NFT, the key to the "meta universe"

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nft key meta universe

In the articles introducing the metauniverse these days , A reader asked : What is the meta universe ?

In my opinion, the meta universe covers a very wide range , It generally refers to a virtual world , As for what aspects of the virtual world it refers to ? At present, what I can see is probably social 、 scene 、 game 、 collection 、 Artwork etc. . But I believe that what we know and see now is only the of the meta universe “ The tip of the iceberg ”.

These areas look “ shape ” Very scattered 、 Very fragmented . This fragmentation and fragmentation means that the objects they face are different , So the meta universe is all inclusive , It can attract the broadest group and the broadest audience .

what's more , These scattered 、 The fragmented areas are still at a very early stage , In the future, they will correspond to scenes and applications in the virtual world . These scenes and applications are likely to develop from the seedlings we see today into towering trees in the future 、 Even economies we can't imagine yet .

therefore , In terms of audience and potential , The future of the meta universe is incomparably bright and huge ; From the current development of the whole ecology of the meta universe , It's still in its infancy .

The prospect is enormous 、 Development is still in infancy , I can't refuse its temptation and attraction .

That's why I'm so optimistic about the meta universe .

So for such a vast track , As an ordinary investor , How can we participate ?

From all kinds of... I've been involved in these months NFT project From experience , What impresses me most is : No matter how scattered each field in the meta cosmic Ecology 、 How to fragment , But seemingly unrelated fields are closely linked by one thing , It is NFT.

So hold on to NFT, We firmly grasp the key to the meta universe .

In the previous article , I introduced to you ,NFT It's non homogenization Tokens, For short ( In the book , I write in a more formal way “ General Certificate of heterogeneity ”). use NFT Tokens are defined differently , Each one is unique .

If we carefully observe the scenes and phenomena in life , We will find that in real life , The one and only thing we see is as like as two peas . So we can say if we use NFT To define things in real life ,NFT Tokens account for an absolute proportion in both quantity and type , This proportion may reach 90% above .

I believe that there are some basic characteristics in the way and mode of life, which are common in any form of society . So I believe that in the future meta universe ,NFT It will also account for an absolute large proportion in both quantity and types .

This is also my biggest feeling of participating in various projects in recent months .

The typical projects in various fields I introduced are all based on NFT As the core project . Of course, some projects, such as hash mask, also have ERC-20 How to play tokens , But the core of the whole project is still NFT.

Even with NFT In various fields at the core ,NFT The role and value played in it are also different : In the field of collectibles ,NFT As a similar collection ; In the club field ,NFT Is to play its value as a symbol of identity and rights ; In the field of scene class ,NFT It works as a virtual asset ; In the field of games ,NFT Is to play value as a prop ; In the field of art ,NFT It is to exert value as the ownership of works of art .

So for the majority of investors , Which of these areas should we start with ?

Different people will have different understanding of this . In my current understanding , Ordinary investors had better start from the widest audience , Start with the most frequently used areas . At present, I am most optimistic about three areas that meet these two standards : Club projects 、 Scene projects and game projects .

Personally , Because I'm not very interested in games , The understanding of the game is very shallow , So I am most concerned about club projects and scene projects .

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