Ethereum London upgrade has been completed. What should miners pay attention to?

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ethereum london upgrade completed. completed

Client version

For compatibility with London upgrade , Node operators need to upgrade the client version they are running , The following table shows the version numbers of all clients that support the London upgrade of Ethereum main network . These versions are different from the previously released versions that support the London upgrade of the test network , Several previous versions do not support the London upgrade of Ethereum main network .

 Ethereum London upgrade completed What precautions do miners have ?

The client version number that supports the London upgrade of Ethereum main network

Be careful :

1、Besu Client version on 2021 year 8 month 4 Daily update , It's mainly to fix things that have nothing to do with the London upgrade 、 Errors affecting the trading pool .

2、Go-ethereum、Nethermind and Erigon Client versions are available on 2021 year 7 month 23 Daily update , Main solution Ropsten Test network consensus problem .

3、 After the London upgrade ,OpenEthereum The client will be discarded ,OE  The team is working with Erigon cooperation , Provide users with a smooth transition .

London upgrade EIP

The London upgrade includes the following EIP:

EIP-1559:ETH 1.0 Chain transaction fee market changes

EIP-3198:BASEFEE opcode

EIP-3529: Reduce refunds

EIP-3541: Refuse to 0xEF A new contract starting with a byte

EIP-3554: Difficulty bomb delayed to 2021 year 12 month 1 Japan

It should be noted that ,EIP-1559 Although backward compatible with the current transaction format , But for the block (Block header) Made changes , Added new transaction type and new JSON RPC Endpoint , And changed in multiple scenarios ( dig 、 Trading pools, etc ) The operation of , It is strongly recommended that all project parties be familiar with London upgrade EIP The content of .

Ethereum users or ETH What the holder needs to do ?

If you use an exchange ( for example Coinbase、Kraken or Binance)、 Web Wallet ( for example  Metamask、MyCrypto  or  MyEtherWallet)、 Mobile wallet ( for example  Coinbase Wallet、Trust Wallet), Or hardware wallet ( for example  Ledger、Trezor), Unless the exchange or wallet service informs you to take other steps , Otherwise you don't need to do anything .

What do non mining node operators need to do ?

If you run your own Ethereum node , You need to upgrade your node . According to the client version number listed above , Download the latest version of Ethereum client .

What miners need to do ?

First , According to the client version number listed above , Download the latest version of Ethereum client . then , You need to manually Gas Limit Set it to twice what it is now . for example , Before the London upgrade , The block size you set is 15,000,000 gas, Now you need to set the block capacity to  30,000,000 gas. This is because once the London upgrade is activated , The block capacity will be doubled , and EIP-1559 Will keep the block size at... Of the block capacity 50% about . This can be done on all clients that are compatible with the London upgrade of the main network JSON-RPC Endpoint completion , There is no need to restart your node .

The following table shows the adjustments for each client Gas Limit Need to call API Interface .

 Ethereum London upgrade completed What precautions do miners have ?

Be careful :Nethermind、Erigon and EthereumJS Mining on Ethereum main network is not supported yet .

How did the network upgrade happen ?

What should be included in the upgrade in the community EIP After reaching a consensus , Changes to the protocol will be written to various Ethereum clients , for example  geth、Erigon、Besu and Nethermind, These protocol changes will be activated in specific blocks . Any node not upgraded to the new version will be discarded on the old chain , The old rules are still used on the old chain .

What happens if miners or node operators don't upgrade ?

Network upgrade is a change to the underlying Ethereum protocol , Create new rules to improve the system . The decentralized nature of blockchain makes network upgrading more difficult . Ethereum network upgrade requires communication and cooperation with Ethereum community and developers of Ethereum clients , To ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly .

If the miner or node operator's Ethereum client is not upgraded to the latest version listed above , After London upgrade , Your client will continue to synchronize the chain before the hard fork . You will be trapped in an incompatible chain , Unable to send Ethereum or operate on the upgraded Ethereum network in London .

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