Bitcoin officially became the legal tender of El Salvador, and the cryptocurrency market fell sharply across the board

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bitcoin officially legal tender el

With the Central American country El Salvador officially taking bitcoin as legal tender , The cryptocurrency market has suffered another bloodbath , Bitcoin and Ethereum both fell sharply on Tuesday , Bitcoin once fell 16%, Ethereum also fell more than 15%.

Besides , ADA 、 Multiple cryptocurrencies such as coin an and dog coin 24 The hourly decline was more than 15%. It is worth mentioning that , Just the day before , The price of bitcoin broke through 5.2 Thousands of dollars , This year 5 Month high .


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This year, 6 month , The Salvadoran Congress passed a bill , Give bitcoin legal tender status , The bill is in 9 month 7 Effective date , El Salvador has thus become the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as its legal tender .

President naib of El Salvador · Booker announced on social media late Monday , The government will purchase a total of... In two phases 400 Bitcoin . since 2001 Year begins , El Salvador has always allowed the legal circulation of dollars . It is reported that , After bitcoin became legal tender , The dollar can still be used in the country .

El Salvador is currently equipped with 200 Bitcoin ATM, At the same time, try to promote digital currency wallet Chivo, However, on the first day of use ,Chivo There was a breakdown . Some Salvadorans found , They can't download from the mobile app store Chivo.

Although the Salvadoran government endorsed bitcoin with practical actions , But polls show , More than half of the country's people do not support this decision . To oppose the government's adoption of bitcoin as legal tender , Salvadoran people have held many protests .

Crypto asset management company Valkyrie Investments CEO Leah Wald Express , The reaction of the market is not surprising , Some time ago , The market has digested the news , The population of El Salvador is even smaller than that of New York City , The government has not indicated in detail , How will they implement bitcoin's legal tender status , So the market is on the sidelines .

Wald Pointed out that , Many people in El Salvador live in poverty , The use of bitcoin requires Internet or smartphone access , These people are not qualified to use bitcoin . Besides , transaction cost 、 Dealing with time and other obstacles is also a difficult problem for the Salvadoran government .

Wald Supplementary name , The most noteworthy is , Will other countries also start using bitcoin as legal tender . If that happens , Bitcoin will see a big rise .

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