Project weekly Ethereum destroyed 36% of the circulation of new coins in two days

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project weekly ethereum destroyed circulation

Qu coin weekly It is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by qucoin , The content covers the key news of the week 、 Market and contract data 、 Mining information 、 Project dynamics 、 Industry trends such as technological progress . This article is project weekly , Show you the progress of mainstream projects and star projects this week .

The etheric fang

Ethereum destroyed... Of the new coin issue in two days 36%

Qucoin reported , From Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP)1559 Since activation , The network has been removed from circulation or “ The destruction ” More than 5000 gold ETH, Value contract 1400 Thousands of dollars , Of the total new coins issued in the same period 36%.

data : Ethereum miners 24 Hourly income ( With ETH Calculation ) Less 12.6%

data display , Ethereum miners 24 Hourly income ( With ETH Calculation ) Less 12.6%,8 month 6 Day and 8 month 5 The handling fee income has been reduced by half compared with that of the day ( from 4555 To 2272ETH). But some miners said that due to the rise of currency price , Previously hoarded ETH Get more benefits .

Ethereum developers : Five major reasons, such as users' taste of fresh food, lead to EIP-1559 Upgraded Gas Rise in price

8 month 6 Daily news , Ecological construction coordinator of Ethereum Foundation Trenton Van Epps Tweet and explain , Or there are five reasons for EIP-1559 Upgraded Gas Rise in price , Specific for :1. There are some large-scale NFT Airdrop is in progress , It leads to network congestion ;2. Many service providers ( Like the exchange ) Some features were disabled during network upgrade ( Recharge withdrawal ), Once the upgrade is complete, the network is stable , This pent up demand will be released centrally ;3. Some miners will Gas Limit Set below 3000 ten thousand , So that each block only uses about 1350 ten thousand Gas, Increased congestion ; 4. ETH The secondary market fluctuated and rose ;5. The user is sending a large number of transaction attempts EIP-1559 function . In addition, for Priority Fee ( Gratuity ) Why higher than 2Gwei,Trenton Van Epps I think there are two main reasons :1. Each wallet interface (API) Still rolling out , So most users haven't even sent a new transaction type , It makes it impossible to adjust Priority Fee;2.Gas API It will take time to adjust the algorithm to recommend the appropriate Priority Fee, So now many people are still observing and adjusting .

beautiful SEC The chairman declined to comment on whether Ethereum was a security

Qucoin reported , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Gary Gensler Express ,Howey The test is clear enough , It can be determined whether a cryptocurrency asset is a security . However , Although he has repeatedly stated in the past that bitcoin is a commodity , But avoided questions about Ethereum's regulatory status . It is reported that , As early as 2018 year ,Gensler Claim that there are good reasons to ETH Classified as securities .

Genesis The report : Ethereum's ecological market share continues to rise

8 month 7 Daily news , according to Genesis The report of , Bitcoin transactions account for nearly... Of the total transactions completed on its platform 47%. This number marks the beginning of bitcoin 2020 In the second quarter of 80% The share fell sharply . Most of the market share lost by bitcoin has been transferred to Ethereum , Accounting for... Of the trading volume in the same period 25%. meanwhile , The agency has also shown interest in uni、sushi、aave Such as Ethereum based defi Agreed defi Token demand . Besides , People are right. Solana and Binance Interest in tokens is also growing .

Ethereum expansion network Arbitrum plan 8 Launch the public beta version of the main network before the end of the month

Official news , Ethereum expansion network Arbitrum Announce plans for 8 Launch the public beta version of the main network open to users before the end of the month , But the exact date has not been set .Arbitrum Development team OffchainLabs The upgrade control right of the public beta version of the main network will be reserved , In order to continuously improve its performance , And quickly respond to possible safety accidents .Arbitrum One The portal will be launched before the public beta version of the main network is released .Arbitrum The team says , There are more than 400 Projects won Arbitrum Access qualification , More than a dozen projects have been successfully deployed .

data : Hourly consumption of Ethereum network after London upgrade 39.5 Thousands of dollars in ETH

8 month 6 Daily news , The London hard fork went online on Thursday , Ushered in the adjustment gas Cost EIP-1559 upgrade . Part of this adjustment introduces a mechanism , This mechanism will consume part of the basic fee charged . According to the wanted data , Since about 14 Since the upgrade was launched hours ago ETH The total of about 3,395ETH.Etherchain The average burning rate reported is... Per minute 2.36ETH. This is equivalent to every minute 6,596 dollar , Or at current prices , About an hour 395000 The dollar ETH Appreciate in metaphor . The counter reports that , At present ETH Price is about 2,800 US dollar calculation , A total of 3,390ETH, Value up to 950 Thousands of dollars .NFT market OpenSea It's the most popular ETH burner , Destroyed... Since the upgrade started 374 individual ETH, Or slightly higher than 100 Thousands of dollars . In the second place is Uniswap Of the 2 edition , It's burned 263 individual ETH, namely 740,000 dollar .

London's hard bifurcation makes V God has more faith in Ethereum merger

Qucoin reported ,V god (Vitalik Buterin) Claimed in the interview that , After the successful launch “ London ” After hard bifurcation , He “ absolute ” For Ethereum and Ethereum 2.0 More confidence in the merger .V God said , After abandoning the workload certificate to move to the equity Certificate , Ethereum's energy consumption is expected to decline 99% above . It is reported that , Originally set to 2019 Ethereum released in 2.0 The full version of is expected to be in 2022 Released in .

The currency

Bloomberg encrypted report : Bitcoin will outperform the market in the second half of this year

8 month 6 Daily news , Bloomberg analysts Mike McGlone At Pember 8 The monthly cryptocurrency outlook report said , Bitcoin will outperform the market in the second half of this year , Bitcoin gives an optimistic outlook for the future , And bitcoin is expected to return to 100000 dollar . The report says , For most of bitcoin's history , The trend change in about three years is enough to maintain more development ( That is, the current price is bullish ), Especially in an environment where most countries welcome open encryption discussions and free markets , Supply is falling , And demand and adoption rates are rising . Bitcoin is becoming digital gold , In such a world , Free market capitalism is rising through digital assets , Unless the trend continues to reverse , Otherwise, the dollar and bitcoin will become the main beneficiaries .

Bitcoin whales suddenly transfer value 17.8 Billion dollars BTC

8 month 7 Daily news , Blockchain tracker Whale Alert Found four large bitcoin transactions , A whale moved in an hour 41,671BTC, value 17.8 Billion dollars .

Industry experts : The market prefers physical bitcoin based ETF

Qucoin reported , Encryption industry experts and ETF People in the field said , Bitcoin futures ETF Not what the market wants . Bloomberg ETF Research Analyst James Seyffart call , People don't want bitcoin futures exposure , They want physical bitcoin exposure . Bitcoin has been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ETF The investment company applied for VanEck Director of digital asset strategy Gabor Gurbacs Express , Physical investment in bitcoin ETF More effective than futures based fund structures . He claimed that , The introduction of futures contracts is expensive for issuers , The cost is higher for investors , And on the whole , The liquidity of futures market is lower than that of spot market .Gurbacs Think , The SEC should allow market participants to choose products , Instead of blocking structures that better protect investors . Previous news ,SEC chairman Gary Gensler Hint , He is backed by bitcoin Futures ETF Take a more open attitude , Not physical bitcoin ETF.

data : Bitcoin continued to flow out of centralized exchange

Tokenview Data monitoring on the chain , The inflow of bitcoin on the exchange has continued to shrink in the past two weeks , Bitcoin continues to flow out . among 7 month 26 Japan ,7 month 28 Daily genus Binance Wallet adjustment ,3 Start with an address 30000 gold BTC Your duty to withdraw money , after 7 month 29 Ten thousand pieces a day BTC from Huobi inflows Binance, meanwhile Binance And ten thousand BTC To another address . After changes in the past two weeks , exchange BTC Trading frequency decreases day by day , especially 8 month 1 Japan ,8 month 2 The performance is most obvious on the day , near 2020 end of the year 2021 Transaction frequency at the beginning of the year .

Point of view : The fund cost of bitcoin futures is higher than ETF, Management is also more complex

Against the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Gary Gensler stay Aspen The security forum talked about bitcoin ETF when , It is recommended that such funds only track bitcoin Futures , This requires investors to invest a lot of margin to trade , And the bitcoin based technology that most encryption enthusiasts expect ETF Different . Asset management company VanEck Director of digital asset research Matthew Sigel Express : We believe that funds based on bitcoin futures are inferior products , They have been underperforming bitcoin prices , It is also more complex in Management , The cost is higher than ETF. They are unqualified investment vehicles . Bloomberg ETF analysts James Seyffart Express : It's just a different stepping stone . Futures are regulated , It can provide additional investor protection for the bitcoin market , But the essence is not much different , Because if bitcoin can be manipulated , Bitcoin futures will also be affected accordingly . But the demand level of futures products is low , They won't be like real bitcoin ETF So large or growing so fast .

beautiful SEC The chairman hinted that bitcoin ETF Or face strict regulations

Qucoin reported , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Gary Gensler It suggests a possible way for bitcoin ETF to obtain approval .Gensler Express , accord with SEC Strict rules on mutual funds ETF It can provide necessary protection for investors .Gensler Also expressed concern about the focus on bitcoin futures ETF Be open . These bitcoin futures are CME Provide , And require investors to invest a lot of margin to trade .Gensler call :“ In view of these important protective measures , Staff are expected to review such applications , Especially if these applications are limited to these CME Bitcoin futures traded .

Other items

Uniswap founder : At the current speed ,Uniswap It can be destroyed every year 35 over ETH

Uniswap founder HaydenAdams stay EIP-1559 Two hours after the upgrade went online, they tweeted :Uniswap About... Have been destroyed 80 gold ETH, At this speed , only Uniswap It will be destroyed in a year 35 over ETH, Value is close to 10 Billion dollars . He said that this upgrade was a great victory for Ethereum .

PolkaWorld:Kusama The second round of online auction is the fastest or in 9/3-9/10 Turn on

8 month 5 Daily news ,PolkaWorld Today's post calculates Kusama When will the network start the second round of slot auction , The paper said ,Kusama The network is currently in the second 14 individual Lease, And there is 29 Days end the current Lease, Go to 15 individual Lease.Kusama The lease term of each round of slot auction must be the same Lease Period range , So in the first round of auction , All bidding teams , Need to be in 13-20 Choose the lease term they want to use between periods . If Kusama The second round of online slot auction is Lease 15 To Lease 22, The fastest time for the second round of auction is 29 Within a week of days , That is, about 2021 year 9 month 3 The day is coming 9 month 10 Between days . But if Lease 15 To Lease 22 It's not started yet Kusama The second round of auction , You need to calculate Lease 16 To Lease 23 Auction time .

INS3 A new phase of brand upgrading has been completed

According to the official news ,INS3 A new phase of global brand upgrading has been completed , For the brand LOGO And the official website .INS3 Will provide customers with security 、 trusted 、 Efficient 、 Convenient and completely decentralized insurance services .

Aave founder :Aave Consider deploying in Solana and Avalanche The possibility of

8 month 6 Daily news , Decentralized lending agreements Aave founder Stani Kulechov stay Chainlink Said at the smart contract summit that his team is developing a Multi Chain Strategy , Consider expanding its market to Ethereum and Polygon outside .Kulechov Express , May be through Neon Labs Of Solana EVM Compatible solutions are deployed in Solana On , At the same time, we are also exploring the deployment in Avalanche Public chain and Optimism And Arbitrum Wait for Ethereum layer 2 network .Kulechov It also confirms that , The project is committed to building a cross chain governance framework . in addition ,Kulechov It also revealed that the team plans to establish a decentralized “ The etheric fang Twitter”, And through its Aave Pro The product launches private ore pools for institutions .

Unifty Launch the dual token of community management

NFT The ecological system Unifty stay 8 month 3 Launched its community managed dual token . After successful release , The public will be able to pass through Unifty Pledge on the platform NIF Tokens to access new UNT Tokens, . new UNT Token holders will be able to use digital assets as Unifty A practical token of the ecosystem . Use new tokens , Holders can unlock new features 、 Payment cost 、 Deploy services or use decentralized applications (dApps). Besides ,NFT Token Will be used primarily for governance and voting rights on proposals .

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