Foreign media: the new bitcoin tax plan in the United States may stifle more environmentally friendly blockchain technology

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According to foreign media The Verge reports , The bipartisan infrastructure bill being discussed in the US Senate may reshape the cryptocurrency world , Because legislators have debated the new tax reporting requirements for various parts of the blockchain system . According to the 《 Washington post 》 reports , Thursday , US Treasury Secretary Janet · Yellen directly lobbied lawmakers to retain stricter cryptocurrency tax provisions in the infrastructure Bill .

Foreign media think , It's a sign , It shows that the White House is committed to incorporating cryptocurrency into the broader tax filing system , Even the details of the new requirements may undermine the delicate political balance of the infrastructure plan .

from the beginning , The drafters of the bipartisan infrastructure framework want to use 280 A $billion new cryptocurrency tax ( stay 10 Levied during the year ) To offset the sharp increase in new spending . Broadly , The tax proposal is not controversial —— But it is difficult to agree on the details of who will bear the burden of reporting transactions .

The original text of the bill released a few days ago put forward a wide range of new requirements for cryptocurrency brokers , Ask them to report transactions as part of their tax returns , This is similar to the existing traditional asset trading requirements . But the original text is right “ agent ” The definition of is vague , It may extend to wallet developers or miners .

Senator Ron · Wyden et al. Proposed an amendment . Ron · Whitton (D-OR)、 Cynthia · Rumis (R-WY) And pat · Tumi (R-PA) The amendment will explicitly exempt miners from any reporting requirements , But the amendment has not yet been adopted . lately , By Senator mark · A group of lawmakers led by Warner proposed a slightly harsh compromise , The plan has gained more support in Congress , But many cryptocurrency advocates are uneasy . especially , Advocates worry that , The unbalanced reporting requirements in Warner's amendment may lead to a lasting division between different blockchain technologies .

Most cryptocurrencies still rely on things like bitcoin “ Proof of workload ” Blockchain , This requires energy consuming “ dig ” To authenticate new entries on the blockchain . But a new blockchain model will allow miners to authenticate blocks by betting a certain amount of money ( So called “ Proof of interest ”), This allows faster and more complex transactions . Proof of interest blockchain is still not very popular , but Zcash And other cryptocurrencies are actively considering switching to the new mode . Ethereum is launching its own blockchain , It's called Ethereum 2.0 or ETH2.

The amendment proposed by Warner is against “ agent ” The definition of includes “ Proof of interest ” The miners , But does not include “ Proof of workload ” The miners , as a result of “ Proof of interest ” Increased mining complexity and financial flexibility . But cryptocurrency groups worry , additional regulatory The burden will keep the token away from “ Proof of interest ” System , New innovations are stifled before they have a chance to gain a foothold .

Coin Center Of Neeraj Agrawal tell The Verge:“ The language in the new amendment puts one of many competitive technologies into law . This is the government's choice of a winner in an otherwise competitive field . The worst part is , Technology policy on this scale is buried as a last-minute tax clause in a large-scale infrastructure bill that must be passed . This is not the way to make policy .”

Whereas “ Proof of workload ” Mining has a strong demand for energy , This division is particularly divisive , This has been a pain point of cryptocurrency for a long time , Many people had hoped that the proof of interest system could solve this problem . In a tweet on Thursday night , Senator Wyden criticized Warner's amendment from the perspective of climate policy , Call it “ A safe harbor in the form of encryption technology recognized by the government as the most destructive to the climate .”

Most bitcoin groups , Include Coin Center, Now they are pushing the Wyden amendment , Think this is the least destructive option , Despite lobbying by the White House .“ If your elected representatives don't hear your opinions , This will not happen ,”Coinbase CEO Brian - Armstrong tweeted :“ Please contact your Senator , Ask them to support the amendment .”

 Foreign media : The new bitcoin tax plan in the United States may stifle more environmentally friendly blockchain Technology

 Foreign media : The new bitcoin tax plan in the United States may stifle more environmentally friendly blockchain Technology

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