Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence? Why can it challenge the hegemony of the US dollar?

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isn digital rmb rmb essence

Digital RMB, as its name implies, is the electronic version of RMB , It is a booster to promote the internationalization and de dollarization of RMB , At present, digital RMB has been piloted in many regions of China , The emergence of digital RMB , Touched the sensitive nerves of the United States , Because of the recent severe inflation in the United States , Commodity prices hit a record high 13 New year high , At the same time, due to the shortage of supply chain , Leading to the depression of the financial industry , To add insult to injury , The emergence of digital RMB , It is also likely to threaten the dominance of the dollar , At present, the United States is in a mess , Evidenced by .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

Digital RMB

How powerful is the digital RMB in the experimental issuance stage in China ? It has no financial risk of bitcoin , Don't worry about being cut . The payment method is simple and convenient , And Alipay and WeChat It's no different , Even without the Internet , Payment function can also be realized , So here comes the question , What is the difference between digital Renminbi and Alipay WeChat? ?

First , Digital RMB is essentially different from the two , Digital RMB is a legal digital currency that has not been fully issued , It's like real money , It can be understood as money printed by code , Alipay and WeChat are just payment tools. , Money Porter .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

The money in the digital Renminbi and WeChat Alipay is not a concept.

secondly , Their settlement party is also different , The settlement Party of digital RMB is the central bank , And the settlement parties of Alipay and WeChat are major commercial banks. , There are many examples of business failures in history , If a commercial bank fails , Excess deposit 50 The part of ten thousand won't be compensated , But the central bank will never fail , Compared with the two, digital RMB has higher security .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

The settlement Party of digital RMB is the central bank

There is also the way of payment. Digital RMB is more convenient and humanized than Alipay and WeChat. , In the absence of a network , Digital RMB can still be traded normally . The buyer and the seller only need to touch their mobile phones , The reason is that the digital RMB adopts the latest dual offline technology .

Another point is that the operation of the digital Renminbi and WeChat Alipay settlement side is different. , Want to trade with WeChat and Alipay , It is necessary to participate in the third party platform between WeChat and Alipay. , For example, you transfer it to each other 300 Yuan , We must first apply to Alipay WeChat's third party platform. , Then Alipay WeChat's third party platform finds your account in the database. , Then change the balance between the buyer and the seller , Throughout the transaction , Personal information will inevitably be leaked to third-party platforms , But digital RMB is different , The transaction process is more like the traditional cash transaction , You paid each other 100 element , The other party received 100 element , The whole process does not require the intervention of a third-party platform , It can effectively protect personal information from disclosure .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

Digital RMB has better confidentiality

The reason why digital RMB can achieve the payment process does not need the intervention of a third-party platform , Because it uses advanced cryptography , Blockchain, distributed accounting and other cutting-edge technical means . meanwhile , Digital RMB is better in bookkeeping , Each number is RMB , All have unique identification codes , Serial number equivalent to paper RMB , such as A Transfer to b Fingerprint marked as 2584 Digital RMB , after b Then mark the fingerprint as 2584 RMB transfer to c, The flow of the whole transaction process can be traced back , Like a serial number 2584 Paper money flows in the market , WeChat Alipay does not have such a function. .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

Digital RMB has a unique identification code

Some people say that the reason why China issues digital RMB , Just to check the accounts , Governance of corruption , Others say that the purpose of issuing digital RMB is to replace paper RMB , Save resources , Some even said , To suppress individual capitalists , In fact, these statements are not very comprehensive , So what is the real purpose of issuing digital RMB in China ?

To end dollar hegemony , Then the existence of dollar hegemony , How much loss has it caused us , So that the country spent seven years studying the digital RMB ?

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

RMB challenges us dollar hegemony

During the second world war , The United States made a fortune in war , By the end of World War II , The gold reserves of the United States have accounted for 20% of the world's total gold reserves 70% above . Then the United States passed the Bretton Woods Agreement , The dollar is linked to gold , A double pegging system in which the currencies of other countries are pegged to the dollar .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

Bretton Woods system description

So the dollar became the center of the world currency , So far, it has embarked on the road of dollar hegemony . There are many advantages to gaining US dollar hegemony , One of them is that seigniorage can be collected from all over the world . Seigniorage originated in feudal Europe , At that time, only monarchs and great lords in Europe had the right to mint money , So how did these people make money by forging money ? If a coin can be exchanged for gold of equal weight , The material used to make money must not be as valuable as gold , Then the seigniorage is the gold of the same weight as money minus the cost of making money , And dollar bills are paper money , The cost of manufacturing is basically negligible , in other words , America uses a piece of waste paper , In exchange for supplies from other countries .

After that, due to the wanton printing of money by the United States , The collapse of the Bretton Woods Agreement , The dollar lost its ability to peg to gold , Dollar hegemony began to waver , But soon , Americans once again found a way to maintain dollar hegemony . The United States and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement , The content of the agreement is that the United States protects Saudi Arabia's security , Saudi Arabia only allows other countries to buy oil in dollars , Directly link the dollar to oil , So as to stabilize the position of the US dollar as the overlord of the world currency .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

The petrodollar system

Former US Secretary of state Kissinger said : Who controls the oil , Control all countries . Who controls the food , Who controls humanity . Who controls the currency , Control the whole world . Nowadays, the dollar is the center of the world currency , The turbulence it produces is bound to affect the whole world . The source of the world economic crisis is the massive printing of money in the United States . meanwhile , A lot of money printing in the United States is bound to lead to inflation , Raise prices , And it will lead to the depreciation of the dollar , China is a big exporter , In order to reduce the loss , Can only increase the price of goods , This will inevitably affect the sales volume of our products . In order to prevent the United States from collecting wool again , At the same time, we will save all countries in the world from the aggression of US dollar hegemony , Adhere to one belt, one road to promote RMB internationalization strategy . At present, there are more than 70% 60 Many one belt, one road country uses RMB settlement. , Among them are large oil countries such as Iran , China has always been Iran's largest customer , The two countries trade in oil , There has been a 25 Years. , Have a deep friendship .

2020 In, the trade volume between China and Iran was 149 Billion dollars , Year on year affected by the epidemic 2019 The year dropped. 35.3% however , Now the epidemic situation in China is clear , Cooperation with Iran is bound to increase in the future , The trade volume is bound to increase , Because the purchase of oil in China had to be settled in US dollars , Will be hunted by the United States , Now China adopts the way of purchasing oil with RMB , It will certainly save a considerable amount of expenses for our country .

 Isn't digital RMB also RMB in essence , Why can it challenge us dollar hegemony ?

Proposed by China “ the Belt and Road ” Cooperative initiatives

In fact, Iran is not the first , Countries that accept China's use of RMB to buy oil , As early as 2015 year , Trade volume between China and UAE 74% It is settled in RMB , And China has four major commercial firms in the UAE , BOC of China , ABC , ICBC , CCB .

In fact, these oil powers in the Middle East , They have long been looking for ways to avoid trading in dollars , Because the United States wantonly uses the right of dollar hegemony , Slightly dissatisfied with the transaction , Sanctions will be imposed on these countries .

At present, the hegemony of the United States mainly depends on the peg between the US dollar and oil , as time goes on , China's one belt, one road ahead , More countries use RMB for trading , The internationalization of RMB is bound to get better and better , Help those who get the way , No help for those who lose their way , Let time prove everything .

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