How can encryption enterprises certify green energy through blockchain?

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encryption enterprises certify green energy

Digital identity

This use case prevents theft and gives individuals greater autonomy over their data .

 How encryption enterprises authenticate green energy through blockchain ?

Decentralized identity is when one can control 、 Where and with whom to share credentials . In the real world , Sharing credentials is a matter of course —— But in the digital world , For a long time, there has been a lack of security 、 Smart ways to do this .

at present IBM Verify Credentials A method based on Blockchain Digital identity system , Make known 、 A trusted issuer can issue certificates to individuals . In turn, , These people can hold and present credentials to the verification organization of their choice .

For businesses , Costly password reset 、 Emerging privacy regulations and other identity management challenges force enterprises to shift resources away from their core business strategies .IBM Verify Credentials Allow enterprises to exchange new license data sets with trust , While maintaining their relationship with end users .

Energy and sustainability

At present, oil and gas companies are subject to isolated infrastructure and lack of transparency 、 Efficiency and optimization .

How to use blockchain to authenticate the source of green energy ?

according to Encryption enterprise Iberdrola Description of , They have launched a pilot project based on the use of blockchain , To ensure the supply and consumption of energy in real time is 100% Renewable . Use this technology , Link the factories that produce electricity to specific points of consumption , So we can track the source of energy . This increases transparency and ultimately encourages the use of renewable energy .

This technology is an effective way to allocate power generation assets to specific consumption points , It can even be used to establish a priority hierarchy when sources are involved . This enables the renewable energy certification process to be accelerated and automated , Because there is a greater degree of traceability .

In this regard, for long-term power purchase agreements based on renewable assets (PPA) crucial , Because these agreements require proof that the energy provided comes from 100% Green Resources . These agreements play an important role today , Because they promote the growth of renewable energy by encouraging large companies to buy such energy .

Blockchain also ensures the transparency and security of transactions , The trade fair is permanently recorded on the platform , All parties are allowed to review the results . The technology can also work under a smart contract that is automatically executed when both parties fulfill the agreed terms , This reduces mediation and simplifies the process . This reduces costs and increases privacy .

  • Have core reserve assets
  • from 0 To 1 And greater distribution expansion , Reserve issuance mode should be selected
  • Have ( near )1:1 transaction / Market making / Mortgage coinage ( It is the premise of establishing a real-time arbitrage cashing mechanism )
  • The demand side drives the issuance of stable currency and use case scenarios ( Requirements are established first , Continue to stimulate the expansion of the scale of stable currency , Better than fanatical mining / Flexible issuance expansion )
  • With immediate arbitrage payment ( Maintain pricing market with efficient open market operations / The exchange rate of the trading pool is anchored )
  • The anti death spiral of reserve assets ( With the help of mainstream currency 、USDC etc. , Or rely on the underlying economic model of Dagong chain )
  • The competition between the two speeds ( The rate at which arbitragers level the exchange rate in the pricing market VS The rate at which arbitragers make profits and sell off reserve assets leads to a decline + Its reserve assets are also in an extreme market, and it is also facing a decline , Only the speed of the former can effectively prevent the aggravation of the death spiral )
  • Mortgage stable currency can not effectively solve the positive premium arbitrage anchor ,MakerDAO In the presence of 60% USDC Reserves and PSM After that, it has been the same as the stable currency mode of the algorithm , All stable currency items are close to the same first principle in the core mechanism , Mutual achievement and support

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