How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer?

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achieve decentralized cross chain messaging

Chainlink  Cross link Interoperability protocols  CCIP  It provides developers with a general infrastructure with computing power , To promote the development of cross chain hybrid smart contracts .

Now , Independent blockchains emerge one after another , Each blockchain has its own advantages and regional market , This trend has promoted the growth of Multi Chain ecology . In such a multi chain world , Users should be able to seamlessly use the unique functions and assets on each blockchain in one application , This will greatly promote the development of cross chain smart contracts . When the decentralized Oracle service appears and connects offline data and secure offline computing resources , It also promotes  DeFi、NFT  And the vigorous development of the game economy on the chain .

Chainlink  New cross chain agreement : How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer ?

But as we all know , Due to the bottleneck of the existing cross chain infrastructure , Therefore, it is very difficult to develop cross chain applications . firstly , Token bridge and messaging protocol solutions are highly differentiated , Most only serve applications between two chains . in addition , Many pass bridges are more centralized , Security is weak , And there is also a lack of transparent or reliable node operators , Therefore, it pushes up the cost and processing time of end users . These restrictions and vulnerabilities have led to hundreds of billions of dollars in user capital losses , And hinder cross chain innovation .

In order to meet the increasing demand of blockchain ecology for cross chain solutions , We are pleased to announce the release of the cross chain interoperability protocol ( Hereinafter referred to as"  CCIP).CCIP  It is a new open source standard for cross chain communication , The purpose is to establish a common connection between hundreds of public and private chain networks , Let the originally isolated pass circulate among all ecosystems on the chain , And realize cross chain application .

Chainlink  New cross chain agreement : How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer ?

CCIP  It provides a general infrastructure with computing power for smart contract developers , It can transmit data and smart contract instructions across various blockchain networks .CCIP  It will become the underlying protocol of various cross chain services , These include  Chainlink  Programmable token bridge , Users can transfer the pass to any blockchain network safely and efficiently , And scalable .

This cross chain interoperability protocol embodies the research and development achievements of our team in the field of security cross chain technology for many years , This work can be traced back to the original  Chainlink 1.0  white paper .CCIP  from  Chainlink Labs  Chief scientist  Ari Juels、Chainlink Labs  Engineering technology  VP Ben Chan ( notes :Ben  It is also the most mainstream cross chain in Ethereum  WBTC  Architect ) as well as  Chainlink Labs  Many of the world's top researchers in the team jointly developed .

This article will explain  Chainlink  Why develop a general cross chain communication protocol for the blockchain industry ,CCIP  How to integrate into multi-layer technology stack , as well as  CCIP  How to unlock new services and promote the development of cross chain hybrid smart contracts .

Chainlink  Why develop a common cross chain infrastructure ?

It is not easy to develop safe and efficient cross chain technology and realize certificate transfer and general messaging across all blockchain networks . however ,Chainlink  The previously released infrastructure has been running very stably , Ecology is also growing , In addition, some breakthroughs and innovations have been achieved in cross chain technology , therefore  Chainlink  It has become the best candidate for developing cross chain communication open source standards .

Decentralized network with mature node operators

The cross chain bridge is essentially a node Committee , All nodes together prove the information on a chain , And pass it to another chain through threshold encryption signature .Chainlink  The number of independent nodes in the network is the largest in the industry , Nodes have the ability to resist witch attacks , Reliable and verifiable . These nodes are made up of the world's top  DevOps  Teams and infrastructure providers are responsible for running .Chainlink  The network of nodes is expanding , At present, several Oracle services have been released , More than... Are guaranteed for smart contract ecology  300  Billion dollars worth , Then upgrade to  Chainlink  Off chain reporting protocol (OCR), Further expand the scale .

Chainlink OCR 1.0  It is a safe and efficient offline data aggregation computing protocol , It has been running smoothly on a large scale for some time , There was no accident .Chainlink OCR  Successfully put the Oracle report on the chain  gas  The price has come down  90%.OCR 2.0  We will continue to make efforts on this basis , Achieve more efficient and complex off chain computing , To build advanced cross chain capabilities .CCIP  Will utilize... In its protocol stack  OCR 2.0, Expand the number of committee nodes signing reports to hundreds , So as to improve the security of locked funds , And maintain high cost-effectiveness for users .CCIP  It has the largest pool of security nodes in the world , Upgraded the computing power under the chain , Therefore, it will achieve a very high level of tamper resistance and performance .

Chainlink  New cross chain agreement : How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer ?

Chainlink OCR 2.0  Aggregate the response data of nodes under the chain , And submit the Oracle report to the chain in a transaction .

Anti fraud network

Security and fraud prevention are the most critical elements of cross chain services in ensuring high-value contracts . therefore ,CCIP  It will introduce an unprecedented risk management system in the blockchain industry , be known as 「 Anti fraud network 」. The anti fraud network consists of multiple decentralized Oracle networks , The only purpose is to monitor  CCIP  Whether there is malicious behavior in the service that may lead to capital loss . It is worth mentioning that , The node Committee in this anti fraud network is responsible for working with them in  CCIP  The node Committee monitored in has no connection at all . therefore , Anti fraud monitoring and cross chain services are completely independent .

Anti fraud network as a verification layer , The heartbeat check will be submitted regularly when the system is running normally . If the anti fraud network stops sending heartbeat messages , Or the node notices any malicious behavior , It will automatically trigger the emergency shutdown mechanism , Stop a cross chain service . Shutting down cross chain services can effectively protect users' funds from potential Black Swan Events . The anti fraud network will initially consist of high-quality  Chainlink  Node composition , These nodes are different from what they protect  CCIP  The service has no association ; after , adopt  CCIP  Service guarantees high value  dApp  You can also join the network , Provide users with more effective anti fraud protection .

The anti fraud network adopts decentralized risk management and anti fraud monitoring mode , This is also a common model of high-value smart contracts . The anti fraud network has established a mechanism of mutual checks and balances , Separate responsibilities , And reduce any group of node pairs to the greatest extent  CCIP  Control of service operation , Therefore, it completely subverts the risk management model of cross chain infrastructure . It is worth mentioning that , This network can also be added in the future  AI  And other new modules , To enhance monitoring technology , And realize expansion and upgrading .

Chainlink  New cross chain agreement : How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer ? The anti fraud network is against  CCIP  Service monitoring , To identify and solve any potential problems

Provide strong ecological support for cross block chain

Cross chain system is most valuable when it can produce large-scale network effect . The network effect means that users' funds will be more secure , The liquidity of the pass will be higher , Easier user experience , Developers can get better documentation and tools , And no matter which blockchain the token assets originated from, they will have the opportunity to get more revenue .Chainlink  At present, more than 100 blockchains have been connected , And many blockchains and  layer-2  All solutions have been integrated in the main network  Chainlink, Therefore, it is a very ideal and neutral cross chain communication infrastructure .

Chainlink  It is not only the Oracle solution with the largest number of access to top blockchains , It also drives a lot of  dApp  Run on these blockchains .Chainlink  Has access to top lending 、 Insurance and other  DeFi  agreement , And through open source development and  Chainlink  The community incentive plan accelerates the application on the chain . Many blockchain partners and applications have expressed their desire to use  Chainlink  The Oracle launches cross chain activities , Therefore, the primary task is to provide a very safe, reliable and high-performance general cross chain solution for the whole smart contract industry .

Definition of cross chain technology stack

Cross chain interoperability protocol (CCIP) Part of the open source technology stack , The open source technology stack will provide users with innovative services on the chain , These include  Chainlink  Programmable pass bridge 、 Other bridging schemes 、 And tools for developing cross chain applications across all blockchain networks . Each layer of the technology stack is very important for the development of Multi Chain Ecology .

Chainlink  New cross chain agreement : How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer ? Cross chain interoperability protocol (CCIP) Is part of the open source technology stack , Support cross chain data and asset transfer

The user interface

The top layer of the technology stack is the user interface , Users can access  Chainlink  Programmable token bridge or other bridging schemes , And transmit the pass across different blockchain environments . It is worth mentioning that , New and old ecosystems can deploy their own interfaces without permission . This includes published wallets 、 Aggregator 、 application 、 Trading platform and a series of services that provide users with Multi Chain ecological entrance . The interface layer is jointly developed by the community , It can be based on  CCIP  Protocol development solutions in accessibility 、 Unique advantages in anti censorship and innovation .

Programmable pass bridge

The programmable token bridge is based on  CCIP  The reference bridging scheme , Developers can develop cross chain solutions , Transfer the pass seamlessly and securely between any blockchain . This is a unified bridging system , The pass bridge between blockchains is secured by a unique node Committee , To achieve distributed security , And use routing contracts to maintain common interoperability . The programmable token bridge will support the existing token Standards , In other words, assets that have been circulated can be immediately used in different smart contract ecosystems . In addition to high-quality node operators and decentralized architecture , There will be other additional security , For example, time-based traffic restrictions , In order to avoid the downside risk in the black swan event to the greatest extent , Parameters can be defined by larger  DON  Responsible for managing the .

The programmable token bridge has the function of calculation , Users and smart contracts can not only send pass , You can also send commands to the pass bridge , And run custom logic , Determine how to interact with other blockchains . Users don't need to know how to use other blockchains , Instead, you just need to send instructions to the pass bridge , Explain how to interact with other blockchains . The pass bridge will automatically transfer the pass across the chain , And deploy the token to the smart contract on the target blockchain in an atomic transaction . therefore , Users can stay on the original blockchain , And enjoy the functions of other blockchain smart contract ecosystems . Programmable token bridge activates a new hybrid smart contract application scenario , These include cross chain revenue aggregators and mortgages . It should be pointed out here that , Programmable token bridge is just  Chainlink Labs  One of the reference implementations developed , Any independent development team can easily develop third-party bridging applications , And make the most of it  CCIP  Advantages in safety and functionality .
  Cross chain interoperability protocol (CCIP)

CCIP  Is an open source standard , Smart contracts on any blockchain can send and receive data packets in both directions . The protocol is universal in nature , Any type of data sent by the smart contract can be sent to other blockchains . Common cross chain interoperability will provide a simple framework for developers , Don't spend time studying complex underlying protocols , You can directly develop cross chain applications .

All based on  CCIP  Developed applications , Including programmable pass bridge 、 Other cross chain bridges and cross chain bridges  DApp, Can use the security mechanism of anti fraud network , Automatically monitor and handle malicious behavior . We're still working on defense in depth strategies , Hope to deploy... In the future . Defense in depth strategies include trusted execution environments 、 Hardware security module of secret key management and hardware security module based on  staking  Encryption, economic security, etc .

Network infrastructure

Chainlink  The cross chain technology stack will be supported by a decentralized network , The network consists of independent node operators with high reputation .Chainlink  The node will run  OCR 2.0  client , Reach a consensus on cross chain transactions under the chain , And ensure safety and cost-effectiveness .OCR 2.0  Eliminate all single points of failure , And can be on the chain without significant improvement  gas  Expand the network to hundreds of independent nodes under the premise of cost . It is important to , The report will contain the signature of each responding Oracle node , Each node can be held accountable , Records can also provide the necessary input for trust minimization techniques .

Celsius  Cross chain interoperability protocol is adopted to ensure cross chain revenue

With the development of smart contract ecology towards multi chain Ecology , Centralized finance (CeFi) The platform also urgently needs to adopt cross chain technology , Implement... For users on multiple blockchains  DeFi  earnings . With  CeFi  As well as various other interfaces, more and more attention is paid to  Aave  etc.  DeFi  agreement , This also promotes the continuous development of the whole Multi Chain Ecology .Celcius  It's market leading  CeFi  platform , The value of digital assets exceeds  160  Billion dollars , The number of users exceeds  80  ten thousand people . The platform currently plans to adopt cross chain interoperability protocols (CCIP) Generate revenue , So that any blockchain network can access assets securely locked on the platform .

Chainlink  New cross chain agreement : How to achieve decentralized cross chain messaging and asset transfer ?

CCIP  It simplifies the technical process of cross chain transfer of certificate , It provides more powerful security for users' funds , And maximize... For users  DeFi  Revenue opportunities . therefore ,Celcius  Will be for  DeFi  In the future, we will continue to develop towards multi chain ecology and make preparations in advance , And still provide users with a worry free user experience .

Cross chain applications seamlessly access all blockchains

CCIP  The launch of is to quickly promote the innovation of application developers on the blockchain . Developers will be able to create new cross chain applications , Use the pass simultaneously on all blockchains , And leverage each blockchain or application  /  Unique advantages of assets .

This will activate some new cross chain application scenarios , For example, a cross chain protocol can take advantage of the scalable computing power on a blockchain 、 Second, the diversity of pass on the blockchain 、 Storage capacity on the third blockchain and settlement security on the fourth blockchain , Finally, create a powerful hybrid smart contract application . There will be infinite possibilities in the future , We are happy to realize the first application in the blockchain industry in the near future .

Whether you are a user 、 Interface 、 The application is still the existing cross chain bridge , We all want to hear from you about  CCIP  Feedback , Help us continuously improve our solutions . Please send an email to  Share any feedback . We will be based on community feedback , Continuously improve  CCIP, And solve the cross chain requirements of all blockchain ecology and application scenarios , Finally, the hybrid smart contract will usher in a real upsurge of development and innovation , Cover all ecological , It has reached a new level in application scale and maturity .

If you want to use  CCIP  Develop cross chain functions , And learn more , Please visit   Website , Or contact an expert .

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