Caldano report: complete centralization and global financial inclusion with the support of wave financial group

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caldano report complete centralization global


Wave Financial Group Recently and Cardano(ADA/USD) Co authored an in-depth report ,Cardano. From thought to performance , Yes Blockchain And cryptocurrency . The report covers DEFI Landscape and blockchain “ troika ”– Extensibility 、 Interoperability and sustainability , as well as Cardano adopt Wave Distinctive cFund Solutions for . This is an early 、 Cryptocurrency is a native hedge fund , Take the form of venture capital to promote Cardano Expansion .

Achieve global inclusiveness

Cardano The development of is by Input Output Global(IOG) Sponsored , Its mission is to achieve financial inclusion around the world .IOG In the process of building and testing blockchain , The goal is to ensure the scalability of the network 、 Interoperability and sustainability . This is indeed a noble goal , But if it does , The network can be transformed into a strong new economic infrastructure , Give the world's population without and without bank accounts unprecedented access to key financial services .

To deal with large and complex DAPPs And build

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The etheric fang (ETH/USD) Currently in DeFi Domain has hegemony , But the infrastructure of this network is more and more limited . Gas prices follow Ethereum in DeFi The market share of . The rising demand makes it very expensive to process even the smallest transactions on Ethereum's Network .

Cardano The function of is a decentralized application (DApp) Development platform , It is equipped with smart contract support and multi asset ledger . It aims to solve bitcoin (BTC/USD) And the performance problems faced by Ethereum's blockchain .

Scalability issues

The first and second generation blockchains run on the proof of work algorithm , This greatly reduces the network speed , Because nodes must complete complex calculations to reach a consensus .Visa The network can process about... Per second 65,000 transaction , And Ethereum is 15 pen , Bitcoin is 7 pen . This makes these blockchains too expensive for daily use , It hinders the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment .

The challenge of interoperability

Because users can't work in Ethereum based DeFi Bitcoin is used in the protocol , They can't make a profit with their bitcoin . Due to the lack of available liquidity , Lead to difficulties in loan mortgage , There is a big price slide between assets , To the lending platform 、 Decentralized exchanges and other DeFi Applications cause problems .

Sustainability issues

After a malware attack deprived the Ethereum community of a lot of money , The network experienced a hard bifurcation , Ethereum classics were born . Before they can adapt to the new network size , Both networks are trying to process transactions on time .


Cardano Working on a solution , Equip the blockchain with an effective governance system . The first is to establish a reliable method to put forward suggestions for improvement . The ultimate goal is to make Cardano The network becomes a completely self-sufficient system . In cryptocurrency Shelley Time , Created a plan , Reward network participants for their ADA The token is pledged Cardano In our liquidity pool . Again , The last era , Voltaire , It is intended that these same participants improve or manage the network .

An innovative voting and financing mechanism

IOG Plan to introduce a voting mechanism , According to this mechanism , Users can ADA Take shares as voting rights , To determine how the network will move forward . They will put forward suggestions to improve the network and vote .IOG A pooled development fund will be launched , To fund improvement proposals . With Cardano Every transaction on the network , Part of the transaction fee will flow into the Fund . This is it. Cardano How to become a fully self-sustaining network , And achieve complete decentralization . Once the community controls it ,IOG There will be no need for intervention .

Role of the project

IOG towards Wave Financial Seek support , To find the right investment opportunities .Wave Financial Group Launched cFund, An early hedge fund with cryptocurrency origin .Wave Financial Group Investing in can accelerate Cardano Innovative projects for ecosystem growth . The company cFund Evaluate companies that may invest , And take into account the relationship with Cardano Potential synergies .

cFund Our general partner has rich experience in venture capital , He is Wavemaker Partners Founder and managing partner of , The company is over 350 The company manages... In its portfolio 4.7 Billion dollars . because IOG Huge network 、 Good reputation and rich resources ,IOG send cFund Access to unique opportunities . Last ,cFund Supported by excellent research tools , This plays a key role in finding potential investments .IOG and Wave Can conduct in-depth technical investigation of opportunities , Identify companies that meet the needs of the industry , And find the trend of active participants in the blockchain industry at an early stage .

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