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invokes smart contract school district

1. obtain abi file : The interface of the contract

stay remix After compiling the contract in the tool , There will be one. abi, Copy
 Insert picture description here
And then create a new one xx.abi file , Paste the assigned value into it

 Insert picture description here

Be careful : The code has changed , After recompilation abi It will change too. , So be sure to use the latest abi

It can also be done through solc Generate abi:

solc --bin test.sol -o test.abi

2. install abigen Tools : Used to generate go file ,

Download the file :github Address

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 Insert picture description here
To find the main.go file , Conduct go build, Generate abigen.exe file .
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And then on bin Here in the directory
 Insert picture description here Then you can verify it here
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Use abigen Tool generation go file

abigen --abi xx.abi --pkg packagename --type structname --out xx.go
  • abi The file in remix You can get
  • pkg Specify the package name of the output file , That is to say package name
  • type Specify the contract structure name
  • out Specify the output go File name

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3. remix Connect private chain

geth Start the private chain , To specify rpccorsdomain *, Otherwise, in the remix It can't be connected in .
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choice Web3 Provider The way , Default connection private chain 8545 port

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But you can see that we don't have account Of
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So we can create a account
 Insert picture description here
After creating two
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You can see it here .

4. Contract deployment

1. Connect private chain : choice Web3 Provider, Default port number 8545, If geth Starting up rpc The port numbers are inconsistent , Change to be consistent
2. Deployment contract

The following errors may occur , List the solutions here
1 .Error: authentication needed: password or unlock: This error report can unlock the account
Account unlock :personal.unlockAccount(“ Account address ”)

 Insert picture description here
unlock Just a moment
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2 .Returned error: exceeds block gas limit: This error depends on the block number gaslimit, When deploying, change to always
Get block number :eth.blockNumber
Get details according to the block number :eth.getBlock(0) Will see gasLimit Value , At deployment time gaslimit Can't be greater than this
 Insert picture description here  Insert picture description here

3 .Returned error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value: The deployment contract requires a handling fee , Have to earn , Through mining

 Insert picture description here
Don't have the money , Mining to make money .
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  • Start mining with the specified number of threads :miner.start(1)
  • Stop mining :miner.stop()
  • Check if you are digging :eth.mining true: Mining ,false: Not mining
  • Get the account address array :eth.accounts
  • Get mining address :eth.coinbase By default, the first account created
  • Check the first account balance :eth.getBalance(eth.accounts[0])
  • Get the balance of the specified account :eth.getBalance(“ Account address ”)

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5. Initialize the creation block of the private chain node

Create a new one genesis.json file , The contents are as follows





meaning :

  • coinbase: Mining account address , Random filling , Later, you can set , Generally, the first user created by default
  • difficulty: The current difficulty of setting blocks , If it's too difficult ,cpu Mining is hard , It's a little bit more difficult here
  • gasLimit: This value is set for GAS The total consumption limit of , Used to limit the total amount of transaction information a block can contain , Fill in the maximum .
  • nonce: nonce It's just one. 64 Bit random number , For mining , Pay attention to him and me mixhash The setting of needs to meet Ethereum's Yellow paper
  • mixhash: And nonce It is used for mining , Generated by a part of the previous block hash.
  • parentHash: Of the last block hash value , Because it's genesis , So this value is 0extraData:
  • timestamp: Set the timestamp of the creation block
  • alloc: Used to preset the account number and the number of ethers in the account , Because private chain mining is easier , So we don't need to preset an account with currency , You can create it yourself when you need it .

cmd Enter to store json Path to file

geth -datadir "fanone" init genesis.json

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 Insert picture description here  Insert picture description here

6. Contract deployment

You need to pay a handling fee when deploying

7. call

github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum v1.10.0

package main
import (
func main() {

// Connect rpc
client,err := ethclient.Dial("")
// Define the account address to operate the contract 
addr := "0x29794ab2ed6c47faff7ebdd6dcdd71a263e25460"
// Convert the string address to common.Address
common_addr := common.HexToAddress(addr)
if err != nil {

panic(" Error connecting Ethereum contract ")
// Create contract object 
contract_obj,err11 := contract.NewTestAddress(common_addr,client)
if err11 !=nil {

panic(" Error creating contract object ")
fmt.Println(contract_obj.TestAddressCaller) // Caller Access function 
fmt.Println(contract_obj.TestAddressTransactor) // Transactor Have function 
fmt.Println(contract_obj.TestAddressFilterer) // It doesn't work 
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