On risk control of digital currency industry from the latest speech of SEC Chairman

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risk control digital currency industry

Qu coin network Blockchain 8 month 8 -     At the beginning of August , Chairman of the American Stock Exchange Commission Gary Gensler stay Aspen Security Forum The forum is aimed at the digital currency industry ( Including exchange ) Regulators expressed their views , He believes that the digital currency industry needs to be in 《 Securities law 》、《 Banking law 》 and 《 Commodity law 》 Operate under the supervision of , From this we can see that , Regulators are very concerned about risk control in this emerging market .


Gary Gensler Think , Encrypted platforms in the financial industry that can trade pass cards and other places where people can lend pass cards , It can not only involve the securities law , It may even involve commodity law and Banking Law . Besides , Unlike other markets where investors trade through intermediaries such as the New York Stock Exchange , People from all over the world can work in... Without an agent Cryptocurrency Continuous trading on the trading platform . Although many overseas platforms say they do not allow U.S. investors to participate , But U.S. traders can still use virtual private networks for unregulated transactions , If there are securities on these trading platforms , According to law , They must register with the securities and Exchange Commission , Unless they meet the exemption conditions .

It seems , Digital money service institutions need to be subject to the same securities laws as traditional financial institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange 、 Even the regulation of commodity law and Banking Law . This means the extent to which the New York Stock Exchange's risk control , To what extent should the risk control of digital money service institutions . However, whether digital money service institutions really have this level of risk control ability can not help but raise questions .

Risk control is the top priority of digital money service institutions

in fact , Risk control has always been the top priority in the traditional financial field , Only by effectively controlling the risk , In order to fully protect users and consumers , Only users and consumers really feel protected , They will trust you completely .“ credit ” For banks 、 The stock exchange 、 Insurance companies are very important things for traditional financial institutions such as insurance companies , In financial institutions , Credit means everything , The digital currency industry is no exception . If you want a digital money service organization to have enough credit , Only through effective risk control means can .

Now , The digital age has come , Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology began to rise , The importance of risk control also extends from traditional finance to cryptocurrency , More and more people begin to pay attention to the risk control of cryptocurrency transactions . As the core of the ecosystem, digital money service institutions , The importance of risk control is self-evident .

I have to admit that , At present, the cryptocurrency industry is still in the early stage of development , It gives people a mixed feeling . At present, there are many large and small digital money service institutions , But most of the risk control capabilities are not satisfactory , Only a few digital money service institutions have sufficient risk control awareness 、 Risk control technology and risk control means . therefore , Many newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry usually choose those who have word-of-mouth 、 Large digital currency service organization with brand , Instead of trading on some unknown exchange .

Beyond all doubt , Digital money service organizations want to win the trust of users , Risk is the lifeblood . Whether the risk control is done enough 、 Whether execution can keep up with market changes , Is definitely the key to testing an exchange . Last year, “ Exchange black swan incident ” I believe many people still remember , At that time, many exchanges closed their capital replenishment Services . By comparing the risk control measures of several leading digital money service institutions in the market, we can find that , Some digital money service institutions may only have some KYC Compliance strategy , Some exchanges choose to implement different compliance strategies at different stages .

It's not hard to find out , Leaders in the field of digital money service institutions have one thing in common , That is to make great efforts in safety risk control , And have achieved good results . These exchanges generally carry out risk control from the institutional level , Since its inception, it has regarded risk control as the lifeline of its own development . Some of them will design internal monitoring and control transaction procedures to strictly verify identity , And set up a professional team to take charge of anti money laundering , The risk prevention method will also be used to carry out due diligence and continuous supervision on customers , Review and regularly check transactions that have occurred , Continuously upgrade the anti money laundering risk control strategy . More Than This , Some exchanges have also established a strong anti money laundering system , A lot of resources have been invested in risk audit for manual verification , Cover advance warning 、 Intercept in the middle of the matter 、 Post processing full link operation . Although some users will feel that the audit time is relatively long , But in fact, these trivial information review work must spend a lot of time , The purpose is to better protect the asset transaction security of platform users .

since this year on , There have been several encrypted exchanges and prosecutions 、 The cooperation of the judiciary in combating money laundering and capital transactions has taken place . With the assistance of the exchange, relevant departments in many places have frozen a number of black property accounts , A number of suspects have been arrested . Of course , This series of actions are aimed at accounts involving black products , Normal user accounts are not affected .


actually , according to FATF《40 Suggestions 》、《 Measures for the administration of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing by Internet financial institutions 》 And other traditional financial regulatory regulations , Mainstream digital money service institutions have the responsibility and obligation to conduct a comprehensive anti money laundering review of users .

Although cryptocurrency trading platforms are not allowed in many jurisdictions , But individuals buy and sell bitcoin and so on “ Specific virtual goods ” It's not against the law , Normal digital asset trading is also regarded as an independent civil act at its own risk . As a new trading platform, digital money service institutions , It has long been criticized for lack of supervision and industry self-discipline , Even if some exchanges in this field are doing well now , But on the whole , The digital money service industry is in the depth of risk control 、 Efforts to 、 And the breadth is still far from enough . From the current market situation , Due to the increasingly fierce internal competition , In order to gain more market share, digital money service institutions have to spend most of their technical funds and personnel on daily operations , As a result, the investment in the field of risk control is relatively small , Insufficient risk control capability .

At this stage , Only in risk control efforts , Let users generate “ Sense of trust ”, Provide security for users 、 Reliable digital asset trading and asset management services , The exchange will get unexpected gains .

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