Why didn't gas drop sharply after the implementation of eip-1559

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didn gas drop sharply implementation

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Nearly destroyed 4000 gold ETH Of EIP-1559 Leading to soaring network costs ? There are five reasons

8 month 5 Friday night 8 Half past six , Ethereum master network reaches the designated block height 12,965,000, With the upgrade of hard bifurcation in London, it was officially launched , Five EIP To be activated , Include :EIP-1559、EIP-3198、EIP-3529、EIP-3541 as well as EIP-3554. In especial EIP-1559 It is the focus of attention , The proposal introduces a base fee (Base fee), This part will not be allocated to miners , It's directly destroyed .

end 8 month 6 On the afternoon of Sunday 1 Half past six , according to Ultrsound.money data display , in the past 17 Hours ,EIP-1559 Has pushed for destruction 3,841.57 gold ETH. Although Ethereum has not yet entered deflation , But this has led to a significant reduction in new circulation .

EIP-1559 Soon after implementation , The cost of Ethereum network service charge rises sharply in a short time . according to Gas Now data display ,8 month 6 Early morning 1 P.m. , stay 「 Fast 」 By standard ,Gas The price reaches 264 gwei peak .

Why? Gas Price ( Basic costs ) Suddenly it soared ? Why do users tip (tips) Than 2 gwei It's still high .

EIP-1559 After implementation Gas Why didn't it drop sharply

Ecological staff of Ethereum Foundation trent.eth Responded on twitter :  

EIP-1559 After implementation Gas Why didn't it drop sharply

Why is the basic cost so high

1. There are some large-scale NFT Airdrop is in progress , Lead to network congestion .

2. A lot of services ( Such as trading platform ) Some features were disabled during network upgrade . Once these platforms are satisfied with the stability of the upgraded blockchain , Will release this pent up demand .

3. Some miners will gas The limit is set below 3000 ten thousand , Only about 1350 ten thousand gas. by comparison , Before the upgrade gas The limitation is 1500 ten thousand → Available block space is reduced → Throughput reduction .

4. The user is trying a new EIP 1559 function : Send a large number of transactions , Send their first destruction transaction .

priorityFee( Gratuity ) Why higher than 2 gwei

5. Each wallet interface (API) Still rolling out . Most people don't even send new transaction types → Unable to adjust priorityFee( Gratuity ). notes : Tip is an additional fee that users can pay to miners , So that your transaction can be confirmed faster .

these API It takes time to adjust their algorithms to provide recommendations priorityFee—— Now many wallets are still observing the mechanism and adjusting .

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