Interesting events of the week: Du jiabanna's historic NFT, "26 minutes" cryptopunk mystery

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interesting events week du jiabanna

Dujiabanna challenges Dior NFT

Italian luxury fashion brand Du Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) Into the NFT field , Is based on Polygon Of UNXD Market cooperation , Introduction 9 A token fashion collection .

Douga banner was designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana On 1985 Founded in 2000 , Since then, it has developed into a multinational giant , Provide high-end fashion products at amazing prices .

These are called “Collezione Genesi” My collection includes nine NFT , Will be in 9 month 20 Auction begins on . these NFT Depicted by Dolce and Gabbana Design of clothing illustrations and digital art , They can be used as wearable devices in the unspecified metauniverse .

ordinary NFT Fans will not be able to participate , Because dujiabanna only allows “ Approved bidder ” Participate in an exclusive auction .9 month 7 Zhidu jiabanna wrote on twitter :

“ This is a tribute to human art and craft . What humans can do , Machines can't do it by themselves . These creations , Whether digital or physical , It's all magical . They spent thousands of hours making . one day , They will 100% Enter the Museum .”

Although there are few details at the time of release , But Douga banner has hinted at NFT Long term ambition in the field , And said it would be announced next week “ An exciting road map ”.

Today is a big day . We are proud to show Collezione Genesi,@DolceGabbana The first of NFT series —— from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Personally designed and unique 9 Piece series , Specially designed for UNXD.
— Dolce & Gabbana (@dolcegabbana) 2021 year 9 month 6 Japan

Dujiabanna said :“ With all successful NFT Same project , This debut series is not the end of the story , It's where the story really begins . The winning collector / Holders can also rest assured , There will be more exclusive surprises for them in the future .”

Temporary CryptoPunk The mystery of

This week it was reported that , The famous NFT Whale Pranksy hold CryptoPunk NFT only 26 minute , And then to 123 A profit of $million to sell .

2PMinc The author of Web Smith On 9 month 6 Passed by twitter Stressed the importance of this half hour NFT transaction , And point out that :

“ If you study wealth management or finance in school , So you're probably paralyzed now .”

Discussed NFT yes CryptoPunk 6275, It depicts a green zombie with a mohawk hairstyle . Its trading history shows ,Pranksy On 9 month 4 Day to value 389 Thousands of dollars in 1000 The etheric fang (ETH) bought This NFT.

Smith claim CryptoPunk Is held 26 Minutes seem to be wrong , Because the transaction data show Pranksy hold NFT Six hours , Then later in the day with 512 Ten thousand dollars for sale .

In response Smith When posting , Many users accuse it of cleaning up transactions to raise asset prices .CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre Think everything is a hoax , And rich enough to make libel charges without any evidence , He questioned whether it was “ Market manipulation or money laundering , Or both …… This is the only real problem .”

Pranksy I am on 9 month 5 Tweeted about the transaction on the th , And emphasize on trading NFT Liquidity is the key :

NFT The first rule in is always to keep liquidity .
— Pranksy (@pranksy) 2021 year 9 month 4 Japan

Lotte launched NFT market

Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce giant, plans to 2022 Launched in spring of NFT market .

Lotte NFT The market will follow Alibaba's NFT A similar route to the platform , Because it aims to make IP Holders can sell sports 、 entertainment 、 Monetized content in categories such as music and animation .

Besides e-commerce , Lotte is still in fintech 、 Provide services in areas such as telecommunications and entertainment . Lotte means , new NFT The market will be linked to its other services , Users can get NFT As a prize or reward related to other products and services . There are also plans to allow users to NFT Exchange Lotte points when trading in the market .

Lotte is no stranger to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ,Cointelegraph stay 3 The month report said , Lotte integrates its digital wallet with its e-commerce platform , Enable customers to use bitcoin for online shopping and payment .

FTX Full of spam

FTX Launch a new NFT After market , The platform received a large number of spam images of fish , So it will... For the time being NFT The submission fee is changed to 500 dollar .

FTX Founder and billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried stay 9 month 6 I tweeted that :“ Due to the large number of submissions , Too many of them are just a picture of a fish , We now charge a one-time fee 500 A fee of US dollars to submit NFT. ”

For this , A large number of users pointed out that , The expensive cost structure will prevent people from using the platform , At the same time, it is emphasized that there are cheaper alternatives in the market .

No kidding ,40% People don't even 500 Dollars as their total net worth , This is a failed product .
Now? @SBF_FTX Will be in his NFT The exchange makes some large-scale purchases , Make everyone think this is real art , But it will still be 500 The cost of $failed , sir .
— KingPfizer (@KingPfizer) 2021 year 9 month 6 Japan

Bankman-Fried Seems to have responded to community concerns , And revealed on twitter , The platform cancelled 500 Dollar fee , Instead, for each cast NFT collect 10 Fixed cost in US dollars .

Now? , Every NFT The casting cost is 10 dollar , No upfront costs . We will refund all paid 500 dollar .
I hope this can reduce ( Related to fish ) spam , It can also make it affordable .
— SBF (@SBF_FTX) 2021 year 9 month 6 Japan


As report goes , In rare NFT panic in ,NFL Prohibit all teams and members from participating in sponsorship and advertising related to cryptocurrency , as well as NFT sales , Until the alliance makes “ Sports digital trading card and art ” strategic .

Cointelegraph 9 month 6 reported , Depicting a cartoon lobster in a suit Lobby Lobster NFT Raised more than 400 Thousands of dollars , To support decentralized Finance (DeFi) Industry lobbying .

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