sold out in less than an hour .

In the initial offering , Every boring ape with 0.68 Ethereum is 2500 It's sold in dollars . however , Its presence OpenSea Prices have risen sharply in the secondary market .

With the development of the trend , Curry has changed his twitter avatar to his new boring ape NFT.

Is curry a Crypto Novices in the field are not important , But he promoted the discussion on this topic .

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