British auction house Christie's auctions cryptopunks, meebits, bored apes NFT

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british auction house christie auctions


Christie's, a well-known luxury auction house, announced , The company will launch the 9 month 17 The first non fragile token was held in Asia (NFT) Art auction . According to the announcement ,NFT Will exhibit Larva Labs、Meebits and Bored Apes Of Cryptopunks.

Christie's revealed for the first time in Asia NFT Auction situation

Christie's auction house in 1766 James - Christie's founded ,100 I've been auctioning luxury goods for years 、 Artwork 、 Clothing and jewelry . Christie's entered cryptocurrency and Blockchain field , And 131,250 Sold its first... At a price of $ NFT. The first piece sold by the auction house NFT It's Robert - Alice's “ The first 21 block ( North latitude 42.36433°, East longitude -71.26189°).”

stay 5 The second week of the month , Christie's held a Cryptopunks Auctions , The auction house sold more than 1600 It's sold for ten thousand dollars 9 A punk work . Christie's in Beeple NFT The auction also played a role , The sale price at the auction was as high as 6900 Thousands of dollars , Is by far the most expensive NFT.7 month , The artist “Fewocious ” At Christie's auction NFT The series has won more than 200 Million dollars in revenue .

Now? , Christie's announced another unforgeable token art auction , Will see like Cryptopunks、Bored Apes and Meebits etc. NFT Sell at auction . According to Christie's , With these NFT For the characteristics of NFT The auction will be held on 9 month 17 On the afternoon of Sunday 2 spot ( Hong Kong time ) Start , And in 9 month 28 On the afternoon of Sunday 2 spot ( Hong Kong time ) end . I'm sending it to News In a statement , Christie's says these NFT “ Very rare ”. About the auction house NFT More information on sales will be released on Monday .

“ Christie's website points out that :” Christie's launched 《 Time will not wait for me 》, This is the first time that an international auction house has offered in Asia NFT sales . The British auction house added .

The main highlights of this auction will include Larva A very rare batch created by the laboratory Cryptopunks, as well as Yuga Laboratory, Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC) and Larva The latest creation of the laboratory Meebits. The auction also marks BAYC and Meebits For the first time in any NFT Provided outside the trading platform . The auction is expected to be another milestone in the art history of cryptocurrency .

Except Christie's , Several other boutique auction houses , Such as Phillips and Sotheby's also joined NFT And blockchain . Phillips auction house is in 6 A picture of banks was auctioned in the first week of January “Laugh Now Panel ” Printed matter . Sotheby's has been working with artists , Such as Jay-Z、 Timothy, inventor of the World Wide Web - John - berners - Sir li , Also auctioning diamonds for cryptocurrency .

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